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Joseph Finder
Orion (an Imprint of The Orion Publishing Group Ltd ); Export Ed edition (September 5, 2007)
320 pages
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Joseph Finder is the author of several New York Times bestselling thrillers, including Buried Secrets, High Crimes, Paranoia and the first Nick Heller novel, Vanished.

Joseph Finder is the author of several New York Times bestselling thrillers, including Buried Secrets, High Crimes, Paranoia and the first Nick Heller novel, Vanished. Killer Instinct won the International Thriller Writers Award for Best Thriller, and Company Man won the Barry and Gumshoe Awards for Best Thriller.

The largest ransom in history. The price-tag: dead or alive

Series: Standalone Novels. The largest ransom in history. The price-tag: dead or alive. Now, in Joseph Finder’s explosive thriller POWER PLAY, it’s up to Jake Landry-a modest, steady guy with a dark, hidden past-to save them al. t was the perfect retreat for a troubled company.

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It was the perfect retreat for a troubled company. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. by. Joseph Finder (Goodreads Author).

Joseph Finder (born October 6, 1958) is an American thriller writer. His books include Paranoia, Company Man, The Fixer, Killer Instinct and Power Play

Joseph Finder (born October 6, 1958) is an American thriller writer. His books include Paranoia, Company Man, The Fixer, Killer Instinct and Power Play. His novel High Crimes was made into the film of the same name starring Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman. His novel Paranoia was adapted into a 2013 film starring Liam Hemsworth, Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford. Power Play is a non-stop, pulse-pounding, high-stakes thriller that will hold the reader riveted until the very last page.

An off-site corporate event gone disastrously wrong. Joseph Finder is the author of several previous thrillers, most recently the New York Times bestsellers Paranoia, Company Man, and Killer Instinct. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Joseph Finder, Robert Harris, Susan Hill, Sharon J. Bolton.

Power Play by Joseph Finder-Audiobook Excerpt. Joseph Finder is the author of several New York Times bestselling thrillers, including Buried Secrets, High Crimes, Paranoia and the first Nick Heller novel, Vanished. Praise for Power Play. A superb story that dazzles with its heart-pounding suspense. The Boston Globe on Killer Instinct. High Crimes was the basis of the Morgan Freeman/Ashley Judd movie, and Paranoia was the basis for 2013 film with Liam Hemsworth, Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman.

Joseph Finder was born to be a spy. Much of his childhood was spent living around the world, including time in Afghanistan and the Philippines. From an early age, Finder was placed in extremely stressful environments with many unfamiliar faces surrounding him. Eventually, Finder’s family settled permanently just outside of New York.

  • Windforge
After reading all the reviews here I was anxious to find a new author. I'm a huge Balducci, Iles, Cannell, Child, and Flynn fan. I was hoping to add Finder to my list. The plot was sure intriguing but I didn't find any of these characters worth spending time with. The women in the story were ... what should I say ... plastic replicas of what guys think women are like. They could have been so much more interesting. The men executives were full-of-themselves and I would have let the killer just go ahead and save the company from these fools. Since you all say his other books flesh out the characters more I will give Finder another try. There seem to be rave reviews for Paranoia and Killer Instinct -- maybe one of those. If the author wants to grab people who like fast action thrillers with protagonists we care about he should read one of the authors I mentioned above.
  • Meztihn
All Finder's books are great suspense. Have been reading them straight through because I love being carried away by suspense and Finder is a master at it. The research he does for each crime novel is huge. I mean HUGE. Cannot even imagine how he does all the research and still gets a book out each year. He gets the reader pulled in very early in each the first few pages. And you can depend on that.
  • Bragis
Jake Landry is the classic corporate maverick - a junior executive more comfortable on the manufacturing floor than in the board room, more street smart than book smart, a kid with a checkered past who fits in with the troops a lot better than he does with the suits. So when Jake is asked to fill in for his boss to attend an exclusive retreat with the top brass of his giant aerospace employer in Canada's rugged and remote western coast, you can bet some eyebrows were raised. But when a group of Deliverance-class thugs bust up the party, the Brie and Chardonnay are soon forgotten as the beleaguered executives hunker down for a few days of murder, mayhem, suspense, and terror in the woods.

