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Download Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Access 2000 in 21 Days eBook
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The examples are great and the practice exercises are thoughtfully laid out and really help you to understand the concepts. There is even a very helpful introduction to advanced topics such as SQL and Visual Basic.

and Teach Yourself ActiveX in 21 Days.

com User, July 26, 1999

com User, July 26, 1999.

Sams Teach Yourself Java™ in 21 Days Page 7. programming and web publishing, including. in21Days Sams Teach Yours. Sams Teach Yourself C in 21 Days. 53 MB·30,306 Downloads. Bradley L. Jones and. Peter Aitken. Sams Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days (Covering Java 7 and Android).

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Part of the Sams Teach Yourself series. Day 8. Restoring Your Databases. This product currently is not for sale. Corporate, Academic, and Employee Purchases.

  • Tujar
This is by far the best resource that I have found for learning how to use Microsoft Access. I started with basically no Access knowledge and was able to learn enough to design a very complex, completely user friendly database for my department.

This book is perfect for the raw beginner to intermediate Access user. While no one Access book can cover everything this book does an amazing job giving a very solid look at the fundamentals, very efficiently. It uses a logical 21 day progression to teach Access in a useful way with an excellent CD of sample databases included that you can copy to your hard drive. The examples are great and the practice exercises are thoughtfully laid out and really help you to understand the concepts. There is even a very helpful introduction to advanced topics such as SQL and Visual Basic.

Finally, I recently paid $300 for a two day course in Access and learned about 10 times more in two days of reading this $30 book.
  • Malalanim
It is not your desire to learn which takes you through the book, but sheer determination !
The book lacks a steady learning curve. It delivers the information in pieces which can be difficult to place in context. Which made me feel like reading a traditional text book, but without a lecturer and fellow students to support me.
There are several errors in the book. It is obviously based on the Beta version of Access 2000, which makes it more troublesome to locate the needed buttons and commands. The samples from the CD will not install automatically, you will have to copy them one by one and change the properties by removing the Read-Only attribute. The code you are asked to write, to gain hands-on experience, is filled with syntax errors. Therefore your examples will not work, which makes it very difficult to proceed to the next task.
After I have read the book, and in the process worked my way around the errors, I feel I have a very good picture of what Access 2000 is capable of, and in what direction I should go to accomplish my programming goals.
If you are new to Access 2000, and want to program a database (Private/Semi-professional level) your will be able to learn how from the book.
The book includes lots of information, but makes it difficult and tiresome to learn Access in 21 days. If only the publisher had a supporting website to list errors, it could have done so much better.
  • Мох
I am an intermediate Access developer who was looking for abook to fill in the gaps of my Access knowledge, such as how to createadvanced Reports and Queries. After all, the words are written on the title "... master Access 2000 in just 21 days". I will start off by saying this book shows that things are possible in Access, but does not go into explanation on how to do it. Throughout the book, this format is followed:
1. Here's a task for you to try
2. Follow these 20 steps, and don't worry, you don't need an explanation of any of these steps
3. Voila! You now have a working function/report.
4. Hope you learned something from this
I have heard many good recommendations of the 'Learn in 21 days series', and this being my first book of that series, I would not recommend this. In these 21 days, you will get something done, but not learning or understanding how and why along the way. Instead of 1 star, I give this book 2 stars since it raised my confidence level when I closed the book in frustration and attempted through trial and error to figure out the problem and eventually solved it. I summarize this book as a 780 page reference manual with 10 pages of quality content.
  • Acrobat
I had MS Access on my computers for 4 years and could not figure out what to do with this application or how to learn it without going to school.
Then I bought the Teach Yourself Access by Paul Cassel. With a disciplined routine of 5-6 hours perday and following the author's instructions line by line, I was able to design databases by the 10th day.
I think Paul Cassel needs to be complimented for writing a logical, simple and very useful book.
If in his latest edition he has eliminated some chapeters on Table design, then he should re-insert them.
The primary goal of this book must always remain to take a total novice who is interested in data base design and in 21 days turn him/her into a programmer who is very comfortable with using MS Access. Two years ago this book did that for me in half the number of days.
I thoroughly recommend this book to beginners.
Saeed Anwar
  • Xig
1.This book was written using the beta software. So, often, the screen-shots are different from your display! Very confusing.
2.O gosh, the writers (publisher) seemed to have rushed through this book. Mr Cassel & Ms Palmer, give us book buyers a break! We buy with the intention to learn. Not to be left confused and disappointed.
3.Honestly, I don't think this book is worth the papers it is printed on. Worst, if you can imagine the many hours unfortunate buyers will have to suffer to try to extract whatever value there is from this book!
5. SAMS, please refrain from rushing out such books. One day, you will find that no one will buy your publications for their inferior quality.
Sigh! :>(
  • Early Waffle
This is a great hands-on book covering most aspects of MS Access. After looking over several other books, I found this one the easiest to read and use, especially for busy professionals who are computer-savvy but who aren't familiar with Access. It's organized in a way that makes it easy to pick up and learn the one specific task that you need to tackle, or you can read it cover-to-cover like a course.
I don't know why the reviews are so negative. No one book can cover everything in Access, but even advanced topics such as VBA and SQL are given decent overviews - and the author gives good recommendations on where to turn for more info.
In the end, computer books are a matter of personal preference, and everybody has their own style. This one gets my vote.