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by Gary E. Parker

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Gary E. Parker
Bethany House; Book Club BCE/BOMC edition (2001)
400 pages
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Gary E. Parker is the author of numerous works of fiction, including The Ephesus Fragment, Rumors of Peace, and Highland Hopes, which is a 2002 Christy Award finalist. He is also a national consultant on theological education.

Gary E. Gary, his wife, and two daughters make their home near Atlanta, Georgia. Parker’s most popular book is Altogether, One at a Time. Highland Mercies by. Gary E. Parker.

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A family saga depicting life in early 1900s North Carolina unfolds when 100-year-old matriarch Abigail Porter relates the events of her life to her, starting with the tragic circumstances of her birth and including the drama of two feuding families, war, and the deadly pandemic.

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2001) (The first book in the Blue Ridge Legacy series) A novel by Gary E Parker. A family saga depicting life in early 1900s North Carolina unfolds when 100-year-old matriarch Abigail Porter relates the events of her life to her, starting with the tragic circumstances of her birth and including the drama of two feuding families, war, and the deadly pandemic Genre: Historical Romance. Used availability for Gary E Parker's Highland Hopes.

Manufacturer: Bethany House Publishers Release date: 1 July 2001 ISBN-10 : 0764224522 ISBN-13: 9780764224522.

Save bookmarks and read as many as you like. Trouble is brewing on the plantation. When the overseer's daughter, Camellia York, accidentally causes the death of the plantation's owner - who is also the father of the man she plans to marry, Trenton Tessier - life as she knows it will never be the same.

Author: Gary E. Parker Medium Hardcover With Dust Cover Like New Condition. Home was a hard place to live - and a harder place to leave. As their strained relationship continues, Abby feels unwanted by her father and longs to escape the constrictions of her upbringing. She finally finds the courage to leave and find her own way in the world that becons her beyond the mountains.

Tale of Abigail Porter and her struggles in the Blue Ridge mountains during from 1900 through WWI and her relationship with her father, and loss and war.
  • Flathan
I enjoyed reading about a woman born the same year as my father. It followed her throughout her life to a certain point, and now I'm looking forward to the next two books following her further.
  • Hra
I enjoyed it greatly - now I have all 3 in the series - definitely a keeper in my home library! Very good seller.
  • Marige
I really enjoyed this book. It is extremely engaging if you like the mountain life. It closely resembles the way of life of my own family, so it was interesting to me. Also, though it is a fictional book, it is so near the truth. The family's reliance on God is inspiring. It's hard to find folks these days with that kind of devotion to God.
  • Bloodfire
My cousin recommended this book to me and I have loved all 3 in the series so much. The people and their lives will inspire you, cause you pain and bring joy to you as you read.
  • Sharpbrew
Would recommend the highland hopes books. they are outstanding books
  • Dusar
Highland Hopes, the first book of the Blue Ridge Legacy series, reads more like Catherine Marshall's classic, "Christy".
The prologue's modern setting makes it clear that you are about to hear the story of a life. That life begins as a mother's ends in childbirth. Parker's pages turn quickly from the deathbed to full-blooded life. There's fast-paced action as mountain moonshiners face off with government revenuers, gambling exacts a heavy toll on an already impoverished family, and World War II patriotism pulls young men from the Carolina hills to the blood soaked battlefields of Europe. The romantic soul will wrench as hearts are broken and lifelong unions are made. The author relates the story in the third person, but often changes the character through whose eye's he views the events occurring. Parker proves equally adept at voicing the innermost thoughts of both his male and female characters.
Highland Hopes takes you through Abigail Porter's childhood years, years that she learns to love her Blue Springs Mountain home, and years that she learns to love her father, even though she feels distinctly unrequited in her affection. She dreams of learning to read, that she might know all about the big wide world of Asheville and beyond. Her young desires grow into a yearning to leave the mountain and better herself, but there is always a tangible pull toward the hills of her birth. The first twenty-nine years of Abby's life take the reader quickly and poignantly from the new dawn of the 20th century in the ageless Blue Ridge Mountains to a definable turning point at the age of twenty-nine, when she finally feels her father's love.
The pages of this copy of Highland Hopes are indelibly marked with coffee and tear stains -- a sure reminder of long late night reads and the powerful emotions that this tale evoked. I, for one, am eagerly anticipating the second book in the Blue Ridge Legacy, where Granny Abby will unfold more of her beautiful Blue Ridge memories.
--- reviewed by Lori for Christian Bookshelf
  • Skrimpak
A wonderful story - makes you feel as if you know the family. You hurt with them and triumph at their good fortunes. The story of family stuggles - some good and some bad, but staying a family throughtout all hardships. It's hard to put down, hard to finish that last page knowing you may not see their lives again. Reading makes you realize what is important in life....It's a wonderful book for everyone to read and enjoy.
My family originated from the highlands and through intense geneology I know I have highlander blood. This book wakes up that part of your soul. Although the author writes theology text as well, this book is not over done in religous aspects the religion is a natural part of the flow of the story. It reafirms your belief in God as a part of nature and not as a burden. Abby could have easily been my mother or grandmother, and I felt a great connection. Although this book is long, I can't wait until the next one comes out.......