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by Leslie Charteris

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Leslie Charteris
Thrillers & Suspense
TBS The Book Service Ltd; New edition edition (December 1972)
224 pages
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Leslie Charteris (born Leslie Charles Bowyer-Yin, 12 May 1907 – 15 April 1993), was a British-Chinese author of adventure fiction, as well as a screenwriter

Leslie Charteris (born Leslie Charles Bowyer-Yin, 12 May 1907 – 15 April 1993), was a British-Chinese author of adventure fiction, as well as a screenwriter. He was best known for his many books chronicling the adventures of the charming antihero Simon Templar, alias "The Saint. Charteris was born in Singapore to a Chinese father, Dr S. C. Yin (Yin Suat Chwan, 1877–1958), and Lydia Florence Bowyer, who was English

They’ve inspired, to date, fifteen feature films, three TV series, ten radio series, and a comic strip that was written by Charteris and syndicated around the world for over a decade. He enjoyed travelling but settled for long periods in Hollywood, Florida, and finally in Surrey, England.

Enter the Saint book. Leslie Charteris is famous for inventing and writing full-length novels, novellas, and short stories on the character of the Saint between 1928 and 1963, including 20 just in the 1930s.

Leslie charteris series: Saint. 14 The Saint Goes On. Leslie Charteris. Vendetta for the Saint (The Saint Series). The Saint in Miami s-22. A mysterious summons and a hidden Nazi submarine scatter death from Miami's luxurious beach villas to the treacherous Everglades.

The man who was clever

The man who was clever. The actual motive for the interference of the Saint in the affairs of the Snake and his Boys was their treatment of Tommy Mitre on the occasion of his first venture into turf finance. Tommy had always wanted to be a jockey, for horses were in his blood; but quite early in his apprenticeship he had been thrown and injured so severely that he had never been able to ride again, and he had had to content himself with the humble position of stable boy in a big training establishment.

I don’t smoke cigarettes. I’ve had some of your jokes, he said ?. Simon handed over the weed. It was unmistakably excellent. Teal wavered, and bit off the end absent-mindedly. Maybe I was unreasonable, he conceded, puffing. But you asked for something before I ever did. And one day you’ll get it. See this bright boy?. He aimed his cigar at the prisoner, and the Saint nodded. I’ve been after him for the best part of a year

List of works by Leslie Charteris.

List of works by Leslie Charteris. Leslie Charteris (born Leslie Charles Bowyer Yin; 1907–1993) was a British-American writer best known for his series on stories featuring Simon Templar, also known as The Saint. Born in Singapore to a Chinese father, Suat Yin Chwan, and his English wife, Lydia (née Bowyer), Charteris travelled extensively with his family until beginning his education in England in 1919.

Leslie Charteris The Saint Meets the Tiger Introduction This reprint will probably bring great joy to a number of Saint fans who have been trying for some decades to get a glimpse of the very first volume of the Saga, a book which was never expected at the time to launch a series. This reprint will probably bring great joy to a number of Saint fans who have been trying for some decades to get a glimpse of the very first volume of the Saga, a book which was never expected at the time to launch a series

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. The Saint And The Fiction Makers.

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free.

Leslie Charteris was born in Singapore and moved to England in 1919. He left Cambridge University early when his first novel was accepted for publication. He wrote novels about the Saint throughout his life, becoming one of the 20th century& most prolific and popular authors. Библиографические данные.

  • Samulkis
This is probably the best of the full-length Saint stories. We are dropped into the 1930's New York underworld of Tamanay Hall, corrupt politicians Honest Bob Orcread and Sammy Yeald, crooked Judge Nather, and the mysterious femme fatale Faye, mouthpiece for the shadowy Big Fellow. Our hero Simon Templar (aka "the Saint") is up against New York's worst for a million dollars, employed in a private vendetta to clean up the city. Along the way we meet the hardened gangster who weeps as he passes death sentences, an excitable taxi driver who ends up as a getaway driver for the Saint, the bartender Antonio with eyes as gentle as a deer, the Rotarian who sees Life at the gambling tables of the ungodly, the Greek villain with eyes "nestled affectionately close to one another" : brilliant! Our tale begins with a bang, and the bangs keep coming at a fine pace: and climaxes with an unexpected ending that sees everyone dealt to appropriately, all ends tied up: this is not sophisticated stuff, but it's well delivered. I love it! :
  • Fordredor
This one of the earlier Saint adventures, one that had originally appeared as two separate magazine stories were then combined by Charteris into this adventure. Years later this adventure was further adapted into a movie version as well.

