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by Maureen Smith

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Maureen Smith
iUniverse Star (May 19, 2004)
352 pages
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It was her first book, so I was really curious to see how good it would be. Well, I can truthfully report that she has been writing great books from the very start! This story was not as scorching hot as her subsequent novels have been, but that in no way detracted from my enjoyment of the book.

Few authors pen work that is so thoroughly engrossing the characters leave a lasting impression - Romantic Times on With Every Breath. keeps you guessing and hoping that these two will get together and find the perpetrators responsibl. ne of the best romantic suspense stories I’ve read in a long time - The Romance Readers Connection on A Heartbeat Away.

view Kindle eBook view Audible audiobook. This Ghost Fire addition to the Courtney Family series spans 3 continents with a mix of the beauty and brutality of each culture. It’s interesting not to have set foot in Africa this story, and good to be in America. All the same I miss learning more about Africa from Mr. Smith.

Book 18 in the Courtney Series

Book 18 in the Courtney Series. Connie, believing herself abandoned by her brother, and abused and brutalised by a series of corrupt guardians, makes her way to France, where she is welcomed into high society. Here, she once again finds herself at the mercy of vicious men, whose appetite for war and glory lead her to the frontlines of the French battlefield in North America.

Maureen Smith has a special gift with words.

Naomi Chase Exposed Series. Smith is a master crafter of sensually robust, endearing, and page-turning romantic fiction. Brenda Jackson, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author. Maureen Smith has a special gift with words. Maureen Smith is the USA Today bestselling author of 30 novels and 5 novellas featuring scorching romance, spine-tingling romantic suspense, and edgy women’s fiction.

Maureen Smith is the author of the romantic suspense novels Ghosts of Fire, With Every Breath, and A Heartbeat Away.

ISBN 9780595318377 (978-0-595-31837-7) Softcover, iUniverse Star, 2004. Find signed collectible books: 'Ghosts of Fire'. A Heartbeat Away (Arabesque). ISBN 9781583145326 (978-1-58314-532-6) Softcover, Harlequin Kimani Arabesque, 2005. Coauthors & Alternates.

As in other Wilbur Smith books I have read, this historical novel has plenty of action, suspense and detailed descriptions .

As in other Wilbur Smith books I have read, this historical novel has plenty of action, suspense and detailed descriptions of sex and gore that some might find offensive. Most importantly, the two main characters, brother and sister Theo and Constance Courtney, are complicated but easy to care about.

Ghost Fire by Wilbur Smith - The brand new Courtney Series novel. A brand new Courtney Series novel by bestselling author, Wilbur Smith.

Graphic designer Rachel Calloway is devastated when her father's restaurant is destroyed by an arsonist. Just when she thinks the situation can't possibly get worse, her father is charged with the unspeakable crime. Rachel knows he's innocent and she'll do anything to prove it. Little does she know how soon her loyalty will be tested when she crosses paths with Nicholas Hunter, the notoriously ruthless attorney prosecuting her father's case...

Nick Hunter is thirsty for justice, a man made cynical by the horrors he experienced early in life. He believes in the absolute guilt of each criminal he prosecutes, and shows mercy to none...until he encounters Rachel Calloway, the first woman ever to make him question his convictions. From the moment they meet, a forbidden attraction sizzles between them that neither can ignore.

But danger lurks in the shadows and clings to the fog that drifts in from the Eastern Shore. A stranger lies in the darkness, watching and waiting. Suddenly nothing in Rachel's world is as it seems, and it isn't long before she finds herself in the biggest fight for her heart...and her life.

