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Download Ultra Meditation: 5-Level Transcendence System - (5 cd set + user guide) eBook

by Dane Spotts

Download Ultra Meditation: 5-Level Transcendence System - (5 cd set + user guide) eBook
Dane Spotts
LifeQuest Publishing Group; Multi Volume Set edition (January 2000)
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Read by Dane Spotts.

This system is a "five star" product. Who is Hattie McPhee?? One person found this helpful.

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Peak experiences & discovering your place in the universe.

Walking out of that recording studio with masters in hand, I felt an inexplicable awe. The flat afternoon sun washed everything in a surreal shade of twilight. I was acutely aware of my surroundings, and yet I felt connected to a greater dimension focused somewhere in my mind. a high level of energy surged through my body.

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The organization was estimated to have 900,000 participants worldwide in 1977, a million by the 1980s, and five million in more recent years. Tosin Abasi, guitarist. Paula Abdul, singer, dancer, choreographer. Johari Abdul-Malik, Muslim chaplain. Malin Åkerman, actress, model and singer. Omar Akram, Afghan-American recording artist.

The 5-Level Ultra Meditation System For Transcendence...Peak Experiences & Discovering Your Place in the Universe.

I’VE SPENT THE LAST 20 YEARS searching for tools that could shift the energies of consciousness, and unfold a state of enlightened awareness. What I’m about to reveal may be the simplest, most powerful technology for unleashing the hidden powers of the human mind.

A VACATION IN 28 MINUTES Listen: I did everything in the 70’s and 80’s. From retreats to flotation tanks, and brain tune-up machines. But none of it prepared me for the power of the Brain Supercharger® technology. As I plugged it into my stereo player, I kept thinking, "it’s just a recording." Then I put on my headphones, flipped the switch, and woosh...I was immediately transported into another time and place. My body became extremely relaxed. My arms and legs felt numb. I began to experience new things. I started having long conversations with a voice inside my head, experiencing vivid memories, and a flood of creative ideas.

It seemed as if my mind and body were in two separate places. Words can hardly describe the experience but it was like taking a two-week vacation in 28 minutes. Perhaps one of the great untold discoveries of our time is the knowledge of how to manipulate the energies of consciousness—to unleash the true potential of a human being. For thousands of years the only way to achieve a state of enlightened awareness was through meditation. That’s where this new audio technology steps in. And the results are confirming what the ancient masters have intuitively known for centuries. And that is this...

Sitting in a cave chanting or staring at a candle focusing your consciousness —driving it inward—shifts the energy in your brain, eventually unfolding a state of enlightened awareness.

ULTRA MEDITATION—MEDITATES YOU! The difficulty with traditional meditation practices is it takes years of concentrated effort to train your brain to redirect its energy into optimal patterns. But there is a way to access higher states of consciousness, without being an expert in meditation. A way to drive your brain into an altered state—automatically, at the push of a button. If you’re skeptical, I understand. However, I wouldn’t ask you to make this leap of faith without proving it to yourself and basing your answers on actual personal experience. That’s why the Ultra Meditation™ 5-Level Transcendence System was developed.

ZEN MONKS & FIREWALKING YOGIS Experienced meditators, such as yogis and mystics, spend a majority of their life learning to control these physiological responses. After years of practice, they develop an ability to tap into the unconscious portions of their minds and unleash creative and mental powers that cannot be accessed in their normal waking state. We’ve all heard and read about firewalking yogis who can walk across a bed of burning coals at temperatures that should have reduced their feet to smoldering stumps, yet at the end of their walk, they suffer not so much as a blister. For those new to meditation it is very difficult to grasp the concept that our so-called "normal" waking state is neither the highest, nor the most effective state of which the human mind is capable. That in fact, there are other states of much greater awareness where one is able to enter into for brief periods of time, and then return—enriched and enlivened.

It is widely known by science that only a small part of our total mental activity takes place in the conscious part of the mind. Science has no idea what really goes on in the vast portion of unconscious. This is unknown territory. What we do know is that those who make direct contact with their unconscious mind through meditation, find incredible personal insight and are able to remove self-limiting blocks that prevent them from achieving their goals and finding happiness in life. This is why people spend years studying meditation practices. To empt

  • Fhois
I had lost my original set of these CD's so had to purchase another set. Dane is the master of this form of brain enhancement applications. I strongly recommend his products.
  • Yahm
Ordered from

There are five C.D.s which progressively deepen one's state of meditation. I am using #1 which is to be used for 60 days. I meditate only at night and I find myself falling asleep before it ends.

This system of meditation is excellent as I awaken the following morning feeling calmer internally and mentally. This system is a "five star" product.

Who is Hattie McPhee???
  • Ricep
I worked with Ultra Meditation about 10 years ago, remembered, and finally purchased my own set. The sounds took me to into very deep meditation and brought me gently out of it again about half an hour later. I felt as if I had returned from a wonderful vacation and can't wait to share it with my Reflexology clients.
  • Fato
  • Frey
and I bought a lot. It quickly came out that there are more inner resonatings with 3 of this CD's to me, so that I layed all the other meditation CD's away.
This CD's guarantee a quick nap under 20 minutes, an automatic return and a wonderful relaxing silence after. I use it daily.
Great product but it was not what I expected,I guess it would take time to get used to it.
  • Swordsong
I am in my 5th week. Until now not "wow" results, but quiet mediation. I am curious to see what happens
I bought disc one back in 1989 and then the full set of 5 CDs back in the mid 1990's. None of these are guided meditations. CD #1 has a sound frequency that can get you into a very deep meditative state. There is a lot of backround sound like water and bells but just focus on the hummmm. Concentrate on your 3rd eye forehead center (ajna for yoga experts) and lie on your back. See my review o the book "Methods of Psychic Development". Use the 2 together for peaceful deep states of consciousness. I have tried the other 4 CDs and I don't get as good results with them as with CD #1. CD #1 can get you into the Theta brain wave resonance which is where you want to be for brain refreshment and positive psychic experiences. I feel it's worth the money. If you don't try to concentrate a little on your ajna center you might miss the benefit.