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by Nicolai Jr. Cikovsky

Download Winslow Homer (Rizzoli Art Classics) eBook
Nicolai Jr. Cikovsky
History & Criticism
Rizzoli (October 15, 1992)
24 pages
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This item:Winslow Homer: Watercolors by Nicolai Cikovsky J. Nicolai Cikovsky, J. is senior curator emeritus, American and British Painting, National Gallery of Art, Washington, . He has written numerous books, articles, and exhibition catalogues on Winslow Homer.

Nicolai Cikovsky, J.

Select Format: Paperback. ISBN13:9780847815838. Release Date:October 1992.

Winslow Homer: Watercolors. Publish Date: September 03, 2013.

Items related to Winslow Homer (Rizzoli Art Classics). 6. Winslow Homer (Rizzoli Art Series). Nicolai Jr. Cikovsky. Published by Rizzoli (1992). Cikovsky Winslow Homer (Rizzoli Art Classics). ISBN 13: 9780847815838. This outstanding new book is the catalog of a retrospective of 235 paintings touring East Coast museums?the largest gathering of his work ever. Cikovsky and Kelly (curators of American and British art at the National Gallery of Art) divide his career into eight chronological chapters, each with a straightforward, expository essay securely planting the work in a geographical and biographical context.

Winslow Homer Watercolors reproduces the best of these paintings. Winslow Homer Watercolors. Nicolai Cikovsky, Jr. One hundred of Winslow Homers masterpieces reproduced o. Winslow Homer – A Symposium 26. Nicolai Cikovsky. Large color plates allow these reproductions to be appreciated almost as much as the originals. Accompanying the more than 100 color plates is an eloquent introduction and detailed chronology of Homer’s life and artistic development. Winslow Homer – A Symposium 26 от 2350. The human side of public administration: oral history transcript, 1993. от 498. A Man with a Heart But No Home.

Winslow Homer, whose work is featured on the cover of this catalog, was the greatest American painter of the 19th century. His subjects are touchingly familiar: the Civil War soldier, the country school, the emancipated slave. This volume includes a broad selection of his paintings and watercolors, each profoundly symbolic of the main currents of American life from the Civil War to th e turn of the century. 103 illustrations, including 52 plates in full color.

Winslow Homer Watercolors Nicolai Cikovsky, Jr. Rizzoli USA 9780789399557 Акварель Уинслоу Хомер : One hundred of Winslow Homer’s masterpieces reproduced on special watercolor paper.

Cikovsky, Nicolai, J. Winslow Homer in the National Gallery of Art This Web Feature traces the artist's career from the late 1850s until his death in 1910, and includes zoomable images with high resolution details. White Mountain paintings by Winslow Homer.

Cikovsky, Nicolai, Jr. (1990), Winslow Homer, New York: Harry N. Abrams, pp. 11–13, ISBN 0-8109-1193-0. Winslow Homer Artwork Examples on AskART. Winslow Homer: Making Art, Making History". Exhibition held at the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute in 2005.

Briefly describes Winslow Homer's life and career, shows fourteen of his major paintings, and includes comments on their composition
  • Kadar
Excellent value, and can keep young children entertained for a few minutes.

Now these books are small--but that's kind of the point of these book, I think. They're portable, easy to throw in a briefcase or purse or back of the car, and handy to give to children at the doctor's office waiting room, or in an airport, or on a car trip, or at a restaurant waiting for food, or really, just anywhere where you want to have a short educational (or semi-educational) activity.

And I gotta admit, I like that this is an "un-plugged" option. Not on a phone or tablet or screen--just a good old-fashioned book with simple activities, vivid illustrations, and things to *do*--that is, an active, tactile experience--even if the activities are quite simple (like peeling stickers).

We don't leave home without a few of these. (Just be prepared, if you haven't ordered these before, for a small booklet, not a *book* book.)
  • Vushura
This is a great little book of 16 Picasso stickers. Great little decorative stickers you can do so many things with. "The Dream" is my favorite piece so I bought this to add stickers in my journal for some color and some pretty artwork. Also can add to letters or the back of envelopes to not only help it stay secure but to spread the beauty of Picasso. :)
  • Chankane
Complete deception. This title says "I library of their lives," and the image shows multiple volumes of these books leading you to believe that all are included in this purchased. I received only one book. Book 1- Vincent Van Gogh. Very disappointed.
  • Buzatus
For Picasso lovers, or any art person! All the stickers are of his paintings and I like that there are some more of the not as well known ones featured, which makes these even more interesting to decorate a sketchbook or anything. Made me want to further research more of his works, which are so lovely! Definitely have bought more from this brand, such as the Kahlo sticker book, so cool.
  • Beabandis
I love these little books by Dover, the price is perfect and the concept is simple. They are perfect stocking stuffers, goodie bag stuffers and little cheer-me-ups to pop in the mail to friend. I keep them in my bag to keep my kids busy and entertained when we have an unexpected wait where they need to be quiet. They're also great for crafting. So many uses and so many different titles, it's impossible to list all of them.
  • Bulace
Perfect! These stick well and the color is vibrant. Each one has the title of the painting on them.
  • Skilkancar
The favorite is included.
great stickers as described.