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by Harpo Marx

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Harpo Marx
Virgin (1989)
482 pages
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Arthur "Harpo" Marx (born Adolph Marx; November 23, 1888 – September 28, 1964) was an American comedian, actor, mime artist, and musician, and the second-oldest of the Marx Brothers

Arthur "Harpo" Marx (born Adolph Marx; November 23, 1888 – September 28, 1964) was an American comedian, actor, mime artist, and musician, and the second-oldest of the Marx Brothers. In contrast to the mainly verbal comedy of his brothers Groucho Marx and Chico Marx, Harpo's comic style was visual, being an example of both clown and pantomime traditions. He wore a curly reddish blonde wig, and never spoke during performances (he blew a horn or whistled to communicate)

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. This is a riotous story which is reasonably mad and as accurate as a Marx brother can make it. Despite only a year and a half of schooling.

I love Harpo and the Marx Brothers in general, and it was ridiculous that I had never read this, especially since I went through all of Groucho's output years ago. I got this on Kindle, even though I would have preferred a hard copy fo. .

I’ve seen everything from Coney Island vaudeville to the Art Theatre in Moscow

I’ve seen everything from Coney Island vaudeville to the Art Theatre in Moscow. If I’m trapped in a theatre and a show starts disappointingly, I have a handy way to avoid watching it. I fall asleep.

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it was mostly Harpo Marx, the mute, curly-wigged, trenchcoated one who tapped into my deep-seated fear of clowns.

To fans of comedy and cinema, Harpo Marx is immortal  . it was mostly Harpo Marx, the mute, curly-wigged, trenchcoated one who tapped into my deep-seated fear of clowns. lt;br,

Despite only a year and a half of schooling, Harpo, or perhaps his collaborator, is the best writer of the Marx Brother. Library Journal "A funny, affectionate and unpretentious autobiography done with a sharply professional assist from Rowland Barber.

Harpo Marx was a comedian and film star who performed with his brothers in the Marx Brothers Comedy Ac. This biography of Harpo Marx provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline.

Harpo Marx was a comedian and film star who performed with his brothers in the Marx Brothers Comedy Act.

  • Saimath
Others summarize the book well enough that I don't need to do it. I love good stories about people - how they survive, how they learn, how they feel about things and how they see the world. Harpo's life is amazing, and he shares a view of the U.S. and the world that most of us never hear or read about: the days of Vaudeville, the depression, the realities of crime and politics for the working class, pre-war Russia and Germany, the esoteric workings of exclusive clubs and societies. His humility is endearing, as is his ability to talk in depth about so many famous people, their quirks and foibles, and still leave an impression of humanity and charm. No spite. No cruelty. No dirty laundry.
I have read biographies and memoirs by celebrities still living, and been completely turned off by their egotism and pointless name-dropping.
Harpo's love of the people he lived with, worked with, played games and gambled with feels honest. As a fan of Oscar Levant, I was touched by Harpo's accounts of the time they spent together. No one is perfect. No one is altogether sane, rational, or "normal."
The way he speaks of his wife is probably the only element I found a little odd, as if a lot was being left out, obscuring the full picture. Still, it's his book, his story, the way he wants to say it.
I'm just glad it's there for the rest of us to enjoy.
  • Fordregelv
I don't know why I love this book so much. I love it the way some people love puppies or rain storms or sunsets. It is a natural wonder and I still daydream about it years after my first reading.

Just to let you know, I read it in a car on a cross-country journey. When I was at the wheel and couldn't read, I thought about it.

Harpo was born in 1888 (Can you believe that long ago?) He was the second oldest child of Frenchie, a kind-hearted tailor who was good at many things except tailoring, and Minnie. Minnie was the driving force in the family. Her brother was a famous vaudevillian. So when her family needed money (Frenchie really was not a good tailor), she turned her boys into a vaudeville act. She was part of the act early on, and I think Gummo. But the lineup gelled with Chico (pronounced Chick-o, not Cheek-o), Harpo and Groucho, with youngest brother Zeppo added later and cast as the romantic, good-looking Marx in the earliest movies.

Harpo begins his story in the heated, loud atmosphere of turn-of-the-century New York. The streets were teeming with recent immigrants, among which were the older Marx family members. He really brings this era to life and there is an incredible scene in which he describes how the poor kids caught the Giants games from a hill.

Some of the best writing is devoted to his wonderfully quirky and loving family. Chico can't stay away from the chicks and the cards. Groucho has a fork for a tongue and a secret wish to be an author. Frenchie is bungling customer orders, but everyone likes him too much to make a fus. Minnie is holding the family together and making plans for the future.

Harpo is his own best character. He loves harp, is really tight with Chico and, when they finally start performing in vaudeville, gets booed when he delivers lines like lead balloons. That experience led him to develop the puckish mute persona familiar to fans of the movies.

There is too much in the book to waste your time telling you about it. How can you describe a book that is pure joy? But Harpo was there the early immigrant experience, the heyday of vaudeville, the first talkies, the golden years of Hollywood, the Roaring Twenties, the Algonquin Club, the Depression and the Cold War. He captures all of it with an insider's eye for anecdote.

One of the best scenes takes place on a boat in Oct. 1929 when he loses everything but his shirt in the stock market crash. He and the others with him play a game that gets referenced near the end of the book in a poignant and utterly happenstance reunion.

When Harpo died, his brothers felt a crushing loss. Those who knew him did because he was that rare light that made the world around him a brighter, warmer place. When I finished the book, I felt the sun go down inside me.
  • the monster
I love the humor of the Marx Brothers. I can't say exactly why I chose Harpo's book as the first to read about the family, but I'm glad I bought the book. Although there are no in-depth secrets revealed about anything specific amongst the brothers, back-stage behind-the-scenes stories, or anything shocking or earth-shattering, I found this book immensely entertaining and informative. It is a fascinating look at the life of one of the Marx Brothers, from a rough beginning to a contented, happy ending, of every circumstance that made him the beloved and talented entertainer, husband, and father that he became. There are 482 pages in the book, and I couldn't put it down. He left me wanting more.
  • Xellerlu
What a wonderful book about a wonderful man and his family and friends! It was a rollercoaster ride through Harpo's life with all its zaniness and ups and downs. His remarkable mother, Minnie was a delightful influence on him and his brothers. His cheerfulness and sunny disposition were a big part of his successful life. The chapter on Oscar Levant was hilarious. This book makes you feel like you were privileged to peek into his private life. A decent man and a fine father, husband, and a true friend, Harpo Marx was!
  • Gavinranadar
Groucho is the Marx Brother with several successful comedic memoirs to his credit. Overall, though, I like best HARPO SPEAKS! which Harpo Marx wrote with a collaborator. Not only is it funny, it offers valuable insight as to how "Minnie's Boys" grew up and how the troupe began, and flourished.
  • Jeronashe
What an interesting life! Recommended for anyone who (a) loves the Marx Brothers or (b) is interested at all in the people of the era. From the famed Algonquin Round Table to country clubs in Hollywood, this is the story of how a 2nd grade drop out became best friends with the likes of Alexander Woolcott, George Bernard Shaw, and Maxim Litinov. Fascinating book full of wonderful stories that will have me searching for biographies of his friends for years to come.