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by Max Allan Collins

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Max Allan Collins
Thomas & Mercer; Reprint edition (December 11, 2012)
178 pages
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The Baby Blue Rip-Off (. .has been added to your Cart. Max Allan Collins is the New York Times best-selling author of Road to Perdition and multiple award-winning novels, screenplays, comic books, comic strips, trading cards, short stories, movie novelizations, and historical fiction.

The Baby Blue Rip-Off (. He has scripted the Dick Tracy comic strip, Batman comic books, and written tie-in novels based on the CSI, Bones, and Dark Angel TV series; collaborated with legendary mystery author Mickey Spillane; and authored numerous mystery novels including the Quarry, Nolan, Mallory, and the bestselling Nathan Heller historical novels.

The Baby Blue Rip-Off book. Max Allan Collins must write books faster than most people read them! He certainly has an impressive back list. What follows is a good mystery story with Mallory, being an ordinary guy, not Mike Hammer or the like, getting bounced around by tough guys and femme fatales on his way to solving a murder that the officials just can't get. The story is an easy, quick read- Shouldn't take more than a few hours- and is filled with humor.

The only pause in the procedure was as I was slipping my shirt on, when Debbie took a moment to caress my bruised side with gentle, sympathetic fingertips. Dressed again, we sat shyly next to each other on the couch, and as the coldness of the air conditioning had pretty much nipped in the bud any afterplay, we began to kiss, tentatively, like high school kids out parking.

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People react funny in these situations. What do you know about it anyway, Mallory? Brennan said that, and then his face flushed, as he remembered I had lost both my parents in recent years.

Written by Max Allan Collins. Narrated by Dan John Miller. The Baby Blue Rip-Off. Author Max Allan Collins. Vietnam vet Mallory has been everywhere and done everything-from hippie life to construction work, from covering a reporter's beat to walking a cop's-before finally returning to small-town Iowa to try his hand at writing. In between crafting whodunits, he does his part for the community by ferrying hot meals to little old ladies. But then his worlds unexpectedly collide: home invaders murder one of his clients and leave Mallory black-and-blue when he catches them red-handed.

Budding mystery writer Mallory was just trying to impress a politically correct girlfriend by delivering hot meals to little old ladies. Title: The baby blue rip-off, Max Collins. Publisher: New York : Walker, c1983. Genre or Form: Detective and mystery stories.

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Vietnam vet Mallory has been everywhere and done everything—from hippie life to construction work, from covering a reporter’s beat to walking a cop’s—before finally returning to small-town Iowa to try his hand at writing. In between crafting whodunits, he does his part for the community by ferrying hot meals to little old ladies. But then his worlds unexpectedly collide: home invaders murder one of his clients and leave Mallory black-and-blue when he catches them red-handed.

The elderly victim is the first fatality in an organized burglary spree sweeping the town, but Mallory fears she may not be the last. And despite the painful cracks in his ribs, nothing can stop him from looking into the killing—not even the local sheriff, or the little blonde from high school days who got away...or even a beating courtesy of the ruthless goon squad that warns Mallory to steer clear.

Armed with his ex-cop’s instincts, soldier’s survival skills, and mystery writer’s savvy, Mallory bucks the local law and the love of his life to stop this brutal burglary ring. But writing a mystery can pay well, whereas solving one can pay dearly....

  • Rainbearer
Many reviewers do not seem to get that Max Allan Collins is a very versatile writer. He can write light to heavy. A fun low key spoof can be as well written as a deep historical novel. Mallory is a anti-hero, everyday guy who has bad timing. Very likeable character who I enjoy when I need something simple and fun. I enjoy his Heller novels and the murder history series much more. His Reeder and Rogers are almost as good.
  • Andriodtargeted
Okay, the title "The Baby Blue Rip-Off" sounds like a rip-off of John D. McDonald, and hero Mallory has certain traits in common with Travis McGee, even though he lacks a sidekick or a boat—or for that matter a first name. Indeed, he lives well inland, in Iowa, and is a former reporter, cop, construction worker, and hippie working desultorily on a novel. He’s also a Vietnam vet, which doesn’t quite jibe with the hippie part, but that’s Mallory for you. The story is set sometime in the late ‘70s.
When he’s not working on his whodunit, Mallory volunteers to deliver hot meals to elderly shut-ins, most of whom he becomes fond of, so that when one is killed in an apparent robbery gone wrong, he’s determined to find whodunit for real. Not that the local cops welcome his assistance, but he can’t help it. Besides, he got beat up himself when he inadvertently brought his Styrofoam-covered hot meal to the victim’s house at the wrong moment.
Mallory is distracted from his quest when he runs into the girl of his high school dreams—she of the baby blues—who asks him to protect her against her abusive husband. What’s a knight errant to do—even without a boat?
Fast-moving, often funny, and definitely readable, on the page or the screen.
  • Nikojas
Being an "old person," I chuckled at the descriptions of impatience with the "old." I have to admit I too have been behind the occasional car driven by a grey head that's barely visible, going 20 m.p.h. below the speed limit. In my youth, I also found myself being nice to a couple of "old" neighbors out of courtesy and discovered some dear life-long friends in the process.

The book was humorous, engaging, and a good mystery plot all the way to the end. I have to admit, the title of the book threw me off the track, even though it is a clue in itself.
  • tref
Disappointing compared to other Max Allan Collins novels. Aimed at an audience for whom high school was the high point of their young lives and educational experience, this is a superficial pulp fiction page-turner. While the story has some merit, the context in which it is told makes it largely uninteresting.
  • Boyn
As a lifelong resident of "Port City", I could follow the action all thru the city. This story takes place in the authors home town where I also live. Well done Mr. Collins. I really enjoyed this and Ill be reading more of your work.
  • Bremar
Too much fluff in the descriptions. Very slow start to the book. Action was good . The plot was simple and predictable.
  • greatest
At first I didn't think I'd like the book because of the style of speaking -- that lower class private eye type but the story caught me up and the more I read I couldn't stop. Very enjoyable. And I really appreciated that there were no explicit details in the sex. Not a prude but I just don't like to feel like a voyeur!
This was at first a different kind of book that was hard to follow. But after a few chapters I found that I couldn't put it down. Soon I was hooked and had to read more... Now I am pretty sure that I would like to know what else this author has written so I can read it too!!!