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by J. A. Whitney,Anthony J. Naldrett

Download Ore Deposition Associated With Magmas (Reviews in Economic Geology) eBook
J. A. Whitney,Anthony J. Naldrett
Science & Mathematics
Economic Geology Pub Co (December 1989)
250 pages
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Ore Deposition Associated with Magmas.

Ore Deposition Associated with Magmas. Additional copies of this publication can be obtained from Society of Economic Geologists, Inc. 7811 Shaffer Parkway Littleton, CO 80127 ww. egweb. ISBN: 978-1-629495-62-0.

Economic Geology - GeoScienceWorld. R. RICIPUTI received a . Feb 15, 2009 - Introduction. degree in geology from Carleton College in 1985 and . degrees in Geology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1987 and 1991. He has published several papers and book chapters on ore-forming processes in the Salton Sea geothermal system, and on using ion microprobe sulfur isotope data to decipher ore-forming processes in sedimentary, geothermal and volcanic systems.

oceedings{Whitney1989OreDA, title {Ore Deposition Associated With Magmas}, author {James A. Whitney and Anthony J. Naldrett and James M. Robertson}, year {1989} }. Robertson}, year {1989} . Magmatic sulfide ores are thought to form as the result of droplets of an immiscible sulfide-oxide liquid forming within silicate magma and then becoming concentrated in a particular location. Certain elements, notably the Group VIII transition metals Fe, Co, Ni, Pd, Pt, Rh, Ru, Ir and Os together with Cu and Au, partition strongly into the sulfide- oxide liquid, and thus become concentrated with it. A number of factors may influence the concentration of this liquid, but the dominant one i. ONTINUE READING.

Publisher:Society of Economic Geologists, Incorporated.

Economic geology of the platinum metals. Ore deposition associated with magmas. This book represents a contemporary analysis of the crustal evolution of the southern African subcontinent and illustrates how a wide variety of crustal processes evolve and interact.

Regional alteration systems associated with volcanogenic massive sulfide mineralization at Panorama, Pilbara, Western Australia. Economic Geology 93, 292–302. Brauhart, C. Huston, D. Groves, D. Mikucki, E. J. and Gardoll, S. (2001). In Economic Geology 100th Anniversary Volume, Hedenquist, J. Thompson, J. F. Goldfarb, R. and Richards, J. P. (ed., Colorado, Society of Economic Geologists, pp. 39–76. Cox, S. and Ruming, K. (2004). The St Ives mesothermal gold system, Western Australia – a case of golden aftershocks?

In: Whitney JA, Naldrett AJ (eds) Ore deposition associated with magmas. Mavrogenes JA, O’Neill C (1999) The relative effects of pressure, temperature and oxygen fugacity on the solubility of sulfide in mafic magmas.

In: Whitney JA, Naldrett AJ (eds) Ore deposition associated with magmas. Society of Economic Geologists, Dordrecht, pp 45–102Google Scholar. Lesher CM, Keays RR (2002) Ni-Cu-PGE deposits. Canad Inst Mining Metall Petrol 54:579–617 (Special volume)Google Scholar. Geochem Cosmochim Acta 63:1173–1180CrossRefGoogle Scholar. Naldrett AJ (1989) Stratiform PGE deposits in layered intrusions. In: Whitney JA, Naldrett AJ (eds) Ore deposition associated with magmas.

by Anthony J. Naldrett (Author). Very importantly, the book shows clearly how the study of ore-forming processes helps in mineral exploration. ISBN-13: 978-3540223177. This boo. rovides a welcome personalized overview of the current ideas on the origin of Ni-Cu sulfide deposit. . I would advise all my graduate students to tackle this remarkable piece of work. Overall, Magmatic sulfide deposit. s strongly recommended to professional economic geologists and any scientifically literate person who wants an introduction to the subject. Mei-Fu Zhou, Economic Geology, 2005).

which they are associated. 231 The System FeSO and its application to natural ore magmas. 43. 232 Relevant Sulfide Systems The System FeNiS. Typically the type of magma involved bears a close relationship to the tec­ tonic setting within which it was emplaced. The locations of important deposits, both Ni-Cu dominant and PGE dominant, are shown in Fig. 1. 2. Considering first Ni-Cu deposits, these are further divided into six classes (Table 1. 2) on the basis of their associated magma type. 6104 Lessons to be learned from the Mineralization associated with the Nain Plutonic Suite. 369. 7 The Jinchuan deposit China.

JIM WHITNEY received .

Present plans call for a volume to be p r oduced annually in conjunction with each new short course. He was Lecturer in Economic Geology at the University of Otago, New Zealand from 1971 to 1975, and at Memorial University, Newfoundland until 1977. JIM WHITNEY received . degrees in Geology and Geophysics, and Earth and Planetary Sciences from Massachuse tts I ns t i tu te of Technology in 1969, and the PhD in Geology from S tan ford Un iversi ty i n 1972.

Ore deposits. Magmatism.
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