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by Jodi Blase

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Jodi Blase
Social Sciences
iUniverse (December 14, 2000)
196 pages
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To clarify, staying at home meant holding down multiple part time jobs, as well as writing and publishing my first book, My Big Fat Head. After years of jobs that included newspaper columnist, PR for businesses and nonprofits, and transcription work, I landed a role as a full time employee in corporate America, an odd beast that enlightened me to a world of survival skill sets I didn’t know existed. In 2012, Damaged Goods was released

well, maybe not total acceptance, but an acknowledgement.

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Binge eating is a thin. y Big Fat Head. Written in conversational tone with much humor, My Big Fat Head has given folks with a range of addictions – from eating to gambling to drinking to shopping – hope.

My Big Fat Head by Jodi M. Blase (English) Paperback Book Free Shipping!

My Big Fat Head by Jodi M. Blase (English) Paperback Book Free Shipping!

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Do you like to eat? Pig out? Stuff your face? Shovel it in? Gulp? Guzzle? Devour?Is food your go-to drug?A binge eater for years, I stuffed my emotions down with food and buried them deep inside my stomach, constipating my being. When it was time to fess up and admit that binge eating exists, that I had it, and it's an addictive disease, I was devastated. I mean, who wants to revoke one's own food privileges? I could see where downing a bottle of scotch or hitting the bong on a daily basis would be problematic, but an intervention for eating too many Snickers? Come on.Aw, crap.My addiction of choice is food, and food worked well, until it didn't. After years of struggling, I decided to get off the binge party train and was given the gift of sanity. Written in conversational tone with much humor, My Big Fat Head has given folks with a range of addictions - from eating to gambling to drinking to shopping - hope. I share the journey of my addiction, how it started unconsciously, grew incrementally, and then took on a life of its own. What I know now, and will be forever grateful for, would have caused me to cringe years ago - that mental, spiritual, and physical healing far surpasses that one bite, sip, or high.
  • Kuve
The author takes a humorous look at a condition that many would not understand unless they were going through it personally. I saw myself in many of the same sitations with different thought processes, yet it was still helpful for me to read this book and see that I was not 'weird' or alone in my compulsions. It is not a "1-2-3-you-are-cured" type of book, rather it helps you to train your mind. Jodi's sharing of her pain and experiences gives you the inspiration and motivation to think and act differently. She also includes some ideas to gain the strength needed to make the changes in your lifestyle as well as the way you might view people, things and situations. I would recommend this book highly as a light yet very serious look at a serious condition. It shows how something can control our lives and how we in turn can learn to take control.
  • The Apotheoses of Lacspor
"My Big Fat Head" is a must-read. This courageous author literally pours her heart and soul out in this novel. Jodi's story is one in which she reveals herself wholly and completely. She tells of how her struggle with food affected nearly every facet of her life. Just about every girl will be able to relate to some aspect of Jodi's adolescence, and just about every woman will undoubtedly encompass that much more strength knowing they're not alone. Jodi will make you want to shed a tear, burst into laughter and leave you longing for her to be your guidance, your strength, your friend.
  • melody of you
This insightful book brought hidden memories and painful habits to the front of my mind with a humorous edge that no other book ever has. The cartoon drawings are wonderful. I felt like I was having a conversation with someone instead of reading a book! I feel a new sense of hope and freedom and would suggest this book for anyone with any kind of self-esteem or addictive behaviors, or anyone who knows anyone with these behaviors, such as a spouse, would better understand why they act and feel the way they do after reading this book. Good book!
  • Heri
This was a terribly written book. I had to force myself to keep reading it because I thought there just HAD to be something useful in it. And there was, I identified with some of the author's thoughts/feelings, saw myself in her words, but this book had no real substance to it. Save your money.
  • Nalmetus
I really enjoyed reading this book because I could relate to the author. Jodi Blase told my story! I also shared this book with my 15 year old daughter. It helped her a great deal, too. She now knows that she is NOT alone, and that there is help for her, too.
  • Netlandinhabitant
I enjoyed this book very much. Jodi did a great job capturing the raw emotion of emotional eating. I related to the connection between emotional eating and childhood.
  • Vareyma
Why we are not in control of ourselves over food while being emotion or stress out?