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Book 17 of 22 in J. P. Beaumont Novel (22 Book Series). Two family tragedies 50 years apart challenge .

Book 17 of 22 in J. Beaumont, Seattle investigator for the Washington Special Homicide Investigation Team, in bestseller Jance's taut, colorful 17th entry in a series that started 20 years ago with Until Proven Guilty. The state attorney general assigns Beaumont a cold case after a nun, Sister Mary Katherine, reports horrific dreams that indicate a long-repressed memory of witnessing a murder. But he's distracted when the former wife of his best friend, Ron Peters, is killed and suspicion falls on Ron's family, causing havoc.

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Filled with all of the Jance pping suspense, deeply drawn characters, local flavor, intelligence, and humanity-Long Time Gone is a crowning achievement in this bestselling author's career. J. A. JANCE is the New York Times bestselling author of the Joanna Brady series, the J. Beaumont series, and three interrelated thrillers: Hour of the Hunter, Kiss of the Bees, and Day of the Dead. She was born in South Dakota, brought up in Bisbee, Arizona, and now lives with her husband in Seattle, Washington, and Tucson, Arizona.

Электронная книга "Long Time Gone", J. Jance. Beaumont Novel. Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Long Time Gone" для чтения в офлайн-режиме. Книга 9. Jance13 октября 2009 г.

J. Beaumont Novel (Book 17).

Fifty years ago, when she was five, Sister Mary Katherine witnessed something terrible. A former Seattle policeman.

They remind us that time is short for those of us who live each day in the present . I remembered something Bootsie had said to me a long, long time ago: Everybody needs to know that they’re number one on somebody’s list.

They remind us that time is short for those of us who live each day in the present, yet interminable for those who long for what is just over the horizon. I touched his hand, wanting to take away the sadness that clouded his eyes. It’s probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, I said, almost whispering, as if not to disturb the ticking clocks and the advance of time. You and Tommy are my number one. When you’re lost or alone and all give out from the road behind you or in front of you, remember that.

Read Long Time Gone, by . A former Seattle policeman now working for the Washington State Attorney's Special Homicide Investigation Team, . Jance online on Bookmate – Fifty years ago, when she was five, Sister Mary Katherine witnessed something terrible. Beaumont has been hand-picked to lead the investigation into a half-century-old murder. An eyewitness to the crime, a middle-aged nun, has now recalled grisly, forgotten details while undergoing hypnotherapy.

2005) (Book 17 in the J. Beaumont series) A novel by J A Jance. New York Times bestselling master J. Jance brings back J. Beaumont - one of the most enduring and endearing characters in contemporary fiction - in a riveting story about a shocking, long-buried case of murder. After more than twenty years of distinguished service with the Seattle Police Department, Jonas Piedmont Beaumont is now working for the Washington State Attorney's Special Homicide Investigation Team or, as it's more commonly referred, the SHIT squad

It gave me plenty of time to anticipate my upcoming meeting with Bonnie Jean Dunleavy. I had no doubt she would have changed over the years every bit as much as Freddy Mac.

P. Beaumont, I told him. I signed for him and handed him a visitor’s pass. I hope you’re in a visitor’s parking spot. It gave me plenty of time to anticipate my upcoming meeting with Bonnie Jean Dunleavy. I expected that LASIK surgery would have corrected her vision problems and so she would have ditched the glasses.

  • mym Ђудęm ęгσ НuK
I would have never thought she wrote this one! I had to force myself to finish it, The booked bounce back and forth between
decades and what happened/was happening it was hard to stay interested, then all the Indian Lore, I just skipped those parts competely. There is nothing wrong with that subject, but the description should have included it, as I wouldnt have purchased the book if it it,
The story had like 5 different books thrown together and written so poorly, I am just shocked.

It wont stop me from purchasing her future books, but I might start reading the sample first, rather than just pre-ordering
  • caster
This book is almost painful to read. I've been a Jance/Beaumont fan for many years, and like many others, thought I was buying her next Beau novel. Wrong. He's barely involved. Just trying to keep all the characters straight - multiple generations yet - was a struggle. Add to that the pointless indian lore, and the result is a disjointed, poorly written, boring book. Not up to her usual high level.
  • Samugor
Normally, I enjoy reading J.A. Jance's novels. This time was the exception. There were so many back stories is was hard to keep track of the plot or characters. Janice was telling the reader rather than showing.
  • MisterQweene
Been a faithful and delighted reader of all things J.A. Jance. Loved the Brady, Beaumont, and Riley books - all great. I love how she ties in the local color, especially since I too lived in the southern Arizona desert and the lush lands of western Washington. However, this work Dance of Bones does not read as though written by one of my favorite authors. There is much missing!

I enjoyed the inclusion of the southwestern Arizona Native-American lore! But the convoluted nature of this novel made me put it down halfway through! I've never had this happen with a Jance work. There were too many plot lines, too little development of the main story. But, then again, what is the story?

I do not recommend this novel.
  • I am hcv men
I am a big fan of J. A. Jance's books, and eagerly anticipated this one. Unfortunately I have found it tedious and boring, especially all of the Indian lore. Granted I haven't finished the book, but normally I can rip through one of her books in a couple of days, and this one just doesn't hold my interest. So much unnecessary character history, sidetracks into Indian lore, skipping around from one set of characters to another, but no real linear plot. I may update this review when I finish the book, but so far it's thumbs down.
  • Cozius
Mistake. Should not have bought this book. I've been J.A. Jance 's biggest fan for years, especially the Joanna Brady books. I've enjoyed the other series, too, though, so when this one came out, I more or less bought it automatically. Mistake.

It's hard to recognize this as a Jance work. I know she loves back stories, but this is ridiculous. Way too many characters, none of them familiar, way too many generations, way too much lore about each of them. And the funny thing is, I like Indian lore - I like the Hillermans, I like that aspect in the Craig Johnson and C.J. Box books, in addition to many more. But there, there's usually a point to all the tale-telling, not just the gratuitous page after page of family history of many different characters, with no indication of whether they are important to the overall novel or not. C'mon, they can't ALL be major players!

I'm going to have to revise my automatic purchase pattern with J. A. Jance. I actually returned another of her books - the latest Ali Reynolds book - when it turned out to be more science fiction than mystery. It was so bad there was no way I'd get through it - machines, as thinking, talking characters? Gimme a break.

Anyway, stay away from this one and reread the old ones. Some of them are among the finest "crime" novels around.
  • playboy
I've read all the previous JP Beaumont books and this one is a rip off. If it was meant as a bridge between Beau's job with the S.H.I.T. squad and his new endeavor, it could have been accomplished with a few paragraphs. Jance has a lot of nerve call it a Beaumont book.
When the book was first released, I noticed it had several bad reviews, so I decided to wait for the paperback. The reviews were still poor, so I held off. I bought it when it was a $1.99 Kindle special and I still feel cheated.
The story if a jumble of timelines and a collection of Native American legends loosely linking Beaumont and Brandon through a cold case. I imagine Beau will not start working on these cold cases. That all the information you need from this book. Don't waste your $1.99, and Ms. Jance, clean up your act!
As always I enjoyed Ms. Jance's writing. I have read most of her books and love following all her characters through their lives. Always a good read. Only issue with her books is the price. Being retired and on a fixed income I can't afford to buy them very often. I know as an author becomes more popular they have the right to charge more for their talent, but I struggle to see why I should have to pay more for an e-book than I would for a paperback. No trees are lost in the e-book effort and everyone who buys one gets the same book (including any highlighting made by others) so it doesn't make any send to have to pay almost $14 to read a story.