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by Rudi London

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Rudi London
Thrillers & Suspense
Amazing Road (May 15, 2009)
300 pages
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The Operator Is Calling. Suddenly, by the flick of a switch, evil came knocking on Michael s door. His entire world stumbled and fell. What had been no longer was. This time he was facing a mountain too tall to climb. Or was it? Madison, his precious daughter, had called them badsters. She'd always wondered, Why couldn t they just be nice. Michael got a brilliant idea.

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Suddenly, by the flick of a switch, evil came knocking on Michael s door.

London Calling" is a song by the British punk rock band the Clash. It was released as a single from the band's 1979 double album London Calling. This apocalyptic, politically charged rant features the band's post-punk sound, electric guitar and vocals. The song was written by Joe Strummer and Mick Jones. The title alludes to the BBC World Service's station identification: "This is London calling. which was used during World War II, often in broadcasts to occupied countries.

This book is called London Fields. it came, would be called Keith - Keith Jr. Kath, remarkably, had other ideas. Yet Keith was inflexible, wavering only once, when he briefly entertained the idea of calling the baby Clive, after his dog, a large, elderly and unpredictable Alsatian

This book is called London Fields. This is a true story but I can't believe it's really happening. Yet Keith was inflexible, wavering only once, when he briefly entertained the idea of calling the baby Clive, after his dog, a large, elderly and unpredictable Alsatian. He changed his mind once more; Keith it was to be, then. Swaddled in blue, the baby came home, with mother.

Madison, his precious daughter, had called them badsters. Rudi London was born on the southern west coast. Learn how to read digital books for free. She’d always wondered, Why couldn’t they just be nice? Michael got a brilliant idea. But, he couldn’t really call himself a true southern boy before he later moved to Tennessee. Why did he move, you might ask? Well, Rudi had a troubled pas. .More about Rudi London.

Suddenly, by the flick of a switch, evil came knocking on Michael’s door. His entire world stumbled and fell. What had been no longer was. This time he was facing a mountain too tall to climb. Or was it? Madison, his precious daughter, had called them ""badsters."" She’d always wondered, ""Why couldn’t they just be nice."" Michael got a brilliant idea. What if they didn’t have a choice in the matter? First, they needed to quit cussing all together. Language rules behavior, he established. And should they elect not to surrender to good? Great! Then they’ll learn what really happens when The Operator is Calling.
  • Wiliniett
The Operator is Calling is a delightful work of fiction. As an educator, it is so refreshing to find a sophisticated work of fiction that is appropriate for both adult and young adult readers. To engage young readers is not always an easy task, but Mr. London is successful with the twists and turns of his story. The novel's exciting storyline tells the tale of adventure and action without inappropriate language and content. I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to teachers and parents for young adult/preteen readers.
  • Melipra
This is one very interesting story. Not exactly what I anticipated it to be. It starts out with the bombing of a restaurant, leaving Michael and Chase as survivors because of her stalled car, and Ben because he needed his Game Boy from his parents' car. Michael's complete family was killed in the bombing, leaving him wealthy and lonely; as well as Ben's parents and Chase's fiance.

The DC rescue team, DC Task Force, The Central Terrorism Task Force, and a host of other agencies were probing into the cause of the explosions.

From there, we go into a world of `fantasy' where cussing was not allowed in the criminal world or else.... One must know Norwegian to understand some communications and situations (but are supplied by the author). It's good against evil.

It took me a while to get into the swing of the book, but the author's style of writing and the sequence of events hurled me through the rest of the book. Methods of travel are one aspect that brings you into the world of fantasy, but it was definitely entertaining. Lots of action to keep you involved, wondering what would happen next, with a touch of romance for us ladies. Not my normal genre, but the gist of the story made me glad I read it.

As the author suggests, "Challenge yourself and read it a second and third time, and the true essence of The Spirit of The Gift to Solomon will surface and your life is changed forever."

P.S. Find Rudi's music here: [...]

You'll be glad you checked them out. Found them to be wonderful!

This book was provided free by Rudi London in exchanged for my honest review. Thanks, Rudi!
  • Uanabimo
As someone who knew the author, I can say without reserve that the talent exhibited in Rudi's writing is absolutely captivating. I love how quirky and quick the humor is, and the way he thinks and speaks for Elvis. Elvis is my absolute favorite character of all time and my favorite part is regarding Elvis' bowl and his morning breakfast! Elvis is on the back porch hitting the empty food bowl to get attention and the bowl is tipping's over his nose,it's over his eyes...oh dog's mama! From there to,"Gravity brutally stopped the dance." I laughed through the whole chapter and read it over again. LOVED it!

Rudi's Faith is evident through-out his writing with the (very refreshing) lack of foul language, while at the same time being an exciting read containing family, romance, heartbreak, new-found love and espionage-combined with all the gadgets of a Hollywood movie. I will definitely read all of Rudi London's other books. Write on Rudi!
  • Anarahuginn
Another of Rudi London's interesting writings. The reader never knows what to expect when one opens the cover of one of Rudi's books. The cover of this book I almost did not want to touch as it looked like a tarantula on the telephone, however, it was not real!! LOL However, it just made the book that more interesting as to why that "THING" was on the cover!! This book is for everyone. There is lots of action, an interesting plot and sometimes a re-read to follow the plot.However it keeps you guessing, changing locations and there is also a bit of romance. It is fun to read the adventures of Michael and Dog 007. Very exciting adventure and still realistic. It is a fun work of fiction.
Rudi gave me this book as a gift for the review and I really apologize to him for the delay in reviewing this book. There were some problems in the delay that I will not relate, but I am doing it now and I hope all who read this review will realize that this is a great book to purchase and read. You will find it fun and exciting reading. My thanks to Rudi for the autographed copy, which goes on a special shelf of treasured books! (Thanks Elvis for you woofs, too) The Operator is Calling
  • Otrytrerl
The Operator Is Calling is my second London read; Three Angels was my first.

I enjoyed the action, the Rudi London humor, with which, I am now well acquainted. It is clean, refreshing, interesting, exciting and well written with a great good vs. evil plot. The book is soul searching-ly deep at moments, yet the action carries you along with being overly detailed.

When I finished reading it, I had the same feeling that I did when I watched the movie True Lies; I enjoyed the action, the humor, the intensity and even a little romance.

Although I am not a fiction reader, it's one of my favorites. I can't wait until my kids have read it and we can discuss it at the dinner table.
  • Rias
I read only the first chapter of The Operator is Calling and then had to stop as I became very busy for the next week or so. Beginning with Chapter 2, I was unable to
put it down. What the character Michael was to go through after an explosion killed his family would have most people saying "this man did all this, you gotta be kidding". It is James Bond, Sopranos, world intrigue and high tech all in one. As a boxing fan as in the Thriller in Manila, Rumble in the Jungle and Rocky,
The Operator is Calling is a true knockout book. Mr. London has an incredible and creative mind and it shows in this, his first book! My grand daughter is reading it now and I am sure she, like me, will be looking for more from Mr. London.