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by George Guidall,Patrick Robinson

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George Guidall,Patrick Robinson
Thrillers & Suspense
Recorded Books LLC (2000)
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Silent and lethal, USS Seawolf, the US Navy's most up-to-date stealth submarine, is. .With American security under greater threat than ever before, Seawolf's mission becomes increasingly important - and increasingly urgent.

Silent and lethal, USS Seawolf, the US Navy's most up-to-date stealth submarine, is on an ultra secret mission - to spy on China's brand new, hugely-improved Xia-Class submarine. The Xia is the latest sign of China's burgeoning Naval build-up. But that urgency could be Seawolf's undoing. Moving into ever more dangerous waters, Commander Crocker knows that disaster could be only moments away.

Written by Patrick Robinson, Audiobook narrated by George Guidall. To the president's national security adviser, Admiral Arnold Morgan, it is more than a tragic coincidence - it is a brazen act of aggression that must not stand. In partnership with Iran, the Chinese navy has mined the Strait of Hormuz, intending to hold the world's oil supply hostage. Now 80 percent of America's active sea power is being mobilized - including USS Shark, an aging nuclear submarine on its final tour of duty. Guidall does it again. By Joseph on 01-14-17.

But then the unthinkable happens: Seawolf, collides with a Chinese destroyer and falls into enemy hands.

Listen to unlimited audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. But then the unthinkable happens: Seawolf, collides with a Chinese destroyer and falls into enemy hands. A team of cunning Navy SEALs-the biggest Special Forces assault group assembled since Vietnam-is sent in to free the captive Seawolf, crew and bring them home. The American Eagle confronts the Chinese Dragon with the balance of world power on the line.

Patrick Robinson (Author), George Guidall (Narrator), HarperAudio (Publisher). Seawolf: Arnold Morgan, Book 4. Patrick Robinson. Get this audiobook plus a second, free. The Shark Mutiny: Arnold Morgan, Book 5.

4 50 5 Author: Patrick Robinson Narrator: George Guidall. Download books offline, listen to several books continuously, choose stories for your kids, or try out a book that you didn't thought you would like to listen to. Armed with stolen . military technology, the Chinese are producing a frightening new breed of weaponry,led by the ICBM submarine Xia III-a vessel that just might be able to launch a nuclear warhead across the Pacific Ocean and take out an American West Coast city.

But this was 8,000 miles away, in a time zone 16 hours earlier, in the sunlit Southern California city of San Diego. a Park, less than three miles from his Coronado base, the King SEAL had already paid his respects before the great Veterans War Memorial. And now he strolled along Zoo Drive, heading essentially for the monkey house, directly opposite the bears. He wore white shorts, a dark blue tennis shirt, no socks and expensive-looking boat shoes.

narrated by George Guidall. amp; International Retailers.

Robinson sets this saga of naval misadventure in the South China Seas within the near future of the year 2004; the futurism is evident only in the arsenal employed.

by Patrick Robinson Read by George Guidall. Robinson sets this saga of naval misadventure in the South China Seas within the near future of the year 2004; the futurism is evident only in the arsenal employed. Otherwise, this is a straightforward spy-and-action tale, replete with detail. Events evolve in the form of reports (date and time heading each occasion with fine military precision); their starkness is contrasted with the excellent characterizations for which George Guidall is known.

Narrated by George Guidall

Narrated by George Guidall. military technology, the Chinese are producing a frightening new breed of weaponry,led by the ICBM submari.

Seawolf is respectfully dedicated to the men of the . Rear Admiral George R. Morris (Director, National Security Agency). Navy SEALs, the fighting troops who always operate in harm’s way, and among whom valor is a common virtue. Admiral Joseph Mulligan (Chief of Naval Operations). Rear Admiral John Bergstrom (Commander, Special War Command ). Admiral Archie Cameron (Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet ). Rear Admiral Freddie Curran (Commander, Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet ). USS SEAWOLF.