In the days before John Grisham found his sensitive side, he was cranking out crackerjack page-turners like "The Firm", "The Pelican Brief", and "A Time for Killing". But the void left by "A Painted House" and other yawners was quickly and aptly filled by Joseph Finder, one of the best yarn spinners in pop fiction today, hitting another homerun of nonstop action and corporate politics with "Power Play". This may remind you a lot of the first "Die Hard" - and indeed a young Bruce Willis could easily slip into the role of the irreverent Jake. But there is more to "Power Play" - and Finder - than a simple case of backwoods boys shooting up the rich guys for fun and profit, with hints of an undercurrent of corporate greed and corruption flowing beneath the surface of flannel shirts and prison tattoos.

Yeah, its predictable, and it won't be taking down any literary awards, but "Power Play" sure is a lot of fun. And as always, you can count on Finder for smart and sassy dialogue, stereotypical bad guys you'll love to hate, and smart, cliffhanging action that will keep you reading long past any plans you may have had. Keep `em coming, Mr. Finder!
  • Dozilkree
This book came recommended by a terrific friend and I bought it immediately. I'm very glad I did. This story moved at a very fast pace and kept me enthralled. The characters were believable and some of them likeable. A page turner for sure. Maxmontgomery
  • Made-with-Love
I absolutely loved this book. I hope to encounter Jake Landry in future books. This story was riveting. The descriptions of some of the players made disliking them very easy. Here's hoping Jake and Ali reconnect in a future story.
  • Onnell
"Who the hell are you, Landry?" - Ali Hillman

Perhaps you yourself would ask that question if you'd just watched your heretofore mild-mannered significant other efficiently snap the neck of an assailant.

Jake Landry is the polite and self-effacing assistant to an Executive VP in Hammond Aerospace Corporation, a maker of "heavy" passenger planes. At the last minute, Jake is tabbed to attend a team-building retreat with the company's top level management in place of his boss, who's out of country on a crucial sales trip. Besides, Landry knows as much as anyone about Hammond's new H-880 jet, which may have design problems.

The retreat takes place at a remote fishing resort on the coast of British Columbia. The gathering has all the potential for bickering and back-stabbing as the otherwise all-male executive hierarchy gets to know its first female CEO, Cheryl Tobin, whose own executive assistant is Ali Hillman, Jake's ex-girlfriend. And if there wasn't tension enough to cut with a knife, the meeting is invaded during the first night's welcome dinner and taken over by five gun-wielding hard guys intent on getting 500 million dollars in ransom for the group, two of which members are soon executed as examples to the rest.

So, who's coming to the rescue? From the first couple of pages presented as a flash-forward, it's evidently going to be Jake for no reason that's readily apparent in the book's first chapters. Indeed, the meat of POWER PLAY is a slow revelation of Landry's past, via flashback to his teen years, which gives some clues as to his ability to do what he has to do to extricate the hostages from their terrifying ordeal.

At first, I thought Landry might be presented somewhat in the mold of the hero of Lee Child's Jack Reacher novels (Bad Luck and Trouble (Jack Reacher Novels) et al), but the reader never learns as much about the former as the latter, and Jake, while obviously clever and intelligent, never quite achieves the powerful physicality and breadth of lethality that Reacher demonstrates. Indeed, the question that begins this review was never really answered to my satisfaction. I mean, how did Landry achieve the mindset to cut someone's throat, which is a vastly more personal and up-close way to kill somebody than just with a gun? Being in juvenile detention and the National Guard Reserve doesn't necessarily get you that.

If this was to be the first in a series by author Joseph Finder featuring Jake, then there would be the opportunity for further character exploration and discovery. But since that hasn't been Finder's writing m.o. to date, I suspect this to be a one-off adventure. As such then, for the reason given, I can only award four stars to an otherwise engrossing and edge-of-your-seat thriller. If I'm wrong about this being a stand-alone presentation, then I'll happily ratchet it up to five stars. Say it ain't so, Joe!
  • WinDImmortaL
This is an interesting story about people on a retreat. Some of the situations are really unbelievable but, it is a story. There are some interesting twists and a good ending. I don't often read Joseph Finder, but I may watch for some of them on sale. I hate to pay full price for books that are really old.
Very exciting book. Couldn't put it down. Mr. Finder has become one of my favorites authors. I've started tob read his other books.

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