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by Anne Perry

Download Buckingham Palace Gardens (Thorndike Press Large Print Basic Series) eBook
Anne Perry
Thorndike Pr (April 2, 2008)
563 pages
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This is my first Anne Perry book. Buckingham Palace Gardens Thomas Pitt Series Thorndike Press large print basic.

This is my first Anne Perry book Читать весь отзыв.

Buckingham Palace gardens. Large print ed. External-identifier. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; ctlibrary; china; americana. urn:oclc:record:1028862403. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Delaware County District Library (Ohio).

One of the linen cupboards in Buckingham Palace. It was a particularly brutal murder. Deliberately Narraway sat down in one of the large overstuffed chairs covered in wine-colored brocade. The vehicle jerked forward, throwing Pitt back in the seat. He crossed his legs elegantly, if a little rigidly, at the knees. The beginning, Mr. Dunkeld.

Praise for The Girls in the Garden. Lisa Jewell's characters are so real that I finish every book half-expecting to bump into one of them. Series: Thorndike Press Large Print Basic. Modern, complex, intuitive, she just goes from strength to strength.

Buckingham Palace Gardens (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt, Published October 4th 2011 by Ballantine Books. Published March 1st 2008 by Thorndike Press. Large Print, Hardcover, 563 pages. Paperback, 320 pages. Author(s): Anne Perry. ISBN: 0345523695 (ISBN13: 9780345523693). ISBN: 1410403688 (ISBN13: 9781410403681).

He paced the room he had been given, turning it over in his mind. then the case could be closed with no worse scandal than a certain laxity on the part of the guards who had allowed him in. But even that was something for which they could hardly be blamed. He had come because he was a carter delivering a box belonging to one of His Royal Highness’s guests

Perry, who’ll be at Murder by the Book today, has written 23 books in the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series, another 15 in the private detective William Monk series (also set in Victorian England) and five in her series set in World War I. – Margaret Downing.

Perry, who’ll be at Murder by the Book today, has written 23 books in the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series, another 15 in the private detective William Monk series (also set in Victorian England) and five in her series set in World War I. The Houston Press is a nationally award-winning, 30-year-old publication ruled by endless curiosity, a certain amount of irreverence, the desire to get to the truth and to point out the absurd as well as the glorious. Contact: Houston Press.

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Buckingham Palace Gardens - Anne Perry This is my first Anne Perry book.

Buckingham Palace Gardens - Anne Perry. This is my first Anne Perry book. I was struck by Perry's craft in handling this, as Thomas Pitt, a detective on loan to Special Services, investigates a murder in Buckingham Palace. His own character and those of the returning personages are deftly and seamlessly woven into the plot.

Buckingham Palace Gardens (Thorndike Press Large Print Basic Series): ISBN 9781410403681 (978-1-4104-0368-1) Hardcover, Thorndike Pr, 2008. The Face of a Stranger. Learn More at LibraryThing. Anne Perry at LibraryThing.

When scandal threatens the monarchy after a female guest turns up dead following one of the debauched stag parties of Edward, the Prince of Wales, the Palace calls in Thomas Pitt of the Special Branch to solve the murder with utmost discretion.
  • Gandree
Buckingham Palace Gardens is a straight mystery, meaning it engages the mind more than the adrenaline glands as a mystery/thriller or mystery/suspense would. I haven't read a mystery in years and am embarrassed to admit I'm out of practice. I jumped around from character to character in my thoughts of who slashed a prostitute to death inside the royal palace. Because I'm out of practice, I can't quite pinpoint what it is about this novel that failed to satisfy me. It could be nothing more than I'm not British and couldn't pick up on the clues presented in the very proper dialogue, or it could be that the men involved in the crime were arrested based entirely on conjecture. If I were the prosecutor in the case, I'd be stuck with speculation, because I'd be seriously short of witnesses and physical evidence. A shattered this, a monogrammed that, a mysterious character impossible to identify--add these to potential witnesses who are reluctant or not credible, and I'd have a flimsy case indeed.

