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An intriguing literary thriller, ‘The Buried Circle' is a gripping blend of fact and fiction that is impossible to put down. The village of Avebury is one of the most mysterious places in the English countryside.

An intriguing literary thriller, ‘The Buried Circle' is a gripping blend of fact and fiction that is impossible to put down. Surrounded by ancient standing stones, crop circles and burial mounds, this is a place where all is not as it seems. Weaving fact with fiction, Jenni Mills's second novel is set in a haunted landscape where the past breaks through into the present

Jenni Mills op in a seventies movie. Asking me to lie about what I remember of the crash is unforgivable.

This mysterious stone circle is thought to have been constructed in Neolithic times between 2500 to 2000 BC by The Beaker people, who might have played a major role in the formation of another eerie ancient site at Stonehenge. Closed Now. Hours Today: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. See all hours. Herepath Marlborough, Avebury SN8 1RF, England.

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  • Whitebeard
The Buried Circle is a novel set amongst the stones of the Neolithic stone circle of Avebury in Wiltshire. It is the story of India, a television camera operator who survives a helicopter crash while on a filming assignment, and also the story of her grandmother Frannie who lived in Avebury in the 1930s and who is still there.

Haunted by the ‘copter crash, India comes to stay with Frannie, whose grip on reality is tenuous. There are things about her family that India would like to know before it’s too late, but she fears her grandmother’s state of mind may already be too far gone.

The themes of archaeology and modern Druidic ritual link India’s present timeline with that of Frannie’s past. In that past, famous playboy archaeologist Alexander Keiller is demolishing the village where Frannie and her family live in order to reconstruct the ancient stone circle.

Personal mysteries from both timelines are brought to a head for both India and her grandmother in the present day as both are forced to face the demons of their past.

Having enjoyed Jenni Mills’ first novel Crow Stone on repeat readings, I finally tracked down this, her second novel. Happily, I found this one just as enjoyable, and I certainly learned a bit about the archaeology of Avebury, a place I’d love to visit.
  • Olelifan
The author is a friend of my daughter, which is why I bought the book. Fascinating premise, but unfulfilled. The modern section complications are too contemporary English to have much relevance here, which is too bad because I believe judicious re-writing (perhaps a different editor) could have handled it.
  • Zargelynd
This was a good story that kept my interest all the way to the end. I enjoyed it very much.
  • Precious
Avebury is the largest known neolithic site in Europe. It attracts archaeologists and mystics. In the 1930's a wealthy Scottish hedonist, Alexander Keiller, led an effort to excavate and reconstruct the stone circle.

Using this as a basis for her story, Jenni Mills, weaves together the contemporary Avebury with its neo-pagans, druids, archaeologists and wicca and Avebury of the time of Alexander Keiller through World War II.

The story begins with India Robinson, tightly safety webbed into a helicopter door while she films aerial footage for a television show on crop circles. A tragic accident ends the project. Afterwards she is persuaded by her Spirit Father, John Bolger, a shaman and healer, to return to her grandmother's home in Little Avebury.

There she tries to start over, find another job in television which working part time at a cafe. She also tries to find out more about her grandfather who she had been told was killed in a plane crash during World War II. The discovery and showing of some old film taken in the village in the 30's give her a hint toward both. There's also an influx of American Druids who want to claim some neolithic bones as their ancestors.

Interleaved with this is the story of her grandmother, Fran Robinson, who had worked for Alexander Keiller after leaving school at the age of 15. Keiller had surrounded himself with intelligent young archaeologists including Stuart Piggott (d. 1996), who like Keiller, was an actual person. Fran is hired to work for Keiller as a secretary and becomes involved with the other employees.

This is long book. Mills does a great job describing Avebury and its environs. The characters are interesting. The thriller part takes a long time to develop. However, the story is interesting and worth the effort.

I'm eagerly awaiting her next book.
  • Dusho
The Buried Circle is a many-layered novel, and interweaves the personal stories of 25-year-old India, her dead mother and grandmother Frannie (Frances) growing up in the town-within-a-5000yo-stone-circle, Avebury. It's a fantastic setting for a book, and the town's real history cameos in the form of millionaire and amateur archaeologist Alexander Keiller, whose obsession with resurrecting the buried stones that make up the circle have earned him a place in history. Jenni Mills is an accomplished storyteller, and weaves a rich fabric with this, her second book. Fans of Mills' Crow Stone will be pleased to see Dr Martin Ekwall makes a comeback as a consulting archaeologist who is working with a TV documentary crew to tell the story of Keiller and Avebury, unwittingly helping to peel back the layers of a complicated family history. A gripping, intriguing and thoroughly satisfying tale. More please!