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Download Rand Mcnally 2007 Road Atlas Midsize (Rand Mcnally Road Atlas Mid Size) eBook

by Rand McNally and Company

Download Rand Mcnally 2007 Road Atlas Midsize (Rand Mcnally Road Atlas Mid Size) eBook
Rand McNally and Company
Atlases & Maps
Rand McNally (August 15, 2006)
90 pages
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Rand McNally Road Atlas maps are beautiful, colorful, and easy to read

Rand McNally Road Atlas maps are beautiful, colorful, and easy to read. Features include shading to highlight urban areas and national parks and forests, and shields to indicate trip-of-a-lifetime roads, like Historic Route 66. Our interstate exit numbers pop out in green, our points-of-interest labels pack a punch in red and our bingo keys are large and easy to spot in gray and white. Each state/provincial map has handy insets of metropolitan areas; regional mileage charts; and local demographics, tourism contacts, and road condition hotlines. Country overview maps, town indexes, and mileage.

Rand McNally specializes in maps, navigation, road travel, and trip planning. With the iconic Road Atlas leading the way, our products have helped travelers make the most of their road trips for more than 100 years. Our line of atlases, wall maps, travel guides, activity books, and other fine publications are developed to inspire an interest in the world and enrich life’s journey.

ISBN13:9780528958304. Release Date:August 2006. Publisher:Rand McNally. 57 lbs. Dimensions:0. Atlases Atlases & Maps Canada Central America Education & Reference General Reference Travel.

This Rand McNally Road Atlas is one that I have been using for over 40 years. The 2007 version is top notch, like its predecessors.

0528958305 (ISBN13: 9780528958304). This Rand McNally Road Atlas is one that I have been using for over 40 years. However, it is the state by state maps that are the central feature of this publication (as well as maps of Mexico and Canada and Puerto Rico). Anyone who is interested in how to get from Point A to Point B will revel in this work.

Rand McNally is an American technology and publishing company that provides mapping, software and hardware for the consumer electronics, commercial transportation and education markets. The company is headquartered in Chicago, with a distribution center in Richmond, Kentucky. In 1856, William H. Rand opened a printing shop in Chicago and two years later hired a newly arrived Irish immigrant, Andrew McNally, to work in his shop

2019 Rand McNally EasyFin. has been added to your Cart. We just completed 3200 miles across country in a rented truck and had to rely on call-phone navigation programs.

2019 Rand McNally EasyFin. The Interstate segments that connect in cities are unlabeled.

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  • Umge
I'm reminded that back in the day people relied on these sort of 'folding' (yet they never really fold back to original form) map to navigate a city. Swing by a gas station, pay a buck and voila! Rand McNally has been doing this for years. However, opening up one of these suckers while actually in a vehicle, especially without a passenger's aid has GOT to be right up there with drunk driving in terms of danger. Thank heaven for audible GPS.

However, I am planning a move to PGH. I purchased this to hang on the wall to familiarize myself with the layout of the town. Unfortunately, I don't find it helpful. The color scheme, font, and general muted print color is not easy on the eyes. And mind you, this is while the map is completely stationary. I realize the task of determining what details to include on a general roadmap must be a difficult challenge--leave important info out and people gripe it's not detailed enough. Include too much and it becomes an impossible-to-read cluttered mess. Somehow this map manages to fail me on all levels. PGH is made up of dozens upon dozens of neighborhoods, some only a few blocks long, so I didn't have unrealistic expectations that this particular style of map would include them. However, just trying to find, for example, the popular area known as Oakland (near the college and hospital) took me forever....hunting and pecking around microscopic print, not aided by intelligent shading, was a study in frustration. If you can't even make out road names, why include them at all?

As common in this style of map, one side is a layout of the region, complete with a few exurbian areas; the general area of 'downtown' is on the opposite side, blown up. However, the readability and practical details of the magnified PGH proper is still frustrating, only taking up a fraction of the entire unfolded page. Rand McNally must know there's little demand in this day and age for tangible maps and decided they didn't really need to put any effort into their design. My husband has perfect 20/20 vision and still has to squint to make out some detail. Again, my biggest gripe is the pastels used that mutes the ability to read it comfortably unless using the brightest light. I know it's cheaper to purchase this map than a fast food burger, but I'd gladly pay a bit more to actually learn about city streets rather than invest in a magnifying glass. I bought a better book-style map of the city and guess will just Xerox certain pages to fashion my own layout as keeping this pinned up on my wall has not helped me even in the vaguest way. And not in a million years can I imagine using this map to genuinely navigate 'live' through PGH. Avoid.
  • I love Mercedes
With colleagues I have taught the first term of a huge (800-student) freshman college world-civ class each year for the last twenty years or so. We have always assigned a reference atlas, and although we have tried various ones, this is the book we keep coming back to. It is cheap, indexed, up to date (revised pretty much constantly, although without always changing the ISBN), and sufficiently detailed to be consistently handy. One can always wish for more --it'd be nice if it showed Indian states and made Chinese provinces clearer, for example-- but in these days when it is easy to get additional detail as needed from the Internet, a small, easily grabbed first reference is more important. When we have tried smaller atlases the detail was inadequate. Larger ones seemed wasted because they went beyond most of our needs. This one has always been pretty much "just right."
  • Brazil
I got my grandmother a copy of this atlas a few years ago and she loved using it for finding answers to crossword clues. The atlas is smaller than most in dimensions, and the weight is easy for her arthritic fingers to handle. You won't find the level of detail that you would in a larger atlas, but is more than adequate for locating all major cities, rivers, etc. across the world. Unfortunately, she used it constantly and it was in tatters after only a few years, so I found her another one used on Amazon. She said it was indistinguishable from her original copy and in brand new shape. So if you have trouble finding a new one, try for a used one here.
  • Mr.Champions
This map was a gift to my daughter who lives in Atlanta and she said that she loves it. It gives her perspective beyond the GPS that she needs to navigate through the area. That's good enough for me!
  • Endieyab
This map was just what I needed b/c I am thinking to relocate to the Atlanta area and I wanted to map out certain points of interest and good schools and where the companies are that I will be applying to for a job. This helps to narrow down my search.
  • Ramsey`s
As a real-estate investor, I needed a birds-eye view of the city. I hung this map on the wall and it's been wonderful for getting to know the neighborhoods and their proximity to major roads.
  • Ance
This map was disappointing. We were interested primarily in the East side of Orlando, including the Univesity of Central Florida, Waterford Lakes and surrounding neighborhoods. Although these areas have been developed for at least 15 or more years and are a continuous part of the Orlando Metro area, this map does not include them, cutting off at about Alafaya Trail. I do not recommend this unless you are only interested in downtown and the theme park area.
Kept it on the car for emergency. In case phone dies or any other emergency situation