Oh well. As the old legal maxim goes: If you can't pound the facts, pound the podium.

Because this was one of the books used to illustrate character in Donald Maass's *The Fire in Fiction*, it was one of the books added to my "to read" list--as are all the books in his how-to. Perry's mystery novel is found in Maass's section in the first chapter called, "Cutting Heroes Down to Size." I can't agree with him that Perry cut her hero, Thomas Pitt, down to size, but instead elevated him above many of the other characters occupying a higher social status in British society. She gave him a moral superiority which I appreciated because he wasn't arrogant. He had his standards and refused to be swayed from them, even if the results put his life or his family's in peril.

Perry's characters in general were fascinating. She did an incredible job of illustrating the societal pecking order in Britain and the parallels from one caste to another. From the simple prostitute to the Prince and Princess of Wales, everyone is represented either through the characters themselves or through their attitudes toward other members of society. For this alone, the book is worth reading and, for writers wanting to improve the craft, studying.
  • Nalaylewe
I first became familiar with Anne Perry's two Victorian series about a year and a half ago. I have since read each of the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novels as well as the Monk series. I received my copy of Buckingham Palace Gardens earlier this week and finished the book within days. For Perry fans, this is Classic Perry. One follows Thomas Pitt as he unravels the mystery within the Palace. What's different with this novel is that it really does primarily take place within the Palace itself during the space of about a week, give or take a few days. I have no idea where the "Gardens" part comes in, as there is no real garden scenes in the book. Would rather have the book titled "Buckingham Palace Prison" to capture how the characters felt. I also want to learn more about Princes Alexandra from the scenes in the book. Gracie SHINES through on this story. She is courageous, she's questioning, she's a detective here. What did I miss in this book? I missed the continued exploration of the relationship between Gracie and Samuel Tellman (Would have LOVED reading what he thought of Gracie at Buckingham Palace! Wished he could have sneaked in to see her disguised as a delivery man or something.), I missed Aunt Vespasia's more meaningful involvement... and of course, the assistance of Charlotte. It is a good story, worth the read, can't wait for the next book!

Author, "Martha Ann's Quilt for Queen Victoria"
  • Jelar
I've read many books by Perry and although I like her narrative very much and I enjoy the way she creates the ambience in her novels, she has made me think that Pitt is a very lousy investigator.

In this book there were so many things that where lying there and were not asked about (and precaution is not an excuse because Perry makes Pitt even go to the Prince when he thinks he needs it), and it showed that a guest and even Gracie are better than him when investigating.
Many times she makes Pitt think more about the consequences of his acts than about the investigation itself.
At the end he does not make great collaborations in solving the cases and the greatest ideas come from Charlotte, Vespasia and this time Gracie.

Spoiler alert (If you have not read the book I advise you to not continue reading).
When wrapping the case there were loose ends: how the murderer did what he did with the bodies if at the beginning they say his time was accounted for?. How the murderer knew the Queens rooms?, why was it that the first suspect was going to be sent to a mad house without trial and then the same thing was not going to be possible with the murderer?.
Why did they never look for the women who accompanied the victim?, why the victim was never identified by anyone she knew?, how come he knew from early on about the "buckets of water" and never inquired about it?. When he finds clues he does not follow upon them (Gracie does!).
And many many more lose ends.

To me it was an interesting book and the description of personalities were finely done, but left a lot to be desired by what she shows to be the talent of the investigative forces.
  • Owomed
Anne Perry never fails in her Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series. You need to read them in order since the characters progress. Great reading.
  • Kuve
Loved the book but the start is a bit slow
  • Jum
A fun mystery with an interesting, unpredictable story line. This is a fine example of Anne Perry's work and one of her better ones at that. It moves along revealing more and more of the characters inner natures without being dull. The use of the similar crime style to other "famous and notorious" crimes in the era made me wonder if she had solved the Jack the Ripper cases once and for all. I did miss Charlotte and Emily, but they don't have to be in every story, do they?
  • Direbringer
I enjoy everything about the story and the characters.