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by Bayer William

Download Blind Side eBook
Bayer William
Thrillers & Suspense
Hodder & Stoughton Ltd (March 15, 1990)
321 pages
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. When I read Blind Side over 20 years ago in hardcover, there was a money back guarantee that said that I could return the book if I didn't like it. Have to say that I didn't return the book.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

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1. The first time I saw her my lens was blurred-not surprising, since I was peering through a view camera.

William Bayer (born February 20, 1939, in Cleveland, Ohio) is an American novelist, the author of twenty-one books including The New York Times best-sellers Switch and Pattern Crimes. Bayer has written a series of novels featuring fictional New York Police Department lieutenant Frank Janek. He has also written adaptions of his novels for television, and written for other TV shows. Switch was the source for seven television movies, including two four-hour mini-series.

WILLIAM BAYER is the author of nineteen fiction and non-fiction books. Two of his novels, Switch and Pattern Crimes, were New York Times best sellers. Bill was born in Cleveland, Ohio, son of an attorney-father and screenwriter-mother ( Eleanor Perry). He was educat WILLIAM BAYER is the author of nineteen fiction and non-fiction books.

Photographers, Betrayal. New York : Villard Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; americana. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by loader-DanaB on April 8, 2010. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata).

Geoffrey Barnett is a photographer.

  • lets go baby
When I read Blind Side over 20 years ago in hardcover, there was a money back guarantee that said that I could return the book if I didn't like it. Have to say that I didn't return the book.
It's extremely rare that I'll read a book a second time but when I saw that this was available on Kindle for $2.99, I thought why not. I didn't remember the book and thought it would be a great read again.
Of course, all the memories came back. Still, crafting a story based on a relationship between 2 people only to have so many obstacles twists and turns that leave you hanging with an ending that will be a surprise. Of course, it's not the surprise ending you would see in a Nicholas Sparks novel.
I've read most of the William Bayer novels, including the ones that he wrote as David Hunt. The stories were good but not as good as this one. He is at his best here.
If there is one book that is worth saying that this is a five star review book that you won't be able to put down, this is the one. No cell phones. No internet. Just a photographer who is trying to get his life together and gets involved in an unforgettable relationship.
It's quite a story. Don't miss it.
  • Direbringer
This is the third book by William Bayer that I have read, and the best one so far. The plot is fast and unpredictable. The writting style grabs the reader. He has also written under the name David Hunt.
  • Wrathmaster
William Bayer wrote this Modern Noir novel some sixteen years ago. I found this novel particularly haunting, reading it through four times over the past years. It starts with the girl that is edgy, too good to be true. Needing a liberator, the photographer gets much more than he bargained. He begins the first person narrative lost in his art, an emotionally damaged man that can only photograph after hours in the night, capturing only dark images. And, as the novel progresses, he ensnares himself more and more hopelessly. He finds himself propelled into one sinister and evil situation after another in the race to the most ill-fated denouement. His life has mirrored his art.

Their chance meeting (of course it is not a coincidental meeting), their love and then her disappearance are an avalanche. The story is compelling, moving rapidly with terse, realistic dialog. Soon it is evident that she is not who he thought she was, nor in the end is he who he thought he was.

I found particularly intriguing how the spurned photographer could piece together her trail, little pieces of the detritus of a shabby, sham abandoned life that link to an unknown person and life. This book examines the question of how well we can really know someone, the capacity for evil, and the energizing passion of revenge. Much like a great Hitchcock movie, this is a novel with a common man put in uncommon circumstances, rising up to find unexpected strength to avoid doom. And, femme fatale's opportunity to escape the prison of her life, despite cunning, a complex scheme/scam and a near perfect disappearance can only come to zero.

William Bayer has written two later novels (Magician's Tale, Trick of Light) under the pseudonym of David Hunt, where there is a heavy component of photography as a plot device. He captures the sensitivity of the photographer's use of light, darkness and shadow to reveal his disturbing portrait.

There is symmetry, where in the beginning our war photographer creates art from an unspeakable tragedy. Later, his quest to find his missing lover is a chase into the blackness of true Noir.
  • Vikus
Excellent coherent style from someone who knows how to write and keep the reader in suspense. Two thumbs up to Mr. Bayer whose "Switch" I had greatly enjoyed and whose other books I am planning to delve into in the future.
  • greatest
Geoffrey Barnett, an ex-photojournalist, has the inability to photograph faces due to a traumatic event in his life. He now makes a living by selling photographic prints and at night he likes to prowl the streets of New York to find great shots. One evening he meets a young beautiful woman named Kim who helps him overcome his photographer's "block" and who also ultimately becomes his lover. His mundane life suddenly takes an adventurous turn when he becomes involved with her. Several of her friends are murdered; she skips town; and after tracking her to Key West he learns of her blackmailing scheme. The cops are suspicious of him and the blackmailee harasses him. Overall, the book was an easy read but I found Geoffrey to be a bit naive considering his worldliness.