  • Zeleence
I enjoyed this novel also even though the suspense was a bit lacking. I felt this was more romance with a little bit of suspense thrown in. Although it was plainly obvious who the culprit was, I did enjoy the twist. Again as with the other two books I've read by Maureen Smith, this book was well written and I liked the characters. While this was her first novel, it was still very entertaining and held my rapt attention. I can also see the growth and depth in her second novel With Every Breath and I loved that novel. I liked it better than this one because it focused more on the suspense, but I'm finding that Maureen Smith is just a great writer and although her leading men and women are always so beautiful, handsome, and successful, they come off as down to earth and believable. I love how she writes about Black people but the stories are not about race. And unlike some white suspense writers who only have white people throughout there novels as if black people don't exist, Mrs. Smith includes other races in her novels, yet the focus remains on the lives of the characters she develops. She's a great writer I'm happy to have discovered her and I can't wait to read more about her novels of Black on Black love and Black life.
  • Connorise
Nick and Rachel's adventure is too good to pass up. I've read many of Maureen's books and for this to be her first doesn't surprise me. She gives us stories with a suspenseful backdrop while giving an equally romantic storyline just as exciting and fun as the suspense. This book was very well written with a neatly wrapped up ending and a HEA. The romance between Nick and Rachel started off rough because of the circumstances surrounding them. Not wanting to betray family and careers, they tried to ignore what was obviously an instant attraction towards each other. Watching this mystery and romance unfold was very enjoyable and I loved the fact that even though Rachel felt what was happening between them was wrong, she didn't fight it or play tough when expressing her feelings to him. Nick was hot and I really enjoyed everything about his character, even when he was trying to deny his attraction towards Rachel. Loved the length of this book and I can honestly say at no time was I ever slightly bored with the story.
  • LivingCross
This was a great read and very unexpected. I was reviewing Mrs. Smith Facebook in hopes that Manning and Taylor's story would be released soon when I stumbled upon this great read. I love the romantic suspense mixture with the air of danger. Rachel Calloway is a devoted daughter who will do just about anything to prove her father's innocence.. including fall in love with the enemy. Rachael and prosecuting attorney Nick Hunter are an explosive match from the start and fight hard to stay together and solve the mystery of the fire. My favorite part of the book was the hospital scene when Rachael and Nick reunite. I must admit I was not surprised by the ending and figured the story out early on. My only regret is that we never figured out what happened Mr. Calloway while he was away a Vietnam.

I would recommend this read to any reader looking for a Maureen Smith fix, while waiting for Manning and Taylor.

Thank you Maureen Smith!
  • Vivaral
Maureen has always been one of my favorite authors. The story is aptly names, or one to read again. I read this story years ago. The story is about a restaurant owner who is accused to burning down his own place. The owners daughter becomes involved with the man prosecuting her dad.The two can't seem to fight their attraction, and eventually fall into a relationship.The plot thickens when the flashy District Attorney is thrown a curve ball and is forced to refocus his thinking about the case. Many plot turns and shady characters make the story interesting. A really good read.
  • BroWelm
I have read all of Maureen Smith's books and have been impatiently waiting on this one to be released as an eBook, so i could complete my collection. It was her first book, so I was really curious to see how good it would be. Well, I can truthfully report that she has been writing great books from the very start! This story was not as scorching hot as her subsequent novels have been, but that in no way detracted from my enjoyment of the book.

I'm sure I've probably said it before in other reviews of her books, but Ms. Smith is a master at suspense. In fact, I'm not even a fan of suspense novels, but she weaves the romance and suspense so skillfully, that I can't resist her books. And I find that I'm seriously side-eyeing ALL of the characters, trying to figure out whodunnit. I was pretty convinced that I had it all figured out in this one, deciding that 2 of the characters were probably in cahoots, only to be dead wrong. I love that she always keeps me guessing almost until the very end, and then shocks me with the big reveal.

Great storyline, with interesting, very likable characters. I absolutely loved Rachel and Nick and thought they made a perfect couple. I love how she slowly broke Nick down, even bringing him to his knees at one point (loved that whole scene!). In addition, the story takes place in my backyard, which added an extra layer of something special for me.

If you are a Maureen Smith fan, and even if you are not, please don't miss this one.
  • Jan
I had read everyone of Maureen’s books, except this one. I waited so long for this book to be released as an ebook, I emailed Maureen for an update. I was wondering how good it would be since it was her first book and I heard it was not aS hot as subsequent books. I even waited a few weeks to start reading after I purchased it. Let me tell you, this book was amazing. It is hard to believe it was her first book. It was Maureen Smith Romantic Suspense at its best. Purchase this book and you will not be disappointed one bit. I am trying to patiently wait for Manning Wolf’s story, but I’m not doing a good job, so I emailed Maureen for an update. I just love this author.