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by Luis Royo

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Luis Royo
Heavy Metal Magazine (April 1, 2006)
80 pages
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. This book by Luis Royo may be his best yet, focusing on exotic fantasy body art and body piercing as only Royo can create.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

SUBVERSIVE BEAUTY - Luis Royo. August 9, 2016 ·. Related Videos. 28,692 Followers · Book Series. Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. 35,803 Followers · Artist. Victoria Francés - Official. 92,685 Followers · Artist. Luis Quiles Artworks. 242,741 Followers · Artist. Olivia De Berardinis.

Subversive Beauty book. This new book by Luis Royo promises to be his best yet, focusing on exotic fantasy body art and piercing as only Royo can create.

This book by Luis Royo may be his best yet, focusing on exotic fantasy body art and body piercing as only Royo can create.

Luis Royo: Subversive Beauty. Calendar published August 2006.

Alert if: New Price below. Luis Royo: Subversive Beauty.

View all Subversive Beauty lists. Tags: Art (1), Luis Royo (1). Manufacturer: Heavy Metal Magazine Release date: 1 April 2006 ISBN-10 : 1932413448 ISBN-13: 9781932413441.

This new book by Luis Royo promises to be his best yet, focusing on exotic fantasy body art and piercings as only Royo can create. 80 pages, PC/PB&W. Mature Readers NOTE: Includes an original art print.

This book by Luis Royo may be his best yet, focusing on exotic fantasy body art and body piercing as only Royo can create
  • Brialelis
I just recently have been collecting Luis Royo, and own only a few of his other books.... but I do have to say that the artwork and layout of this book is by far the best of what I own. I especially enjoy the text that goes with each sketch, bringing us closer to each character and painting. The artwork itself is very good. I enjoyed the rough sketches along with the finished artwork. I truly feel that this book is worth the money, not a page is wasted... excellent book!
  • Shakataxe
Breathtaking. The single word that comes to mind when anyone thinks of Luis Royo and his works. I had this feeling full in heart when I finally and gleefully opened the cover to this, his newest collection, Subversive Beauty. But no amount of mental or emotional preperation could ready me for what lay in store as the first page followed. Like a fine wine, Luis Royo's style gets better with every passing moment. The art is higher than top-notch as he deftly transposes a dark, post-apocalyptic, tribal imagery over the grace and beauty of the female form. Tattooed but not gawdy, pierced but not subtracting from their inherent and skilfully detailed features, the softer gender is treated like royalty in this book by the otherworldly talents of this master artist. If you like fantasy artwork with a dark side BUY THIS BOOK NOW!
  • Granigrinn
If you love tattoos and piercings you'll love this book. Beautifully drawn women covered in tribal tattoos that become part of their skin. Piercings that are too cool to be real, no really, I don't think that some of those could be done. But, they look totally cool on paper.
  • I ℓ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ
I never tire of looking at Royo's work. I go back again and again, and I always see something I had not seen before. I love this style of erotic fantasy art, and I feel that he inspires me on so many levels.
  • Duzshura
Many of the drawings in this book are dedicated to tattoos, piercing, plus other far-out skin ornaments and accessories. I'm a fan of tattoos, so this edition is my favourite amongst his other works. Gorgeous females with fabulous bodies are of course the norm. In my opinion, this ranks among his 3 best works (Secrets, Sub. Beauty, and Malefic).
  • Fararala
WOW! I purchased this volume with some minor level of trepidation, fearing I might have ended up wasting money on cheap illustrated pornography. The cover art was nice, certainly, but it is common to purchase an art book only to find that the cover art was the only really decent piece in the whole book. Mr. Royo's art was recommended to me by some people whose opinions I respect, however, so I took the dive.

And am I ever glad I did.

Royo is a master of portraying the female form, and he knows what aspects of his subjects to emphasize. While most of the women in this are pretty scantily-clad, there is very little outright nudity. And when it is present, our attention isn't drawn to it. The women, as whole creatures, are incredibly sexy. I press this because I hate it when an artist ruins good art with a dehumanizing emphasis on T&A.

His images are high-quality and truly a marvel to behold. The attention to detail is amazing. This isn't mere cheesecake. This is great art which can be enjoyed by anyone of either gender who looks for quality.

The theme seems to be Dark Fantasy with just a dash of cyberpunk, and it really works well here. The variety of costumes and situations is impressive. There is very little variety in the backgrounds used, but this is forgivable, given both his choice of theme and his focus on his subjects.

One thing I really like is how most of his pieces are accompanied on the opposite page by a short story putting the image into context. There is a lot of imagination here, and the text really adds an extra dimension to the art. Thankfully, as this is an art book, he is careful to never make the text too long or involved.

I highly recommend this book, and will be checking out the rest of this author's work in the future.
  • Rigiot
I bought this book for my boyfriend, because he is a big fan of Royo. I knew the man made lovely art, but this book truly displayed how breathtaking and intricate his artwork was.

The book is a nice hardback, with nice matte, sturdy pages full of voluptuous, ethereal women. The quality of the art prints are vibrant, focused and intricate, plus there is a little story of the character provided with most pieces on a parallel page. The book is well comprised and layout!

It's all pretty big x by x wise, but not too thick. Nevertheless, it has a bit of substance, and worth more than what you pay. I was very satisfied and my boyfriend enjoys it.

Royo is by far my favorite artist of all time.

This book holds that title in my heart even tighter.

Beautiful girls, awesome outfits, gritty and sultry.

I adored it. <3