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With a new site PlanetUnplug. The PlanetUnplug site enables users to create their own plug socket and leave it on a virtual wall, along with a pledge as to how you’ll change your energy usage.

With a new site PlanetUnplug. com leading the message let’s pull the plug on energy waste Nokia is encouraging users all over the world to bring a new awareness to their individual energy use. Simply unplugging a device when it’s not in use can make all the difference.

All those gadgets waste about several billion dollars worth of electricity each year, nationwide. According to the . Department of Energy, 10 percent of your electric bill stems from items that you aren't even using. As we approach the height of the holiday (and gadget-shopping) season, it's good to know that pulling the plug on this energy waste is getting a lot easier, thanks to federal efficiency standards and the work of people like my colleague Noah Horowitz, an energy efficiency expert, who works with manufacturers to turn their products from energy hogs into energy-sippers.

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Domestic wasted energy adds more than four million extra tonnes of carbon dioxide to Britain’s annual greenhouse .

Domestic wasted energy adds more than four million extra tonnes of carbon dioxide to Britain’s annual greenhouse gas emissions.

Wasted energy from appliances left on standby is also responsible for 4m tonnes of excess carbon dioxide each year. VCRs waste the second biggest amount of energy, followed by TVs, games consoles, mobile phone chargers, computer monitors, DVD players and set-top boxes. Standby buttons on many appliances use up to 90% of their normal power in standby mode.

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Your home electronics and appliances may be off, but they're still using power. The only way to completely prevent such appliances from using standby power – that is, drawing on the energy supply even after they're turned off - is to unplug them. But an aggressive campaign, armed with knowledge about which products draw standby, can cut total standby by as much as a third, according to the . Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Nuclear waste has never been a real problem. In fact, it’s the best solution to the environmental impacts from energy production.