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by S. Khavronina

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S. Khavronina
Words Language & Grammar
Russkij Jazyk (January 1985)
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by S. Khavronina (Author).

by S. This is a really good book, given to me by a Russian instructor at DLI. You must have a fairly good foundation in Russian to make it worthwhile - don't get the book and expect it to teach you the cyrillic alphabet - you need to already have that and some pretty good vocabulary. The emphasis is on conversation (of course) but there are bits of grammar put in now and then. Overall, a really good book.

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It is getting tougher and tougher to find, but really is a great little book that will progress your Russian really quite far, without you realising just how far. Seller Inventory 28041. More information about this seller Contact this seller 22.

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  • Maximilianishe
This book is a classic for Russian language learners. I was lucky to find a copy in such excellent condition, and at such a good price. This volume is for the intermediate learner. I would highly recommend it, once one has reached a mastery of very basic Russian.
  • Gavinranara
Best for intermediate-level Russian language students. Concise, and very true to how the language is actually used in Russia Well-written.
  • Darkshaper
The classic. Fantastic. For serious students only.
  • Zavevidi
I have this Japanese version. So this English version help me study more efficiently. Have recieved this merchnadise i n good order and conditions.
  • Qwne
good quality.
  • MarF
Since I am at the very beginning of my self-study programme for learning Russian, it might be a little premature for me to comment on RUSSIAN AS WE SPEAK IT. Nonetheless, ...

I bought a second-hand copy of the 1985 edition of this book to include in my ever expanding library of materials because I had come across some FREE AUDIO FILES to accompany the text at the Indiana University (Celtie) website and because some other reviewers had expressed generally positive comments.

So, for those who are interested, here is the LINK to the audio files. First, two comments: (1) since Amazon seems to delete links in product reviews, I have separated the link below into several text-like components. If you copy/paste the text below into some other file and delete the space/paragraph markers you will have a recombined link to the website. (2) There are TWO SETS of audio files for RUSSIAN AS WE SPEAK IT at the Indiana University (Celtie) website. One set is filed under EXERCISES whereas the second set is filed, some distance below it, under CONVERSATIONS. Good luck!


In the Forward to her book, S. Khavronina informs the reader that "... it was the author's intention primarily to provide a course in Russian for persons in the English speaking world who are studying the language without a teacher." Having taken a very quick look at the text (remember, I am at the very beginning of my own studies) I would say that S. Khavronina has at least make a very good effort given the teaching method in vogue at that time and the physical limitations of space in her book. However, I suspect that anyone relying on this book alone to learn Russian, would have to be put in a lot of effort. Note carefully that I NOT saying that this is not a good book! Rather, since the Slavic languages are "quite some distance removed" from English, anyone relying on this text alone, even while using the available audio files, is going to have to work very hard. Nonetheless, I am very pleased with the overall presentation of this book and I have convinced that it will provide valuable SUPPORT to my efforts with other material.

My own preference is for the truly masterful MODERN RUSSIAN (volumes I and 2) by Dawson, the AUDIO FILES for which are also FREE at the Indiana University (Celtie) website.