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Living Language
Living Language; Revised edition (September 16, 2003)
400 pages
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Ultimate Spanish e (Coursebook) (Ultimate e).

ISBN-13: 978-1400020737. Ultimate Spanish e (Coursebook) (Ultimate e). Advanced Spanish Step-by-Step: Master Accelerated Grammar to Take Your Spanish to the Next Level (Easy Step-by-Step Series). Ultimate French Advanced (Coursebook) (Ultimate Advanced).

Ultimate Spanish: Advanced. ISBN-13: 978-0609802533. This sequel to the Basic to Intermediate Ultimate Spanish book covers the equivalent of two years of college-level study. 20 lessons, each with a lively, authentic Spanish dialogue that takes you everywhere from a coffee plantation to ancient ruins to a soccer game. English translations and explanations of Spanish grammar and usage, pronunciation, vocabulary, and cultural notes.

Ultimate Spanish: Advanced

Варианты приобретения. Build a Foundation Start speaking Japanese immediately using essential words and phrases.

Варианты приобретения. Progress with Confidence Build on each lesson as you advance to full sentences, then actual conversations. Achieve Your Goals Don't just mimic or memorize. Название: Mandarin Chinese.

Ultimate Spanish Advanced book.

After eight years as a struggling artist and waitress, Nancy Ring decided to find a 'survival job' that would bring satisfaction as well as survival

After eight years as a struggling artist and waitress, Nancy Ring decided to find a 'survival job' that would bring satisfaction as well as survival. Armed with only chutzpah and a love of baking instilled by generations of her family, she answered a newspaper ad seeking an assistant pastry chef.

ISBN 10: 1400020735 ISBN 13: 9781400020737. You'll also get plenty of practice with exercises both in this book and online. In this book you'll find

To get from advanced Spanish to total native-level fluency, all you need are the . This is the ultimate method for absorbing new vocabulary, as the memorable context will help root words in your brain.

To get from advanced Spanish to total native-level fluency, all you need are the right advanced Spanish textbooks. This book is the one that follows the popular beginner Easy Spanish Step-By-Step book. This advanced volume is designed to give you the tools you need to reach advanced Spanish proficiency quickly. This book is really easy to follow and it would be a good idea to read a couple of pages per day to practice your Spanish regularly.

It’s the perfect way to learn Spanish for school, travel, work, or personal enrichment. In this book you’ll find:, 40 lessons with lively dialogues including the most common and useful idiomatic expressions.

96 RUB. Free shipping. Learn in Your Car Spanish : Level One Audio CD Set (missing Disc & Book). 66. 8 RUB. 94. 5 RUB. + 4,318. NEW - T-Rex Is Missing!: A Barkers Book (The Barker Twins).

With this enjoyable and effective textbook developed by the experts at Living Language, you'll increase your fluency, add depth to your vocabulary, and perfect your grammar. You'll also get plenty of practice with exercises both in this book and online. In this book you'll find:· 20 lessons with lively dialogues that take you everywhere from ancient ruins to an interview with a bank president to a soccer match· Advanced grammar and usage, with extensive notes on pronunciation and vocabulary· Culture notes filled with facts and intriguing details· Business vocabulary, etiquette, and facts in every lesson· Quizzes and review sections to check your progress· Complete summary of Spanish grammar, and verb charts covering all major tenses· Letter writing for business and social occasions· An extensive two-way glossaryWhile this book stands on its own as a complete course and an invaluable reference, you'll find that it's even more effective as part of an audio CD package.
  • Mettiarrb
I'm a gringo who can speak & understand Spanish as a 2nd language, but my skills are rusty & native speakers have told me I have a strong accent. I've taken numerous Spanish CD programs during the last 2 years. This program is by far the most challenging. You need to understand Spanish or this program won't work for you. If you can watch a Spanish TV station and at least understand most of what is being said, this program will work for you. If not, go for something more intermediate. There are 8 CDs in pairs of 2 CDs. In the first set, you listen to a dialogue of native speakers in "real-time" speed and then the same dialogue is spoken more slowly for you to repeat in Spanish. In the second set, a very similar dialogue is presented along with grammatical lessons and more repeating or translating sentences. My only frustration with the CDs is that I'm quite often not quick enough to repeat the entire phrase before the CD moves on to the next phrase. Some of the sentences are so long that I wouldn't be able to remember the entire sentence in English. This is easily overcome -- I've just had to replay several lessons over and over before I was able to "check off" all my comprehension, translation and speaking assignments. For added interest, each dialogue is set in a specific country and centers around a genuine cultural point of interest. The book is very helpful. It expands on local dialects and regional interests for the targeted country in each lesson. The book includes exact translations of the dialogues on the CDs. This is the best audio course I've found to practice and improve my Spanish skills. I highly recommend it for gringos who can already communicate and want a truly advanced challenge to expand vocabulary & speaking skills.
  • Malaris
The speaking on these is faster than I can I'll save them for when I get better at Spanish but I'll have to sit next to my old boom box. I hoped to use these in my car, but then I had to replace the car and new one has no cassette player. Alas
  • one life
I read, write and speak Spanish reasonably well, but like many individuals whose first language is English, I have my moments trying to follow Spanish spoken to me. This set has really been helpful in "tuning" my ear to listen to the spoken word as I prepare for another trip to Mexico. It is also a pretty decent review of Spanish grammar and vocabulary. Because I am perhaps more visual, I find the written materials to be a great help for my learning -- I really have not been successful with just oral materials. I actually purchased this after using a Living Language beginning French set and found it very helpful in beginning to recapture the French I studied 30 years ago in high school and then 20 years ago in a night course.
  • Nahelm
I was an English major in college (long ago), where I studied Spanish, having learned a lot as a child.

I have a natural ear for language, probably because I'm from a family of musicians. Since I grew up in Florida near native speakers, my Spanish pronunciation is effortless.

What I lacked before I bought this course was a challenge with regard to the intricacies of Spanish grammar, all that boring stuff people think you can learn in a two-week course in Cancun.

Well, I have owned this course for four years, gone over it with a fine-toothed comb, and I can tell you emphatically, it is excellent.

It is not perfect, but those reviewers who criticize it harshly, I would bet the farm, have no business studying an advanced curriculum, and should instead buy an intermediate program, master it, then try this again.

Now that I have made that unkind remark about some of the people who have reviewed this course, let me criticize it myself just a bit. The publishers have tried valiantly to condense the entire Spanish-speaking world into one book, covering every culture from Madrid to Mexico. This is impossible. Spoken in over 20 countries, each of which contains subcultures and regional language differences, Spanish in all its richness will never be captured in a single volume.
  • GoodBuyMyFriends
So far so good--helpful tips on grammar, idioms, and common word usages. Quizzes at the end of each chapter help drive home each lesson. I wish there were more listening comprehension as so far the lessons consist of an audio playback of a dialogue. One tends to read along, so reading comprehension is practiced but audio/ listening comprehension is not.
  • Vispel
This is one of the most practical and thorough language study books/audio programs I have ever found. I wish they would come out with updated versions of it. Although I have heard that Rosetta Stone is very effective, it is also extremely expensive. By comparison, the Living Language series is a small fraction of the cost.
The dialogues are practical and conform well to the topics covered in the chapter (use of verb tenses, for instance).
  • Chuynopana
My main criticism is some obscure situations, like the section on harvesting equipment. But I guess there are those that want to know about the names of harvesting related equipment and activities. For me, I prefer everyday situations. For me, only parts of the book are very useful, some parts only marginal.