I was eagerly anticipating the forth of Patrick Robinson's submarine themed novels and was not disappointed. In fact the book was devoured in 48 hours with a some late nights and definitely falls into "can't put down" status. The U.S. navy dispatches their most advanced submarine, captained by the best submariner, to spy in Chinese waters on their newly launched submarine. Everything goes to plan until the Submarine is captured and towed to a Chinese navy port whilst her crew are imprisoned and tortured. The U.S. national Security Adviser, Arnold Morgan, a fantastically larger than life character that appears in the previous novels, "Nimitz Class", "Kilo Class" and "HMS Unseen", is the pivot between the Political intrigue and the naval options. These options include the rescue of the imprisoned crew by the U.S. seals and the problem of the most advanced submarine in the enemies hand. Sensitive to providing sufficient detail to ensure authenticity Robinson does not overload the reader with too much technical jargon in the way that Clancy can. A superbly written and crafted "can't put down" novel that I would strongly recommend.(Amazon customer)
  • Saintrius
Potential good plot, but unbeivable dialogue and full of ignorance. Why would anyone write a book about something they know so little about AND fail to do any decent research? Robinson claims he had help from Admiral Woodward. I simply can't believe that. Time after time Robinson shows his ignorance--he seems to think subs only outside source of info is periscope, that the Chinese don't have satellite ship surveillance, that two F/A-18s were ready "in case it's engine didn't start." he doesn't even know that the Officer of the Deck is a job all the officers share, and isn't a position such as Naviagotor, Ops Officer, etc.

I once threw a book about B-52s over the side of a sailboat in mid-ocean because the writer was so ill informed. I surely would have done the same with this book if it hadn't been a Kindle edition.
  • Steelraven
First, I cannot believe the author, for all the help he received from an Admiral, doesn't know the difference between a boat and a ship - a submarine is a BOAT! The story line held promise that was never delivered upon; the ending was weak and a slam again all Navy officers of any good sense. And how did the XO ever reach that point in his career? And how could he cave so easily to the enemy after being in the CIA for some years? What a weenie. This book was a huge disappointment, besmirching the name of the USS Seawolf and all it's fine crew - sans the XO.

I'm a child of a former commander of an earlier USS Seawolf (405).
  • Tiainar
I think it was John Le Carre who wrote that there is something unhealthy in a country fascinated by its special forces, and Admiral Morgan is the epitomy of this unhealth. With the geo-political ignorance and cultural insensitivity of a dyslexic amoeba, he constantly seeks military solutions to the errors of his military-industrial complex, and beware if you are not a white, Christian, Annapolis-ringed member of the Club.
Having read all of Patrick Robinson's novels, from the excellent Nimitz Class to the thoroughly racist Kilo Class, I cannot say I like the direction his books are now taking.
With a few token caustic remarks about media hacks and money-chasing lawyers, the book blunders from one improbable scenario to another, linked only by a few cardboard characters and the inevitable submarines.
The crass ignorance and brutal behaviour of the Chinese, compared to the virtues of the Taiwanese, is highlighted, whilst forgetting that the original inhabitants of Taiwan, the Formosan aborigines were kicked out by those noble Chinese as they fled mainland China with their millions and gold. Technical epxerts will no doubt find some errors, in abbreviations and even the use of a pelagic sub for inshore work, while the torture scenes are so carefully written to avoid upsetting anyone, but lack realism.
Betraying his European origin, there a few token Brits who are admired by the Club, and some SAS guys who accompany the SEALs on a mission, though it would have been more appropriate for the SBS, the naval version, to have gone along.
Like in Tom Clancy's world, all the US weapon systems work perfectly, whilst everything Chinese is derided as copied or useless. The fearless submariners and warriors are all muscular, loyal, intelligent, hunks of manhood, going against the snivelling yellow peril. No wimpy management types or pugilistic womanisers of the Dick Marcinko world in this book, and even the single military-challenged officer seems to exist in one dimension, a long way from reality.
This book will no doubt be popular with the red-necks in Oklahoma or Montana, or wherever they dress up in camouflage fatigues, and carry paint guns and M-16s; but it presents a sad polarised view of the world, and those tunnel-visoned military types who inhabit it. The Chinese are dishonoured by this myopic writing, whilst the plot, with its ultimately weak and involved President, is nothing more than excuse to quote weapon names and specs and arcane killing techniques. Even the twist in the tale at the end is out of place, but about the book's only redeeming feature. At least Tom Clancy writes a good book, but this is too racist, too single dimensional and not even a good story.
The Honorable School Boy will be turning in his grave.
  • godlike
Great read,the ending.
  • Corgustari
I read this one continuously and was thinking about when I had to put it down. I think it captures the mind of a warrior, the spirit of command and the interplay of very special and different military men. Well done. Highly recommended
  • Use_Death
  • Truthcliff
excelent (I want more) enough said.
Great adventure, great read, too bad the world isn't like this for real, this is how the US should be kicking ass and taking names.