Simon and Patricia have left England to tour the continent, more to allow the British police to calm down from Simon's recent activities than to pursue any further adventures. Still Simon, being Simon, could not possibly let an opportunity pass by so when a former adversary appeared in the neighborhood, as well as crown jewels worth a fortune Simon was determined to separate the two. Aiding Simon and Patricia in this adventure was an old friend, Monty who was quite new to this adventuring life. The question was though would Monty really live to tell the tale?

As is the norm with these stories there is never really any question as to whether or not Simon will be successful and of course he will survive without suffering any permanent harm. There will be one improbable coincidence after another, coupled with amazing strokes of luck which will allow our hero to always escape with mere seconds to spare. It is up to the reader to suspend all doubts and simply enjoy the story. Additionally the reader must keep in mind that these early stories were written more than 80 years ago, the high speed car chases involved speeds we all travel every day, the police could be easily eluded and rarely communicated with their counterparts even a few miles away.

So pull up an easy chair, open this novel and join Simon and Patricia as they tear through Europe on this madcap adventure.
  • Nto
Anyone expecting to read adventures similar to those Roger Moore had in the 1960's TV series will be in for a surprise. Instead of a loner jet setting about the world in the Swinging Sixties this novel was originally published in 1930. There were no sleek jet planes nor speedy little sports cars, instead this was a time of open cockpit air planes, and cars that required amazing displays of skill and daring to push beyond 50 mph. And far from being a loner this Saint is the leader of a band of fellow saints, all bent on administering their own brand of justice. This Simon Templar is not the love 'em and leave 'em playboy depicted by Moore but is instead a one woman man who shares his adventures, if not his home, with Patricia Holm, an equal member of his band.

Fans of the series will enjoy reading about the beginnings of this iconic hero, even if some of the facts we have come to accept are challenged. The story told here is exciting, although tinged with more sadness than is the norm in the later ones.
  • Qusserel
I started reading the Saint during one of its many reprints and read most of the stories I was reluctant to reread them because so many early favorites haven't held up well on reread. This one does, as long as you understand that inflation has added up over the past 85 odd years and gay had a very different meaning when these stories were written
  • Gann
I first encountered the Saint as a teenager (I was the teenager, not Simon) and it is heartening to be reminded that even then I had good taste in pulp fiction. The Saint books are both the epitome of pulp thrillers and the acme. Swashbuckling, swaggering daredevilry, laced with more than a dash of melodrama, the right sprinkling of romance (both in the love sense and the drama sense) and a surprising level of wit and corny humour. And none of this would work were it not for the writer's sheer skill and wizardry. Great stuff.
  • Kipabi
So glad to see you republish this old series from my childhood days (radio). I expected the language to be dated (and it is), but that's ok. I love reading these stories, the plotting is typical and the characters fun even if 1920-30s. I expect this will change as I read further releases. The release of this series should be followed by The Shadow. Maybe younger readers will find these old stories too milquetoast (sp?) by today's violent standards, but graphic violence and four-letter f-words don't a good story make. The ability of the author to put reader in the scene is what's important. No one was better, for example, than Rex Stout in his Nero Wolfe stories. Leslie Charteris makes me visualize also. Thanks for some new (old) reads.
  • Wen
This was my first opportunity to read The Saint, however I've been a fan of The Saint thru the old T.V. series and movies. I'm really looking forward to reading more of the original stories. I also enjoyed the beginning and ending history of Leslie Charteris, sort of a mini biography of the original author of The Saint. I'm very tempted to join the Saint club and may get around to doing that. I have one thing in common with Mr. Charteris, my self proclaimed laziness! I will be looking forward to reading other Saint books. I'm sure the author would be pleased to know that the Saint lives on more than 30 years after his death. A fun read for everyone!