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by Aaron Rosenzweig

Download Old Fart's Guide to the Macintosh second edition eBook
Aaron Rosenzweig
Computer Science
Cocoa Nuts Technology; 2 edition (November 2003)
410 pages
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Old Fort's Guide™ to th. Macintosh Foreword by Guy Kawasaki Introduction by Charles W. Moore. Learn how one computer will unleash your unlimited creative potential A book for those who recognize the word "computer" but do not know exactly what they cando. Old Fort's Guide™ to the Macintosh.

I can't think of a topic he has not covered.

On July 20, we had the largest server crash in the last 2 years. ISBN 13: 9780974218823. Series: Old fart’s guide series. File: PDF, 8. 3 MB. Читать онлайн. Full recovery of all data can take up to 2 weeks! So we came to the decision at this time to double the download limits for all users until the problem is completely resolved. Thanks for your understanding! Progress: 9. 4% restored.

Everyone can benefit from interaction with a Macintosh. This book takes the unique approach of introducing computers to those people who did not grow up with them, paying particular interest to those of us who are over fifty years young. Everyone can benefit from interaction with the World W. т 3090. LibRing - система поиска книг в интернет-магазинах.

Published November 2003 by Cocoa Nuts Technology.

1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Published November 2003 by Cocoa Nuts Technology.

It explains the history of the World Wide Web. You learn why the Web was invented and how it has evolved.

Lots of good information even for the experienced PC folks to make the change over. Download (pdf, . 9 Mb) Donate Read.

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Author Aaron Rosenzweig has produced a well written, well organized, and, most importantly, clear book on the use of the Macintosh. or just feels that computers are the world's biggest mystery. One should not be fooled.

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Everyone can benefit from interaction with a Macintosh. This book takes the unique approach of introducing computers to those people who did not grow up with them, paying particular interest to those of us who are over fifty years young.

Inside, you will learn the history of the modern computer, what it is used for and how to use it. No assumptions are made. Reading these pages would be equivalent to stepping into a time machine to learn about computers as they were just becoming popular. In the 1970s and early 80s, there were many places one could go to learn or read about computers. Back then, the technology was new, so companies needed to work hard to prove that there was a market for the type of computer which an individual would want to buy. This book virtually takes you back to that era as no other book can. Topics are discussed in much the same way the books of yesteryear described them but with an important twist; it is current technology which is addressed with that same care, precision and sense of adventure.

No matter what dreams and goals you have in life, a Macintosh can go a long way toward helping you attain them. If you recently retired or otherwise have extra time on your hands, consider adopting a Mac. Just as one thousand years ago, the ability to read and write opened countless doors. Today those capable of making full use of a computer gain a whole new level of freedom. Let this book be your guide on the road to computer literacy.

