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by Elizabeth Hutton Turner,Oliver Wick

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Elizabeth Hutton Turner,Oliver Wick
Philip Wilson Publishers / The Phillips Collection; First Edition edition (March 1, 2004)
307 pages
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Elizabeth Hutton Turner is senior curator at the Phillips Collection, Washington . Oliver Wick is guest curator at the Fondation Beyeler, Basel, Switzerland.

Elizabeth Hutton Turner is senior curator at the Phillips Collection, Washington . Hardcover: 312 pages. Publisher: Philip Wilson Publishers (August 7, 2004).

The charming correspondence between Calder and Miro is published here for the first time. It begins in 1928 with Calder's letter introducing himself to Miro and continues after Calder's death with Miro's poetic homage to his old friend. Rare photographs of the two men together and of the gifts of artwork they exchanged document the friendship. Published by Fondation Beyeler, The Phillips Collection, E. A. Seemann Verlag, 2004.

Calder/ Miro (Hardback). This original and visually stimulating book, and the exhibition which it accompanies, place the mobile sculptures of Calder alongside the poem paintings of Miro and in doing so provide fresh insights into the visual dialogue between these two artists. What did the painter see in the sculptor? What did the sculptor see in the painter? These questions are answered through an extensive examination of the exchange of artwork and correspondence between the two artists, maintained throughout their lives across two continents despite the difficulties of war.

This book and the exhibition it accompanies are about their extraordinary friendship and the early years of their careers.

Additional Info: 1. Turner, Elizabeth Hutton. 3. Fondation Beyeler. 4. Phillips Collection. Notes: Issued in connection with the exhibition Calder/Miro, held May 2-Sept. 5, 2004, Fondation Beyeler, Riehen/Basel, and Oct. 9, 2004-Jan.

Author of CALDER, MIRO; ED. BY ELIZABETH HUTTON TURNER, Georgia O'Keeffe, Calder, Miro. Ausstellung in der Fondation Beyeler, Riehen/Basel, vom 2. Mai bis zum 5. September 2004, Two lives, Americans in Paris, Pierre Bonnard, In The American Grain: Dove, Hartley, Marin, O'keefe, And Stieglitz, Pierre Bonnard.

Elisabeth Hutton Turner is Senior Curator at The Phillips Collection, Washington, . Oliver Wick is Guest Curator at Fondation Beyeler, Riehen/Basel.

Discover Joan Miro famous and rare quotes. Book by Elizabeth Hutton Turner, Oliver Wick (p. 82, note 24), 2004.

Discover Joan Miro famous and rare quotes " . For me an object is something living. This cigarette or this box of matches contains a secret life much more intense than that of certain human beings. Secret, Intense, Cigarette.

In: Calder Miró, ed. Elizabeth Hutton Turner, Oliver Wick . in Paris, 1938 where he showed a big frieze, made for a children's room. In: Calder Miró, ed. Elizabeth Hutton Turner, Oliver Wick; Philip Wilson Publishers, London 2004, p. 76. Picture Quote 1. Picture Quote 2. to try also, inasmuch as possible, to go beyond easel painting, which in my opinion has a narrow goal, and to bring myself closer, through painting, to the human masses I have never. to try also, inasmuch as possible, to go beyond easel painting, which in my opinion has a narrow goal, and to bring myself closer, through painting, to the human masses I have never stopped thinking about.

Traces the life-long friendship of sculptor Alexander Calder and painter Joan Mirâo, discussing how each advanced the boundaries of convention in their respective art forms, examining their written correspondences, and assembling 130 works that illustrate their visual dialogue.
  • Jare
This is a wonderful catalogue that accompanies the landmark exhibition that was held at the Beyeler Foundation in Basel, Switzerland in 2004, and at the Phillips Collection in Washington. Apart from the groundbreaking comparative study of both artists, which is very well written and highly informative (a trove of previously unpublished documents), the illustrations are fantastic. One of the most moving series by Miro, the Constellations, some 40 watercolors painted in 1941, are wonderfully echoed in a three-dimensional space by Calder's delicate mobiles of the same period. Highly recommended.
  • OwerSpeed
it is always interesting to see how artists and friends influence one another and here is another brilliant examination. alexander calder and joan miro couldn't have been more different, yet, it seems that this factor propelled their friendship. they true friends from the beginning the artists, and their families, remained close throughout their careers. often collaborating on works, sharing ideas or simply exchanging artistic gifts their friendship shines through to their art. this show brings commonalities and collaborations together under one roof (some for the first time ever) and explores the influences behind the objects. bravo to the curators for bringing this to our attention and thanks for the fantastic catalogue that accompanies it!
  • Qudanilyr
Perfect description of book Thanks