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by Colin Dexter

Download The Riddle of the Third Mile (Paragon Softcover Large Print Books) eBook
Colin Dexter
Thrillers & Suspense
Chivers; Large Print edition (June 1, 2001)
349 pages
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Until two years, three months and two days after Valerie’s disappearance, somebody decides to supply some surprising new evidence for the case. The Riddle Of The Third Mile.

Until two years, three months and two days after Valerie’s disappearance, somebody decides to supply some surprising new evidence for the case. Читать книгу Скачать книгу Отзывы о книге (0). Service of all the dead. Chief Inspector Morse, a middle-aged bachelor with a fondness for crossword puzzles, Mozart, and attractive women, investigates a series of suspicious and sinister events at Oxfords Church of St. Frideswide.

Colin Dexter and Morse are treasures of the genre. the most prickly, conceited, and genuinely brilliant detective since Hercule Poirot. It is a delight to watch this brilliant, quirky man deduce. -Minneapolis Star & Tribune. Inspector Morse isn't sure what to make of the truncated body found dumped in the Oxford Canal, but he suspects it may be all that's left of an elderly Oxford don last seen boarding the London train several days before. Whatever the truth, the inspector knows it won't be simple-it never is.

The sixth book in the Inspector Morse series, 1983. The free online library containing 450000+ books. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device. Chapter one. Monday, 7th July. With minimal effort, five of the other six men, seated at a large table bestrewn with scripts and lists and mark-sheets, raised the palms of their hands in agreement. You don’t think so?’ The Chairman had turned towards the seventh member of the examining panel. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading.

Very convenient, and very profitable. Over the years the two brothers must have worked a neatly dovetailed little busines. ow, again, Morse looked around him at a potentially luxurious flat in central London: the small entrance hall, the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom – all newly decorated. No carpets yet, though; no curtains, either.

Morse opened the door of his office a few minutes after eight to find Lewis reading the Daily Mirror. You seem very anxious to further our inquiries this morning, Lewis. I’m afraid you’ve made a bad mistake, si. You mean you are busy on the case?’. Not only that, sir. As I say, you’ve made a bad mistake. I was trying to do the coffee-break crossword and there was a clue there that just said Carthorse (anagram) -’ ‘ Orchestra,’ interrupted Morse. I know that, sir. But Simon Rowbotham is not an anagram of .

This book is classic Dexter. There are more blind alleys and corners throughout than you usually find in two or three books, let alone just one. This case causes Morse to use all his skills and abilities when he tries to unravel this mystery

This book is classic Dexter. This case causes Morse to use all his skills and abilities when he tries to unravel this mystery. It starts out with a headless torso turning up in a nearby river. In which a veteran of the ElAlamein offensive finds cause to recall the most tragic day of his life. There had been the three of them-the three Gilbert brothers: the twins, Alfred and Albert; and the younger boy, John, who had been killed one day in North Africa.

David Beckham is the greatest and best loved footballer. The thought suddenly occurred to Morse that this would be a marvellous time to murder a few of the doddery old bachelor dons. This biography traces the accomplishments of this talented star. It presents a portrait of how the golden boy of English football had manager to take this and many other countries by storm. No wives to worry about their whereabouts; no landladies to whine about the unpaid rents. In fact nobody would miss most of them at all.

The largest ebook library. Inspector Morse 12 Death is Now My Neighbour. Dexter, Colin - Inspector Morse 06 - The Riddle of the Third Mile. If you did not find the book or it was closed, try to find it on the site: GO. Exact matches. The Secret of Annexe 3. Dexter Colin. Download (FB2). Читать. 551 Kb, en. Last Bus To Woodstock. 440 Kb, en. Dexter, Colin - Inspector Morse 08 - The Wench is Dead.

