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Download The Forgotten Immigrant - How Tolerating Illegal Immigration Hurts Immigrants eBook

by Representative Christopher N. Herrod

Download The Forgotten Immigrant - How Tolerating Illegal Immigration Hurts Immigrants eBook
Representative Christopher N. Herrod
Live Free Publishing, LLC; First edition (March 11, 2010)
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Despite being married to a legal immigrant from the Ukraine and having a business partner from Ethiopia.

Herrod, Christopher N. Publication date. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

The Forgotten Immigrant book. by. Christopher N. Herrod.

Christopher N. Herrod (born August 31, 1965) is an American real estate developer and politician from Provo. He was a Republican member of the Utah House of Representatives representing the 62nd district from 2007-2012  . a b Roche, Lisa Riley (17 June 2017).

"Representative Christopher N. Herrod (UT)" Project Vote Smart. Christopher Herrod: The Forgotten Immigrant utahpolicy. ^. ^ Webb, LaVarr. New Book by Rep. Herrod (born August 31, 1965) is a real estate developer . Herrod (born August 31, 1965) is a real estate developer and Republican member of the Utah House of Representatives from Provo, representing the 62nd district Contents. 1 Early life, education, and business career. 2 Utah House of Representatives. Herrod (born August 31, 1965) is a real estate developer and Republican member of the Utah House of. .

Member of the Utah House of Representatives from the 62nd district. In office January 4, 2007 – January 1, 2013.

In The Forgotten Immigrant, Utah House of Representative Chris Herrod describes his experience educating elected leaders and the general population about the danger and harm caused by tolerating illegal immigration. Despite being married to a legal immigrant from the Ukraine and having a business partner from Ethiopia, Representative Herrod has been called a racist, a fascist, unchristian, uncompassionate, a nativist, a McCarthyist, and even a foaming-at-the-mouth zealot simply because he believes that the immigration process should be fair and that the United States should not punish those who are going to great lengths to follow the law. Representative Herrod specifically counters with facts the belief that tolerating illegal immigration is compassionate. He refers to this as the compassion trap. What is compassionate depends greatly upon whose perspective one takes the person here illegally or the potential immigrant trying to come. True compassion should never come at someone else s expense. When we tolerate illegal immigration we in essence punish the hundreds of millions potential immigrants waiting to come legally. In 2002, 13 million people applied for 55,000 Green Card lottery spots. Where is the compassion for the 99.7% that did not get visas yet still obey the law? If compassion is going to be used as the sole determination for who gets to come to the United States, then billions of people are more deserving of our compassion. For example, the G.D.P. per capita of Ukraine is less than half that of Mexico the country from which the majority of illegal aliens come. Mexico s G.D.P. per capita is more than five times that of India and fifteen times that of Ethiopia. But beyond compassion, the long-term survival of the United States is at stake. Current immigration trends are dramatically different than in the past and threaten to overwhelm the balance of the melting pot. No nation has brought so many different cultures, races, ethnicities, and nationalities as the United States has, but there are limits. The melting pot and English are the great unifiers, but with half of new immigrants now speaking one language, Spanish, the United states is in danger of becoming a bilingual/bicultural nation. If this continues, the United States will splinter into a thousand pieces and the great American Experiment will be over. Toleration of illegal immigration is symptomatic of the unsustainable multiculturalism that is so prevalent in our society. The willingness to discriminate against individual immigrants around the world demonstrates the consequences of using social justice which places emphasis on the group rather than individual. Increased crime by illegal immigrants is a reality and yet often goes unreported. Representative Herrod demonstrates this with facts and statistics. He addresses other myths that are often put forward by illegal alien proponents. One of these myths is that legal immigrants support illegal immigration. This is false since legal immigrants are often those most harmed by illegal immigration. He includes letters from legal immigrants who voice their concerns and includes a chapter about how many of our veterans feel about illegal immigration. Representative Herrod also demonstrates how the media and certain government agencies have become corrupt by refusing to acknowledge the truth. Few understand the concept of Aztlan which is the belief that Western United States belongs to Mexico. According to a 2002 Zogby Poll, 58% of Mexicans believe this to be true. While The Forgotten Immigrant largely focuses on Utah, the majority of the information is relevant to everyone in the United States especially if one desires help in countering those who use emotion rather than logic.
  • Konetav
I have seen this in my own family. Illegals and legal immigrants compete on the same job markets, illegals would work for less and take sub-standard conditions, while legal immigrants are pushed into joblessness and welfare. The working conditions and pay where illegals are the majority of the workforce are bad for everyone. The job markets where illegals labor are artificially below what legal immigrants of the same skill level need to live in the US. The illegal can do that because he is mostly invested in sending money back home. The legal immigrant needs more income to actually live here and support a family here. I'm glad someone notices this.
  • Lcena
This is the best researched and best written book on immigration I've ever read. Christopher Herrod, who is married to a legal immigrant from Russia, analyzes the impact of millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico are having in undermining the rule of law of the US Constitution and is already beginning to undermine the American culture. He describes the damage done to our legal system, the new racism and the unfairness to legal immigrants that is taking place by allowing millions of illegal aliens to come into and remain in the United States. Amnesty, in fact, is even REWARDING those who have broken our laws, at the expense of those who have obeyed our laws.
  • Wizard
This book was a brutal read. Completely arbitrary to his core beliefs. Anyone can take graphs and charts and skew it to ones own benefit. The writing was mediocre, way too much first person grammar. He should have gotten it revised. It wasn't a well structured book, it seemed like an offended representative who felt and continues to feel like he has something to prove. He hasn't proven much. It is a great read for all the glen beck fans or any other person who receives the majority of their information from right wing pundit's. He asks after chapter one if he is qualified to give immigration advice after a disgraceful attempt to prove he is qualified. He received his masters in family relations. So the answer is, NO you're not qualified. If we were to all go by our emotions then we would be "qualified to talk about whatever we want and write a book. This book is silly. and trust me I did not pay for the book.
  • Jockahougu
Herrod thinks he's helping immigrants the world over, but focuses narrowly on one facet of one facet of a multi-faceted issue. By failing to take into account the actual cost/benefit of immigration (documented or otherwise) and without a sound basis in ethics, morals, or facts, this is one to skip.

He uses facts quite selectively. For instance, he'll bandy about the high percentage of all felons in Utah state prisons are illegal immigrants and say that crime among their number is higher on that standard alone, but also fail to weigh in all of the simple fact that white people in the area are more able to afford lawyers and get out of those raps. And he even did this when the Chief of Police of Salt Lake City was standing right next to him contradicting him flatly.

He doesn't see reality.

This is a perfect entry into conservative leaning literature, since it plays fast and loose with facts and logic and does it's best to scare you into their way of thinking.