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The OLD FART'S GUIDE TO THE MACINTOSH is without a doubt one of the most comprehensive, easy to understand "how to" guides on getting the best from your Mac computer. And guess what? You really don't even have to be an old fart to benefit from it! The book focuses primarily on computer users that did not grow up with a familiarity with technology so prevalent in the current generation. The author suggests this book will be especially helpful for the over fifty crowd, those who really want to learn to use a computer, but don't know their mouse from their mainframe.
Much more than just a "here's what to do" kind of manual, the author, a Mac user with a B.S. degree in Computer Science, takes the time to set the stage by first presenting us with the history of the computer, the actual parts of a computer, and the basic idea of what you can do with a computer before even launching into the more detailed technical instruction. Included are chapters on buying a new or used Mac (and what to do with it once you've got one!); getting around on the World Wide Web (including the world's favorite form of communication - email); creating letters and presentations with AppleWorks; understanding where all that information goes and what the different applications and programs do with it; getting to know (and love) your desktop and its various elements (get down from that chair, it's not a REAL mouse!); software choices for specific user needs; using digital cameras and scanners; and plenty of advise on advance topics such as graphic design, creating music on the computer, and so much more.
There is a complete chapter devoted to computer problems, which will probably be, for many readers, the most widely read and utilized! And for those users who are ready to tackle OS 10.3, there is an entire chapter devoted to the latest Mac operating system available. Whew! And I haven't even mentioned all of the resources for additional help such as Mac websites and user groups, side bars, illustrations, diagrams and just plain solid good stuff that will take you from old fart to old pro in no time flat. The OLD FART'S GUIDE TO THE MACINTOSH is a valuable and amazingly easy to use resource for Mac newbies and veterans alike, whether they are fifteen, fifty or far beyond.
MARIE JONES, Book Reviewer,
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It's Christmas time. A very special time of the year, when family and friends just seem more important. It's a time when you sit back and think about how good life is, and how much you really love the people around you. Your family, your friends, that weird guy who always walks around town wearing the top half of a superman costume, screaming things about the Bible. And most importantly, Christmas time is a time of giving. I'm talking gifts, baby. Some of you may be giving the gift of a Macintosh to a loved one, and that may be the first computer for some of those loved ones. Handing them, perhaps, the greatest gift you could give. A doorway into the information super-highway. The means to express their ideas and creativity in ways other gifts could never provide. The ability to be entertained with music, movies, reading, and more!
Well, if you are giving the gift of a Mac to someone who isn't familiar with Macintosh, or if you know someone who has a Mac, and doesn't really understand how to use the computer effectively, then I have the perfect book for them: "Old Fart's Guide to the Macintosh" by Aaron Rosenzweig.
As the book states on the front cover, "A book for those who recognize the word 'computer' but do not know exactly what they can do". It does a good job of that. Aaron Rosenzweig took great care to explain not only how to use the software on the Mac, but also how to use things that seem so trivial to an "advanced user". There is a whole section on how to use a mouse, another just on how to turn the computer on. Also, the author doesn't just tell you how to use these things, he explains them, along with alternatives, and even the history of them. For instance, he explains the differences between a mouse, a trackball, a trackpad, and a tablet. He not only explains the differences, but the advantages and disadvantages to each, along with suggestions on which would be best for what type of person.
Another really nice feature of this book is that it has the definitions of "technical words" throughout the book on the side of the pages that the word is used. And it continues to put those definitions there, so that you don't have to flip back if you forget a word. These side areas also have pictures, for instance, a picture of the "command" key on the keyboard for when he mentions a keyboard command using the "command" key.
The book doesn't stop at the basics. It teaches how to use the Finder, how to change the way your computer behaves with System Preferences, how to save things to disks, (hard drive, CD, DVD-R, etc.) and all the things a person would need to know to use a Mac on a regular basis. There is even a 60-page section on the Internet, including some helpful links (2 Guys was mysteriously missing for some reason). The book even goes on to teach how to use AppleWorks, and all the iLife applications. (iTunes, iPhoto, iChat, iMovie, iDVD)
At the end is an advanced topics "for the curious", that delves in to things like .Mac, UNIX, Computer Artwork, Different Processors, etc.. And there is even an entire section on Panther at the end that discusses the differences between it, and previous versions of OS X.
Throughout the entire book, you can tell that the author really has a love for the Macintosh, and really knows not only how to use a Mac, but also the history of the Mac. He explains why things are the way they are and how it got that way, but does it in a way that doesn't seem like it would be too much information or become boring for a beginner. He also does a very good job of explaining alternatives. He talks about Windows and Linux, and explains why he thinks the Macintosh is the best choice. He talks about the different models Apple offers, and which model would be the right model for what type of person. He talks about software alternatives, and more.
While the book is designed for an older person who is new to computers, I would suggest it for a beginner of any age. It is enjoyable to read and very informative. Even though I know the Mac pretty well, I enjoyed reading it and never felt bored. Aaron Rosenzweig has put together a great book, and is a valuable asset to anyone who wants to "Learn how one computer will unleash your unlimited creative potential".
"Old Fart's Guide to the Macintosh" is available for $29.99US from Cocoa Nuts website and I give it 4 out of 5 pants.
  • BeatHoWin
Macintosh users, of which I am one, have been quite well provided for by helpful manuals (the iMac for Dummies and How to do Everything with your iMac spring to mind). But there's always room for more, if they add something new to our knowledge of these user-friendly and constantly evolving computers.
Well, Aaron Rosenzweig has done just that, in a very thorough, clear and logical way, especially when explaining AppleWorks, which he describes as the greatest single piece of software ever created because it is easy to use and can do so many things.
Aaron's manual assumes no knowledge of computers, and starts from scratch with a comprehensive run-down of what computers are (not just Macs), their software, hardware, viruses and gadgets, such as mice. He then leaps straight into a discussion about Operating Systems, and a thorough exposition of the Macintosh itself. A description of the Internet follows, then AppleWorks, printing, information and storage, software categories, digital hubs, user groups, computer problems, advanced topics and, right up to date, what's new in OS 10.3 (Panther). The book concludes with a description of some useful web sites and a comprehensive glossary.
I would recommend this book-part manual and part commentary-to any Mac user, though I must warn that it's primarily aimed at the US market and to those who are using OS X. As one who is in neither category, I would yet argue that this is a small price to pay for a well-written, comprehensive, easy to read and understand guide. And if it's any consolation, Aaron is prepared to write a specifically Australian version, if he can find a co-author. Any takers?