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by Neil McMahon,James Patterson

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Neil McMahon,James Patterson
Thrillers & Suspense
Vision (December 1, 2011)
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Patterson? Probably not. Neil McMahon? Who's he? If this is a sample of his work, McMahon should give up writing. Apparently the only way McMahon could get this book published was if Patterson's name was stamped onto it. The concept of the story is interesting

Patterson? Probably not. The concept of the story is interesting. The execution of the story, well, not even close to interesting.

Published by Little, Brown and Company. ISBN 978-0-316-09736-9.

I have only ever read one James Patterson book before, and I understand this is a different genre for him. Honestly, I think he should stick with what he knows. This book reminds me of a comic book written by someone with only a cursory knowledge of comic books. The dialog was over the top bravado worthy of an 80's action movie. TOYS by James Patterson & Neil McMahon. Published by Little, Brown and Company.

Онлайн библиотека КнигоГид непременно порадует читателей текстами иностранных и российских писателей, а также гигантским выбором классических и современных произведений. Все, что Вам необходимо - это найти по аннотации, названию или автору отвечающую Вашим требованиям.

Toys is a novel by James Patterson and Neil McMahon published by Little, Brown and Company in December 2011

Toys is a novel by James Patterson and Neil McMahon published by Little, Brown and Company in December 2011. Set in the future where humans are seen as an inferior species, Toys revolves around an "Elite" Hays Baker, who is endowed with superhuman attributes and is a high-ranking government official; however, in an unexpected turn of events, he is made to flee for his life.

Neil McMahon (born 1949) is the author of ten novels, as well as a collaboration with James was a New York Times Bestseller. He has written two series: the Carroll Monks books (Twice Dying, Blood Double, To The Bone, Revolution No. 9), and the Hugh Davoren books (Lone Creek, Dead Silver). In the late 1980s he wrote three horror novels (all originally published under the pseudonym "Daniel Rhodes") that have been reissued as ebooks.

Welcome to James Patterson Book List! This bestselling author has released well over 200 books, so it can be hard to keep track of all . Standalone – This page has a complete list of all of Patterson’s books that aren’t part of a series

Welcome to James Patterson Book List! This bestselling author has released well over 200 books, so it can be hard to keep track of all his novels. Standalone – This page has a complete list of all of Patterson’s books that aren’t part of a series. BookShots – Learn about the series of short books that are stories at the speed of life. Murder Is Forever – Find out more about the books based on the Discovery TV series.

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Move over, James Bond and Jason Bourne-superhuman agent Hays Baker fights to save millions of lives in James Patterson's thrilling bestseller.
  • Quamar
I just finished Tick Tock and really enjoyed it and was excited about reading his newest book, Toys. I saw that the fist 21 chapters were free and decided that even though I knew I would wind up buying the book, I may as well start reading for free. The book really grabbed me in the first few pages, it went downhill very quickly. I was not able to relate to the main characters in any way, where is the character development? His fist twist wasn't a surprise at all and the main character was so two dimensional that I found that I didn't actually care what came next. Great idea/concept and so disappointing because he could have done so much more with this story line! I might be willing to keep reading in the hope that the book would get better if it was free, there is no way I would pay $14.99 for this book. Do yourself a favor and get the free 21 chapters first.
  • Yannara
It makes sense for Kindle owners to download the free 20 chapters of James Patterson's Toys. Some people enjoy some of his books immensely and dislike others. This amazon deal gives viewers an opportunity to see if the book is for them.

This is a science fiction novel set in 2061 when there are two types of people: humans and Elites. The first are no different than humans today. The Elites are 99% human, part machine, and more rational than humans. They are engineered. They contain built in circuitry. They are above humankind's shortcomings of greed, immorality, self-destruction, and rage.

In this adventure, Elites are killed and the on looking Elites suffer amnesia of details of how they were killed and by whom. The Elites are convinced that the murderers were humans, for no Elite would do such a nefarious deed. But is this true? What happened? Why? Then it is discovered that the lead person in the investigation is not an Elite as the Elites thought, but a human. What is going on?

The plot is good. However, some readers may feel that the writing is somewhat heavy-handed and stilted. But this deal offers a chance to decide this for yourselves.
  • Xisyaco
I am a lover of the Womens Murder Club and Alex Cross series and just read the first 6 almost chapters that we get to review before buying and I didn't think it was so bad -- I liked it so far. And, as soon as I get some extra money, I will be purchasing the ebook (I am on permanent disability and therefore don't have a lot of money to throw around like I used to). I will say that some of these ebooks are on the expensive side for all the major authors (i.e. James Patterson, Janet Evonovich, etc...) and the ebooks don't kill trees either -- so they should cost a lot less don't you think!! But seriously, some of the comments I was reading online about this book I don't see what all the fuss is about -- its a book, fiction at that, something to take you out of the REAL world for a short little bit!! I think everyone should check out the preview from the author before buying because everyone does have their own likes and dislikes -- but folks remember: Its fiction, not real, nothing to get upset about like some of the comments I read!! As to whether its James Patterson's finest work - that can be debatable but he's co-authoring with another writer and that is another thing to remember, aw well!! READ the preview first before buying after reading the comments and then make your decision -- I did and I will be buying this ebook.
  • Peles
I have enjoyed most of Patterson's series including Alex Cross and Women's Club as well as his "children" books, but Toys was a big disappointment. TOYS is laughable with obvious hooks on nearly every page. There are so many the hooks completely lost their impact. I certainly wasn't hooked after the first third of the book. The style is more comic book than graphic novel. The co-author must have had the lead. There is a life-or-death crisis in every chapter, and the solutions are unbelievably simplistic or the protagonists are saved by simple luck. I won't give up on Patterson, but I sure won't buy one of Patterson's books co-authored by McMahon. In a similar vein (humans fighting for species-survival against machines) Danial Wilson's ROBOPOCALYPSE is far more intriguing and creative. Wilson had me hooked from the start. Here's another alternative mystery story:
PISAQ PIPELINE, A World-Heritage Mystery
  • Bradeya
First of all I am a avid James Patterson fan. I read ALL his books and have enjoyed them so much that I can't put it down until I am finished. His books are riveting and draw you in from the first few pages to the last page.

That said, I have to say this book is not the usual Patterson book. Yes it is a futuristic book but he has written those before and I still loved them. I was struggling with reading this one. When I had time to read I would think of other things to do and that is not how his other books were for me.

I am not going to re-write what this book is about. You can read all the other comments to find that out. I just wanted to say that I am glad I got the free preview. I almost purchased it so I could finish.....and I would have finished it but it would have taken me awhile...however at $14.99 price for an E-book I decided it wasn't worth it. I can't say that I didn't like the book at all and if the price were more like $8 I would probably have bought it and finished it at a later time. But until then I am saving my money.