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by Shaun McNiff

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Shaun McNiff
Social Sciences
Jessica Kingsley Publishers; 1 edition (June 1, 1998)
224 pages
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Let me try and give a possible example based on my experience with percussion in groups. We might ask how sustained rhythmic expression with drums can help people to transform conflict in organizations. My book Trust the Process: An Artist’s Guide to Letting Go (McNiff, 1998b) was informed by these experiences and the realization that if a person stays with the creative process, it will generate unexpected results, the value of which are sometimes even proportionate to the degree of struggle.

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Art therapy and all of the other creative arts therapies have promoted themselves as ways of expressing what cannot be conveyed in conventional language. Why is it that creative arts therapists fail to apply this line of thinking to research? In this exciting and innovative book, Shaun McNiff, one of the field's pioneering educators and authors, breaks new ground in defining and inspiring art-based research. He illustrates how practitioner-researchers can become involved in art-based inquiries during their educational studies and throughout their careers, and shows how new types of research can be created that resonate with the artistic process. Clearly and cogently expressed, the theoretical arguments are illustrated by numerous case examples, and the final part of the book provides a wealth of ideas and thought provoking questions for research.This challenging book will prove invaluable to creative art therapy educators, students, and clinicians who wish to approach artistic inquiry as a way of conducting research. It will also find a receptive audience within the larger research community where there is a rising commitment to expanding the theory and practice of research. Integrating artistic and scientific procedures in many novel ways, this book offers fresh and productive visions of what research can be.

  • fightnight
This book was one of the assigned texts in the art therapy research class I am taking now. Although I have chosen to become an art therapist, I still have years of traditional thinking to work out of my system...on what kind of output (research, in this case) has value. This includes a tendency to think of research as most important when it is of the quantitative variety. Some people may see nothing problematic in this, but as a budding art therapist, I find this to be one of my deficits. I need to really embrace the art process and the possibilities for investigating it in various kinds of research...think outside the box, if you will. And I found this book to be fantastic when used to that end. While reading each chapter, I found myself pausing to reflect on new ideas that had come to mind on what I could choose to research, inspired by McNiff's writing. And if that weren't enough, the last chapter is full of more suggestions for areas of study. True, this book was first published 10 years ago, so one ought to check for new developments in the literature before committing oneself to a specific topic. But this book jump started my brain in a way that I knew I needed, and for that I thought it was worth every minute I spent reading it.
  • Clever
Great book, very informative & helpful in research conducted through the arts . Shaun really knows how to clarify the validity of arts based research
  • Mr_KiLLaURa
There's much to be found in this book .Many sugestions are made for further research and many links are made to previous material.Mc Niff's language and stance are typically poetic/tricky.I suspect that art therapy students will find it a very useful introduction to this area with much to ponder on . I'm glad to have it on my bookshelf+ to have it to thumb through from time to time. N.B. I havn't read ( every word) cover to cover - but then I don't do that .
  • Gaxaisvem
I recognize that McNiff is a pioneer in art therapy and advocates for emergent research methods in art therapy, however; the title, Art-Based Research, led me to think he may have widened the lens to include research in the arts at large. The book is good, as are most of McNiff's offerings, I was merely hoping for a broader view.