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by Dr. Jobe Martin

Download Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution Audio Book eBook
Dr. Jobe Martin
Reel Productions (May 1, 2002)
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Books, eBooks & Audio. This series features Dr. Jobe Martin, who for the past 20 years, has been exploring evolution vs. creation

Books, eBooks & Audio. Church & Supplies. creation. His findings have been fascinating students around the world as he lectures on these remarkable animal designs that cannot be explained by traditional evolution. Dr. Martin himself was a traditional evolutionist, but his medical and scientific training would go through an evolution, rather a revolution when he began to study animals that challenged the scientific assumptions of his education. This was the beginning of the evolution of a creationist

Dr. Jobe Martin has spent the last twenty years studying the topic of Biblical Creation vs. Evolution, and lectures frequently on the subject

Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution, 3. Title Catalog. Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution. Evolution, and lectures frequently on the subject. He began his scientific career as a dentist, and a believer in Darwinian evolution, as he had been taught in numerous courses in high school, undergraduate school, and dental school.

He gives some examples of creatures that had to be created the way they were, or they would never have existed.

Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution, Dr. Jobe Martin Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution is a three part documentary featuring Dr. Jobe Martin, a former evolutionist. The following is report on what those documentaries contain. To watch them go to Netflix. He gives some examples of creatures that had to be created the way they were, or they would never have existed. These are: Bombardier Beetle: has a defense mechanism that manufactures a catalyst that starts an explosion to scare predators. It has twin tail tubes that it can aim in any direction.

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Origins: Evolution: Let the Animals Speak!

Are there really creatures that produce fire to defend themselves? .

Are there really creatures that produce fire to defend themselves? How does . .Bill Coleman Photography.

Watch Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution Free Online. Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution enters the fascinating world of animals to reveal sophisticated and complex designs that shake the traditional foundations of evolutionary theory. Full season and episodes - free online streaming fast high quality legal movies and TV television shows.

Faith & spirituality, faith & spirituality documentaries. Director: Steve Greisen. Starring: Dr. Jobe Martin. This documentary explores evidence claiming to prove that certain animals could only have come from a divine creator, and not evolution. Jobe Martin lets viewers in on startling data that surprised even him at first. Challenge your own thought processes and beliefs as complicated and intricate designs throughout the animal kingdom are dissected, conjuring up many questions about the true origins of several creatures.

This series features Dr. Specials & Clearance. Recommended Resources.

30-minute CD Audio Special.

Fast paced and professionally produced, this audio special looks into the remarkable designs of animals that cannot possible by explained by evolution. Learn about a bird that as a non-swimmer flies over 4000 miles of ocean and lands right on target everytime NEVER getting lost.

Learn about a beattle that can produce fire to defend itself.

Learn about some evolutionary ideas that are still in the public school textbooks even though long ago they were debunked as frauds!

  • Nalme
  • Rainshaper
Ok, I must admit I ordered this audiobook thinking it was about amazing creatures that seem to defy evolution, however, I did not realize this audiobook was a creationist piece of propaganda until I popped it into my cd drive and started listening. I will say I am an avid reader of scientific literature, including biology, and genetics. I am most interested in evolutionary medicine, and am currently a student in Nuclear Medicine. I have read many books on creationism vs. evolution, and have heard the arguments second hand through the authors of the books from an evolutionary perspective. In my haste to order an audio book about evolution and magnificent creatures, I inadvertently paid for the advertising of religious propaganda. Well enough, I decided it would be good for me to hear arguments from a so called scientist on why certain creatures cannot be explained by evolution. I must say I was laughing the whole way through this short audiobook, only containing about 4 or 5 examples of animals, and the rest was straight out advertisement for reading the bible. This guy is a freakin DENTIST, thats where he gets his Dr. in front of his name from. He doesn't know a damn thing about biology and genetics which is apparent from his laughable explanations of why animals cant evolve. He doesn't even understand one of the most basic principles of evolution is that things evolve from common ancestors, not humans came from monkeys. His two examples of why humans must have been magically created by god were...that humans can recognize the difference between a musical instrument, their mother or any other sound with their ears is beyond explanation...are you freaking kidding me?? My dog can do the same thing and so can every other animal with a set of ears. Thats what ears are for you idiot. If you cant distinguish sounds, what is the use of a ear? He was marveled that we somehow process the information with our brains and that movements of the eardrum less than the width of a hydrogen atom can translate into familiar sounds. This audiobook is a joke.

Even if I was a creationist and bought this title, I would feel ripped off. It is so sparse with information, and so filled with advertisements for its DVD video series of the same title, the listener walks away with a few examples of creatures which I can name on one hand. If creationists cant understand how biology evolves look at bacteria or viruses which can evolve into new organisms that can outfox our immune systems within weeks. Look at a human fetus which until its 2 months old is indistinguishable from any other other fetus, whether its a bird or dog. Look at tadpoles, look at butterflies. This is nothing but evolution sped up in front of your very eyes. Look at all the imperfections in humans which are remnants of evolution. Why do we have oil glands on our faces with no hair for it to protect?? Because we have lost our hair on our faces, but havent lost the glands yet, thats why we get pimples. I could go on and on with hundreds of examples of evolution, thousands if I was a professional biologist or zooligist.

All the explanations for creationism are based on pure ignorance, and inability to see things from the perspective of millions or years. Creationists believe, if they cant understand how genetics and evolution works, then it cant be true. Just ask the 99.9% of real scientists out there that do understand and CAN explain how evolution works. Its not a "theory" anymore, it was in the late 1800's when it was first introduced by Darwin, but its a proven scientific principle now. People also refer to the "theory" of relativity introduced by Einstein made popular by the E=MC2 equation, but would anyone deny the existence of nuclear weapons which are based on that equation? Would you deny that humans are far from perfect, developing cancer from mutated genes, chronic lower back back due to not enough support for standing upright in their evolutionary transition from ancestors who walked hunched over, the epidemic of obesity due to the body's program to store fat in the presence of scarce food supply which has no only recently been replaced by supermarkets and hyper fat containing foods, and sedintary lifestyle. Well, some people are just incapable of understanding evolution, and therefore revert back to an explanation usually given to children, like a man named Santa Clause made this toy, because they cant explain the complex injection moldling techniques employed in the factory that created it. These authors masquerading around as scientific experts really make me mad, and listening to their propaganda first hand even strengthens my belief that they are incapable of understanding complex scientific principles.

The author tells us in the first 2 min that he converted to a Christian when he made a prayer and asked god to show him the woman he was going to marry, and bam he met his wife. Ok, so if I ask god the same thing everyday and I am not shown, it means he isn't there right? Well at least you can see the author's ability to reason straight from the first 2 min, so you know you are in for a ride of pure ignorance for the next measly 31 minutes.
  • SING
This audiobook may be on the thin side, but don't be fooled by "the good life's" supposed refutation of it. He denounces Martin's "ignorance" but can't even place within several decades when Darwin's "Origin of Species" was published. His supposed evidence for evolution, such as adaptation WITHIN species, is a tired talking point too.

His only valid criticism is that this book is too much of an advertisement for other things and not enough of what it claims to be.
  • HeonIc
I have watched this DVD numerous times and find it facinating each time! It is very interesting and well done. I have showed it to hundreds of elementary aged children and they sit very quiet and still. They also get excited anytime I tell them we are going to watch it again. If parents come to pick up their kids while the DVD is playing they tend to stand around and watch it until we turn it off!