  • Eigeni
If you want to read a good British police procedural novel you can do no better than to pick up an Inspector Morse yarn. Morse is a late middle aged bachelor who attended but did not graduate from Oxford. As this entry in the series makes clear he dropped out of school after a failed love affair with a Ph.D. student named Wendy. She left Oxford to minister to the needs ofher aged mother in the West Country. Morse loves classical music, the bachelor lifestyle, crossword puzzles, English grammar and working on nettlesome cases with the stolid Sergeant Lewis.
Summary of the Plot: Dr. Browne-Smith is an Oxford don who is dying of a brain tumor. He is a veteran of the World War II battle of El Alemain. One morning the professor leaves Oxford for London. He visits a strip club and enjoys pornographic film in the company of Yvonne a fetching prostitute conversing in a fake French accent. Browne-Smith turns up missing. Morse is called in to solve themurder. He discovers the mutilated body of a man in the age range of Browne-Smith who has been pulled from the Odford Canal. Is the victim the missing Browne-Smith?
The book will witness several murders; involve brothers who are identical twins and various red herrings will keep Morse and Lewis busy. The book is rich in the sights and sounds of Oxford.
Dexter writes with literary skill and his mind is ingenious in presenting Morse with difficult cases to solve. If you read one of the Morse novels you will be hooked! The Morse books have been filmed by the BBC enjoying a long run on PBS's Masterpiece Theatre.
  • Aedem
When the trunk of a dismembered body is fished out of the canal, Inspector Morse is almost certain that it is Oxford don Browne-Smith, who has recently dropped out of sight. But then a letter, purportedly written by that don, indicates that perhaps the body is that of a different don. But then perhaps the letter is deliberately misleading, and the remains may be Browne-Smith after all. This is one of the most perplexing of the Morse mysteries. The apparent motive is supplied in a World War 2 flashback at the beginning of the novel, when Browne-Smith's cowardice prevents the saving of a soldier who could be the younger brother of a set of twins in the same tank unit, who are now seeking revenge after all these years. But as the novel progresses, the possible identity of the headless, handless, legless corpse keeps changing, and as soon as a new candidate appears, his readily identifiable body pops up elsewhere, until all the probabilities seem to be exhausted. Don't bother trying to guess the outcome of this novel. Just try to keep up with the sudden changes. Morse is at his best here, unraveling the bewildering texture of this complex mystery thread by thread. The characterizations are excellent, and although the overall plot is a bit incredible, it is handled in Dexter's usual smooth style. This is one of the best of the Morse series.
  • Survivors
Suspense and intellectually stimulating at the same time. You're so clear that you know Morse. He lives with you as you read this page turner. Whately is who we want to listen to in all future Colin Dexter books.
  • Goldcrusher
I'm a fan of the Masterpiece Mysteries' Inspector Lewis and Endeavour, so I thought I'd give one of the author's books a read. The book was delivered as promised, and in mint condition. However, upon reading it, I found the style to not be to my liking (that's the only reason I gave it a "4") . I'll be sticking to the TV shows in the future.
  • riki
If you like 'British' detective stories with a somber tone, Colin Dexter is great. (Consider using Google Earth and Street Views to 'see' the places incorporated into his novel. Almost all of his settings are very real places.
  • Vathennece
After viewing John Thaw as Inspector Morse for many years, the book brought more of Morse's personality to light. Pleasantly surprised of the detail, however Thaw did a magnificent job of translating his version of the inspector. I recommend the books, particularly the use of language as written by Dexter.
  • Frlas
This plot was convoluted and at least for me, was difficult to understand. Not sure I want to continue in this series.
As usual in this series, and especially after Dexter seemed to get into his stride--as a scholar, student of words and human behaviors, and all-round writer of fairly brilliant prose--this book shows the complications, twists and turns taken both in Morse's genius-like mind and by life itself. His assistant Lewis is a wonderful foil for Morse's prickly eccentricities. The one believes in a step-by-step, organized almost plodding approach to crime solving; the other believes, and relies, on the swift connections made within the moving pictures of his mind--and of course, on bitter malt, Wagner, and coincidence.