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Houghton Mifflin Company
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Dell; 5th ed. edition (June 26, 2012)
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The american heritage dictionary blog.

The american heritage dictionary blog.

The American Heritage History Of The 1920s & 1930's is a great book that I recommend for anyone desiring a detailed history of the era. Plenty of pictures, news articles, 13 short biographies, excerpts from radio broadcasts and mentions of previous eras.

As far as definitions go, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the American Heritage Dictionary. Then I go to the AHD, and sure enough, they've got my back!

The American Heritage dictionary. by. Houghton Mifflin Company.

The American Heritage dictionary.

The American Heritage Dictionary book. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The American Heritage Dictionary. Houghton Mifflin (Creator).

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company Didnt have any in depth break down of the actual word in itself.

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We even guarantee this by offering a 30-day full refund if you are unable to use the book for any reason. Make the most of them with The American Heritage® Dictionary

The American Heritage Dictionary. Make the most of them with The American Heritage® Dictionary. of the American Heritage® Usage Panel Etymologies, synonyms, antonyms, and much more.

• More than 70,000 entries • Thoroughly revised and updated • 2,500 new words and meanings • More than 400 photographs and illustrations • Expert guidance on correct usage   YOU ARE YOUR WORDS   The words you use define you. Make the most of them with The American Heritage® Dictionary.   THE FIFTH EDITION FEATURES   Clear definitions written in a style that is accurate and easy to understand New words and senses in all areas from science and technology to food and clothing Biographical and geographical entries that identify the people and places you need to know Useful illustrations that enhance the definitions and make learning easier Expert guidance on usage based on surveys of the American Heritage® Usage Panel Etymologies, synonyms, antonyms, and much more
  • Agarus
This dictionary is okay in itself, but the print is TINY! I suppose that was a trade-off to get the volume small in size, but I find I have to take it to a very bright light in order to be able to read it. If you have vision problems, I would not recommend this particular dictionary.
  • Usaxma
It's inexpensive. Physically it's light, small. Perfect for throwing down in a backpack. People with poor vision will want to go for something larger, but most of the market for this size of a dictionary is probably college students, and they typically won't mind having smaller text size-small price for not having to lug around another massive book.

Content wise I'm sure it's missing a lot of words, you can only cram so much in a book this size. That hasn't really come up for me, but if you can't find a word you can do a web search or go grab a bigger dictionary. The main point of something like this is it can always be right there with you-Phones die, some classes and libraries frown on them or you don't get service-Other dictionaries are just too big and you don't want to keep it with you.

As far as definitions go, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the American Heritage Dictionary. So many times when a question arises about usage of words and we pull out a dictionary to discuss, my usage is not properly covered. Then I go to the AHD, and sure enough, they've got my back! I don't know if it is a regional thing (I'm from the midwest-live in chicago, a lot of Iowans in my family), if other areas of the country/world don't accept the way we use words here, or just an oversight, but the AHD is the only choice for a dictionary for me!

You're either going to love it or hate it.

If this is going to be your only dictionary to have around the house, won't have to travel with it, has to be all-inclusive/easy to read-THIS IS NOT THE DICTIONARY FOR YOU. Get something bigger.

If you need something ultra light and portable that you can keep with you as the first place to go, this is a fantastic choice.
  • Runeshaper
I work in an academic library. I noticed an English instructor purchased 30 books for her students to check out. While processing this book I noticed what a great dictionary this is and bought one for myself for home. It packs a lot of information in a small book. Even has pictures which you don't usually find in small handbook dictionaries.
  • Khiceog
What can you say about a dictionary. They are not all created equal. I like this one and use it as my primary dictionary because of all the interesting information about the word that is included. I have a paper version and an ipad app. I just the app and enjoy the audio pronunciation. Searching for words is easy with the app.
Bottom liine is that of all the dictionaries out there I prefer this one for clarity, depth if infomration, synonyms, antonyms and number of words covered.
  • Bynelad
It's a nice, small dictionary that I use for class. I have several of these that the older students use. So far, students have been able to find every word except for one. However, this missing word isn't found in other small dictionaries as well.
  • Wrathshaper
Perfectly portable dictionary. I've always been a fan of the American Heritage Dictionary and this one doesn't disappoint. Yes, the font is a bit too small, but the information you need is there. It's not like it's a novel you have to read in it's entirety. You look up a word and that's it.
  • Fordrelis
This is extensive and I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting a dictionary or an updated version of one. It is one of the better one's out there if not the best. I got the paperback because I need to transport it form place to place. If I could leave it on a desk top I would buy the hardback. It just seems so official. My cover was a bit bent in the corner when I received it but not bad enough to warrant an exchange.
I thought these were the large, hardcover dictionaries, but I didn't read carefully enough. This is a great dictionary, though, and my seconds and thirds can use it fairly easily. I have trouble reading the tiny print, but they don't, which is important. It's way more useful than the "children's dictionaries" we have in our class, which rarely contain any of the words they need to look up.