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A charm bracelet is a type of bracelet which carries personal jewelled ornaments or "charms", such as decorative pendants or trinkets. The wearing of charms may have begun as a form of amulet or talisman to ward off evil spirits or bad luck. During the pre-historic period, jewellery charms would be made from shells, animal-bones and clay. Later charms were made out of gems, rocks, and wood.

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  • White_Nigga
Having read ALL of the Deltora series, and loving the entire series, then reading Rowan of Rin, tried this series for my daughter.

After getting through half of the book, my daughter asked me if we could read something else. The story moved very slow, no excitement. We did finish the book, and by the end, it did seem to pick up and there was a bit more excitement, but still overall not my favorite Emily Rodda series. Would be ok for a young reader, or to read to 4yo or up.

Story centers around young girl that visits her sick grandmother and gets sucked into another realm consisting of fairies and fantasy creatures. She then learns of an unknown history of her family and an ongoing battle between good and evil. Great story concept, just seemed to move a bit too slow. I have book two....may be a bit better, but will give it some time and give it a try, as we a big fans of Emily Rodda.
  • Whitecaster
Oh my goodness this story just drags on and on and on. Lots of mention about the grandfather's death, which I'm not fond of for my almost six year old. Seriously nothing happens for chapters on end. Just reiterating that grandmother is not well, and she has to come live with us, but I'll miss this house and it's safe. It's safe. It's safe here, over and over again. She doesn't even enter the fairy realm till halfway through the book. And then it's so wordy that both my daughter and I lost interest. We didn't even care that she entered the fairy land. Had to put the book down and switch to The Fairy Bell Sisters. Honestly I'm surprised my daughter had the patients to let me read so much of this story. Once I started reading the fairy bell sisters she perked right up and was totally enthralled.
I just don't get the high reviews for this one. I'll try to finish the book and if I change my mind I'll change my review.
  • Damand
*My rating is 4.5 stars.*

The Charm Bracelet is the first of prolific Australian author Emily Rodda's delightful Fairy Realm series and serves as a wonderful introduction to traditional fantasy for young children.

In The Charm Bracelet, we meet Jessie who, along with her mother, is spending some time with her grandmother while the elderly woman recovers from a fall. Jessie loves her grandmother and her grandmother's home, Blue Moon and, as the story starts, is dismayed that her mother is suggesting that it may no longer be safe for her grandmother to live alone. (Both Jessie's father and her grandfather, who was a well-known fantasy artist, have passed away.) Though she doesn't want her grandmother to have to leave her beloved home, Jessie is very concerned about her and about the fact that she seems to have lost her "spark". As it turns out, Jessie has cause to be concerned. The charm bracelet her grandmother always wears has gone missing and without it, her grandmother's ability to remember something very important that she must do has abandoned her.

Before long Jessie learns that her grandmother is in fact, the true queen of the Realm, a magical world that can be entered through a secret gateway in Blue Moon's garden. With the aid of some creatures she meets after traveling to the Realm by accident, Jessie races to discover how to help her grandmother regain her memory in time to save the Realm by renewing its magic.

Jessie is a likeable character - caring and kind, adventurous, brave and very normal. Kids will find her "approachable", will look up to her and will enjoy cheering her on. They'll also be delighted by the magical creatures and objects peppering The Charm Bracelet. I've been reading this series to my four year old granddaughter who is very into fairies right now. (She enjoys this series far more than the Disney Pixie Hollow fairy stories or J.H. Sweet's Fairy Chronicles, two other series we tried.) She loves Jessie, talks about the stories long after we've finished them and has even named some of her stuffed animals after characters in the books.

The Fairy Realm consists of ten books. Over the course of the series, Jessie meets many different kinds of fairies and magical creatures (the titles often indicate what kind), finding some friendly and others less so. In most of the stories, Jessie faces a problem or a predicament to be solved rather than an evil person or creature plotting something diabolical. Danger exists, but I don't find it too intense for my granddaughter. (Of course parents should always make that determination for themselves.)

Each of the books is 100 pages long with 10 chapters of 10 pages each, leading me to believe that Rodda is a far more organized person than I. A lovely black and white illustration by Raoul Vitale prefaces each chapter and will help children envision scenes and characters. The books build on each other to some extent but not to the degree that a child will have difficulty remembering important plot points from previous entries in the series. Nor will reading the stories out of order cause much disruption to the series' overarching plot which is a bit thin.

The Fairy Realm series in order:
The Charm Bracelet
The Flower Fairies
The Third Wish
The Last Fairy-Apple Tree
The Magic Key
The Unicorn
The Star Cloak
The Water Sprites
The Peskie Spell
The Rainbow Wand

While the Fairy Realm books may lack complexity and depth of character, they're entertaining, fun and make great read-aloud stories. My granddaughter is having a wonderful time swimming with mermaids, meeting unicorns and partying with Pixies. Her enjoyment adds to my own. I also appreciate the fact that this series isn't tied to seemingly endless merchandising - it makes for a nice change! :-)

Happily recommended.

**Though I normally do not like to label books "for girls" or "for boys", my guess is that this series will hold far greater appeal for girls. If, after looking one of the volumes over, you come to the same conclusion - and you're shopping for a boy - you might consider checking out another of Rodda's series, Rowan of Rin. Rowan's adventures may hold more appeal for the little man in your life than do Jessie's.

If you like Rodda's style, she is also the author of the Deltora Quest and its related series Deltora Shadowlands and Dragons of Deltora. Her current series is about an alternate world called Rondo. All are for slightly older kids - perhaps 8-11?**
  • Qumen
I would have to say that this series is a little girls dream come true. Most of the fantasy books that make their way into my home are geared towards the dungeons and dragons realm that boys seem to gravitate towards. This series has the fantasy without the violence, and fits right in with how my daughter views the world at her age. Lots of fairy stuff. And of course, discovery of the Fairy Realm which begins the series.
  • Cha
daughter loves this series!
  • Error parents
A good start to a series that is both magical and heartwarming. It is a great book for young readers learning to read.
  • Lightwind
My daughter is really enjoying the Fairy Realm series. Great price and wonderful, imaginative content. So glad Emily Rodda has some fantasy geared towards girls..