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Download How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found eBook

by Sara Nickerson

Download How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found eBook
Sara Nickerson
Scholastic, Inc.; English Language edition (2002)
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  • roternow
The physical book: even though I bought the book used the book was in near mint condition and I'm proud to showcase its beautiful cover on my bookcase.

The story itself: I read this book for the first time ten years ago as a sixth grade girl and I loved it. Losing my dad recently, as well as all the bullying that came in 6th grade, made me feel like the book was written with me personally in mind as the main character and I shared so many parallels. Maragaret is a twelve years old girl who meets up with a lonely kid named Boyd to uncover the secret of her father's drowning, the mysterious mansion, and the enigmatic but tragic Ratt. Ratt actually reminds me of Boo Radley a lot in the sense that he's an outcast and he's seen far more often in the children's comic books as this terrifying antihero than the sad, lonely person he is. Ratt also reveals the shallowness of the other islanders when he takes their trash that they threw out recently and transforms it into something beautiful only for them to want it back, not recognizing that they threw it out just a month before. One of the greatest things that this story imparts is how people's focus on exterior appearances blinds them to the treasure or evil that lurks underneath. It was great reading it at twelve and at twenty-two it a welcoming embrace back into the fold.
  • Gamba
Nickerson draws lovely characters--my daughter and I were very quickly invested in Margaret's life. I highly recommended this book for kids who enjoy fast-paced adventures. The layout of the book (with the occasional short diary entry and comic panel) breaks up the txt nicely, making it attractive to kids who struggle with longer books. We also found How to Disappear deeply moving and were sobbing at the end--so hard we had to alternate who was reading aloud pretty frequently????. Go for it!
  • Skilkancar
I share this title because this is one of the best books that I have ever read! The humor is outstanding, although it is filled with tons of suspense, and a fantastic story line. A student from my fourth grade class was reading it, and left it at the front of the room for an extended period of time. Curiosity set in, and I wanted to see what my students were reading that I was not promoting (books like Hatchet, Newbery Award winners, etc). After the first chapter I was hooked! I'd put it with the class of genres such as the film, It's a Wonderful Life, and the Anthony Horwitz Alex Rider books. You should read this book!
  • Maman
Nickerson wrote a great story geared to the 8-14 set! Suspenseful, slightly creepy, thoroughly interesting! I could see this book becoming a movie! Can't wait for the next book out from her! Shocking that this is her first book!
  • YSOP
The brilliance of this book was ruined with the five editor notes preceding the ending. They interrupted and took me out of the story magic. Up until then I'd had really a good time. The notes made me pay attention to the storyteller instead of the story. And because it didn't start until 3/4s of the way into the book I felt tricked and had a hard time finishing.
  • unmasked
This is a great story to read aloud to classes. There is a nice balance of suspense, mystery, and humor. It is becoming difficult to find. Buying used editions to share with 4th, 5th, and 6th graders that I tutor.
  • SupperDom
I got the book very quickly. It arrived in good condition and was added to our school book room to complete the set that we had started.
the story is good, but the writing is a little choppy in it's flow. it jumps around