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Download How to Prepare for the TOEIC Test (Barron's TOEIC Test) eBook

by Lin Lougheed

Download How to Prepare for the TOEIC Test (Barron's TOEIC Test) eBook
Lin Lougheed
Words Language & Grammar
Barron's Educational Series; 3 edition (February 1, 2003)
720 pages
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I started preparing for toefl in April, but I had no idea how to prepare TWE. I was totally lost, and I didn't believe .

And I hope that Mr. Lougheed's book can be published in China very soon, because there are a lot of toefl students are being misled to memorize model essays rather than write themselves. Honestly, this is a really good book. I recommend it highly to my friends who are preparing for TOEFL. Thanks for your help.

by. Lougheed, Lin, 1946-. ix, 718 pages : 28 cm +. Associated-names. Barron's Educational Series, Inc. Boxid.

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Presented here are four full-length practice tests that are similar in format and question types to the new TOEIC.

toeic tests 342 TOEIC Vocabulary Tests 3420 Words by Meaning Index TOEIC Vocabulary. How to prepare for the TOEIC Test - English Plaza. 04 MB·5,462 Downloads. 600 Essential Words for the TOEIC Test (TOEIC : Test of English for International Communications). 61 MB·911 Downloads·New! This valuable book, designed to help students preparing for the Test of English for International. Top 100 words in TOEIC Tests. 49 Pages·2012·122 KB·8,210 Downloads.

I prepared for the TOEFL test by using this book, and successfully entered a business school. This book contains model essays of 185 topics. You can use this book to know how to write effective essays and earn sufficient scores in the TOEFL test.

There are a wide range of online courses and study guides for the TOEFL test

There are a wide range of online courses and study guides for the TOEFL test.

Last year, I bought this book because I needed to have a quick help to prepare myself for the TOEIC test. Within 4 days, this book let me know enough on the test : typical questions, grammar and possible cunning. I passed the test and get a good score. Thus, I succeed in getting a new job. 0.

You cannot prepare for the test without REAL questions, and this book has lots of. .Each book introduces students to exam formats and provides step-by-step task guidance and useful tips to maximise their chances of excelling.

You cannot prepare for the test without REAL questions, and this book has lots of them -you will get a good idea of what will be on the TOEFL. The problem with official TOEFL books, however, is that they do not give many explanations, they do not teach you grammar, and they do not give you any strategies to help you raise your score-they just give you the tests and you have to figure out what the test is like by yourself. Barron"s Education Series 1. Test of English for International Communication-Study guides.

The Test of English for International Communication is taken by students for whom English is their second language. It is required by many businesses and institutions in the English-speaking world when those students apply for positions. This new edition of Barron's test prep package has been updated to reflect the most recent TOEIC exams. The illustrated manual presents six full-length model tests and a reading comprehension review.
  • Dellevar
What else can I say?

Good book, good CDs. Excellent combo.

If you are planning to take the toeic test this is a MUST.

  • Pipet
It has ample practice material and is easy to use. The complete practice tests are a great asset because you can simulate real test taking times
  • Arcanefire
very quickly nice
  • Siramath
Barron’s How to Prepare for the TOEIC Test has both positive and negative points, but the negatives outweigh the positives. First off, the positives. (...) You get six complete TOEIC practice tests and a fair number of practice exercises for each of the seven sections. All of these exercises somewhat approximate an actual ETS TOEIC test. In addition, the author gives explanatory answers to the practice tests and exercises. However, this is where the positives of Barron’s book end. On the negative side, the author’s analysis of the construction of the TOEIC is very confusing. For example, his presentation of the material in the listening comprehension sections is less than helpful. It attempts to mix all four sections together which, in my opinion, doesn’t work well. Peterson’s TOEIC Success presents this listening material in a much clearer manner. In addition, the author’s analysis of Parts 5 and 6 (grammar) of the reading section leaves much to be desired. Simply put, the grammar points reviewed in the Barron’s book are not an exact reflection of the grammar you will find an actual TOEIC test. I do feel that the author’s analysis of Part 7, the reading comprehension section, is the stronger than his analysis of Parts 1-6. For Part 7, he provides a useful “question type chart” and realistic TOEIC-style reading passages. However, even here, there are problems: The reading passages are on the short side and there is an overabundance of chart-type passages. Overall, Barron’s How to Prepare for the TOEIC Test is not terrible, but mostly confusing and unenlightening. Buy this book if you want a lot of practice tests, but not as a way of giving you a full understanding of the construction of the TOEIC exam.
  • Dianalmeena
I am an ESL teacher using this book with students in Japan. I most like the large number of sample questions, including several full-length tests and accompanying CD's. One problem, though, is that Loughheed's explanations are difficult for even my advanced-level non-native speakers to understand. However, they are very helpful to me as a teacher in explaining how to solve problems. What I do is review his explanations myself before class, then use them as a tool to help teach things to my students as they work through the sample problems. The test section does not include a table giving a model TOEIC score. I wrote the author about this, and he said a conversion chart would be included in the next edition. He also kindly sent me a conversion chart.
Overall, it was a useful book and I will continue using it with future students.
  • Dddasuk
I used this book when working on the TOEIC. The good part was that it does

comprehensively cover the test; the bad part is that it seems like it was written

in one week. Not very much depth, simplistic explanations, just a little superficial overall. I think there are better TOEIC books out there.
  • Stanober
I want to know remember more words,because amount of my words is very important for TOEIC.