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by Christine Ammer

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Christine Ammer
Harper & Row; 1st edition (1972)
414 pages
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Christine Ammer (Author).

Christine Ammer (Author). Entries on composers and other illustrious people in the history of music are presented in the form of short biographical sketches.

Harper's Dictionary of Music book. She lives i Christine Ammer is the author of more than three dozen reference books, on subjects ranging from classical music to women's health. Her books on words and phrases include Facts on File Dictionary of Clichés; Seeing Red or Tickled Pink; Fighting Words from War, Rebellion, and Other Combative Capers; Southpaws and Sunday Punches; Cool Cats and Top Dogs; and Fruitcakes and Couch Potatoes. She lives in Lexington, Massachusetts. Books by Christine Ammer.

Download books for free. Bite the bullet, '' get on the stick'', ''make no bones about it'', '' take the cake''. The American Heritage(R) Dictionary of Idioms covers almost 10,000 expressions. Its main fare is, of course, idioms - groups of two or more words that together mean something different from the literal meaning of the individual words

Harpers Dictionary of Music. The Methuen Dictionary of Cliches. Southpaws & Sunday Punches and Other Sporting Expressions.

Harpers Dictionary of Music. ISBN13:9780064633475. Release Date:April 1973. The Common Sense Guide to Mental Health Care. Christine Ammer, N. Sidley.

Harper's dictionary of music. 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Harper's dictionary of music. from your list? Harper's dictionary of music.

HarperCollins Dictionary of Music.

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Christine Ammer The American Heritage® Dictionary of Idioms explores the meanings and origins of idioms that may not make literal sense.

From "all systems go" to "senior moment"-a comprehensive reference to idiomatic English.

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Actually this is the 2nd time I'm buying this dictionary. The first copy was a soft cover ; after its deterioration I was looking for a durable book with the identical text which I found in the 1987 edition.
This dictionary is god sent for newcomers to music who have vague or no previous theoretical knowledge. This book may satisfy the more advanced too, but not the experts unless one needs some material refreshing. Terms of musical theory are simplified, clearly and fluently described, no hitting over ones' head with cryptic terminology. Many themes contain cross references which enables to see the larger and fuller context. This dictionary also contains modern and archaic musical instruments describing their construction, tone's colors characteristics and techniques of tone production. Most of the musical instruments are accompanied by a design of the instrument and a helpful guide of musical compositions in which the instrument plays a major part enabling to get quickly acquainted with its distinctive sounds. Themes of musical periods and styles are short but enlightening. There is also a brief biography of main composers (some dates are dated) including a too short description of their main compositions, and invaluable tables as main symphonies listing, principle Romantic and Renaissance composers and so forth. This dictionary is rather an encyclopedia of music.
The dictionary has a drawback it would be helpful if landmark musical masterpieces compositions were listed as an independent theme with a short analysis.
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Very pleased!