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by Jeff Russell

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Jeff Russell
Universe (February 7, 2006)
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The Beatles Complete Discography book.

The Beatles Complete Discography book. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Beatles Complete Discography.

Book by Russell, Jeff. To be fair, this book was published several years before Mark Lewisohn's seminal work Beatles Complete Recording Sessions and The Beatles Anthology. That doesn't excuse several wildly inaccurate pieces of information such as claims that particular songs are other songs rewritten, despite the fact there is no resemblance between them. The author saves the best (or worse) till last, specifically a chapter called Unreleased Tracks which can only be described as bizarre.

The Beatles Complete Discography is the only one-stop resource that lists all the complete recordings by the . Jeff Russell is a native of Liverpool and has devoted his life to chronicling the recorded output of the world's greatest pop music phenomenon-the Beatles.

Jeff Russell is a native of Liverpool and has devoted his life to chronicling the recorded output of the world's greatest pop music phenomenon-the Beatles.

In their native United Kingdom, between 1962 and 1970, the Beatles released 12 studio albums (13 worldwide), 13 extended plays (EPs) and 22 singles.

All this is contained in a compact format that lends itself to browsing or makes a perfect gift.

The Beatles’ early releases were on the Vee-Jay, Swan and Tollie labels, before EMI’s US counterpart . com and you will have the complete collection. A few corrections on the US singles discograph. he MGM issue of My Bonnie is in the wrong factory sleeve.

com and you will have the complete collection. Make sure you set mp3 conversion rate to Highest Quality. All the albums are the infamous Ebbetts Soundboard Bootleg Recordings. That sleeve and logo didn’t come into use until 1967.

Jeff Russell, J P Russell. No Beatles library is complete without this book. The Beatles have been acknowledged as the most extraordinary phenomenon in the world of popular music in the second half of the twentieth century.

Publisher: Blandford Pr ISBN 13: 9780713720655. Title: The Beatles Album File and Complete Discography Item Condition: used item in a very good condition. Used-like N : The book pretty much look like a new book. Read full description. See details and exclusions. Beatles Album File and Complete Discography by Jeff Russell (Paperback, 1989). Pre-owned: lowest price.

The Beatles Complete Discography is the only one-stop resource that lists all the complete recordings by the Beatles—including full background details for each recording and complete musical credits, as well as reproductions of album sleeves. All this is contained in a compact format that lends itself to browsing or makes a perfect gift. This volume is a fully revised and updated edition of the directory of the Beatles' recorded work from 1961 to the present. It was acclaimed upon first publication as the only resource to list their complete recordings and to give full background details and musical credits for each recording. This updated version is complete and includes everything ever recorded by John, Paul, Ringo, and George—the British albums, the American albums, even the Christmas albums. The Beatles Complete Discography is the perfect companion for any fan or collector!
  • Mr.jeka
I like this book. It's a great little reference text that does a good job summarizing the Beatles recorded output with emphasis on the UK discography (of course) but good treatment of the US versions as well. The album cover photos are excellent and the writing is for the most part entertaining. While the book's small dimensions make it ideal as a traveling companion I would have preferred a slightly larger size, fewer pages, and larger print. So far, it rates a 4. But...the author's laziness knocks it down another notch. As already pointed out, there are obvious errors on who plays what instruments (McCartney's drumming on "Back In The USSR" and "Dear Prudence" is well established). I was also disappointed to see Russell regurgitate the debunked myth about the reason for the original "Yesterday...And Today" butcher cover. It was never a protest against Capitol Records' supposed "butchering" of their UK albums! I can only surmise that Russell thought it was time for an update but apparently not for an accurate one! Such errors are relatively few but still unforgivable.

The so-called "Table of Contents" is also lacking. For example, Russell refers to "Chapter 50 Alternative Versions", but there are no chapter divisions...none! You have to check the index at the back of the book to find page references! I doubt there will be another edition of this book (not counting the highly anticipated 9-9-09 remasters, the only official Beatles products not in the book are the Capitol Albums, Vol. 2 and the "Love" CD) but if there is, Russell has ample opportunity (with little effort) to improve this rating to a 4...and possibly even a 5. Summary: Good little book but far from definitive.
Some issues with the documentation of certain facts... But, overall, a quality booklet which matches my CD collection.
  • Dobpota
Must have for any fan of The Beatles, makes your collection complete as you'll now know what your missing.
  • Ese
This is a revised edition of the 1982 book "The Beatles On Record", expanded to include the many Beatles releases issued in the years since and is now illustrated with many excellent color photos.
Strangely, most of the original text has NOT been revised and nearly all of the inaccuracies and conjecture of the earlier edition have been retained. When Jeff Russell wrote this book in the early 80s, virtually nothing was known about the Beatles recording sessions. It wasn't until Mark Lewisohn's groundbreaking books appeared later in the decade, that details such as recording dates, take numbers, assisting artists and technical information were first available. If you're looking for that sort of information, obviously you won't find it here.
This is an attractive book and is a nice summary of the Beatles recordings up to its publication date.
  • Marilbine
While this book has been updated from its 1982 incarnation in the sense that it includes all the releases since then, many of the inaccuracies contained in the original are preserved here, making it a very dubious purchase for anyone interested in more than album covers and track listings.

Some of the errors were forgivable 25 years ago, when the recording data was still largely unknown, but since then there have been Lewisohn and Winn and others who've unearthed the facts, and to ignore them now smacks of of laziness, and a desire to make a fast buck from an old book with minimal extra work. It doesn't even require any real scholarship, just cross-referencing of what others have done.

Two glaring examples: Ringo is still credited with drums on Back In The USSR and Dear Prudence, when it's been established beyond dispute that Paul drummed on both; Ringo having temporarily left the band at the time. And then the album version of Get Back, where the 1982 entry repeats the observation word-for-word that for a live version the quality is comparable to the studio single. Both are of course the same recording, with different codas edited on.

If these kinds of errors mean nothing to you, then the book is an OK buy. It's compact, compactly-written and the album covers look pretty.

But if you really care about the recording information, of which this claims to be an accurate resource, look elsewhere, staring with Lewisohn and Winn, with some Ian Macdonald for colour.
  • FireWater
I do not like the format! The book is about the size of a CD and for a reference book this makes the print way too small. There are lots of typos. Release dates pending for albums that have been out for years. For a book that they've had so much time to work on it looks as if it was rushed to print. Maybe they should have looked at the last edition. The only thing good I can say is that I like the color pictures and the new additions, ie. Anthologies and Capitol CD's.