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by Anne Catherine Emmerich

Download Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ eBook
Anne Catherine Emmerich
Writing Research & Publishing Guides
Augustine Pub. Co. (January 1986)
210 pages
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In The Passion: Photography from the Movie "The Passion of the Christ" . A principal source is The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ the visions of the stigmatic German nun Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774–1824), as written by the poet Clemens Brentano.

In The Passion: Photography from the Movie "The Passion of the Christ", director Mel Gibson says, "This is a movie about love, hope, faith and forgiveness. Jesus died for all mankind, suffered for all of us. It's time to get back to that basic message. A careful reading of Emmerich's book shows the film's high level of dependence on i. .

Anne Catherine Emmerich was born to poor parents at Westphalia, Germany in 1774. The book actually contains far more graphic violence than the film. The brutal treatment of Our Lord's final hours is related in excruciating detail. When she was twenty-eight years old she became an Augustinian nun at Dulmen, and apparently began to experience ecstasies as a result of spiritual favors. If anything, Gibson sanitized the story somewhat by skipping over some of the action and not dwelling as much as Emmerich on the attitudes of the bloodthirsty throng. I could find no anti-Semitism in the book.

Anne Catherine Emmerich was a nun who had visions of the Passion of Christ. This book is a very real and touching story of the passion of our Lord. This book has moved me to the core of my entire being

Anne Catherine Emmerich was a nun who had visions of the Passion of Christ. Her descriptions of what she saw retell the stories of the gospels, but also offer more details, painting quite a vivid picture of what took place in the final days of Jesus' life on earth. It was a great book to finish during Holy Week. This book has moved me to the core of my entire being. Makes you look the the passion of our Lord in a whole new way!

Means employed by the enemies of Jesus for carrying out their designs against him.

Means employed by the enemies of Jesus for carrying out their designs against him. Chapter V. A Glance at Jerusalem.

German Roman Catholic saint and mystic ANNE CATHERINE EMMERICH (17741824) had powerful and detailed visions of the events leading up to and including the crucifixion of Jesus, during which she suffered the stigmata.

Anne Catherine Emmerich. Contents Start Reading Page Index Text. This once-obscure book recently achieved a much higher profile because it was used as an inspiration for the screenplay of Mel Gibson's controversial movie, The Passion of the Christ.

They are but intended to take one of the lowest places among those numerous representations of the Passion which have been given us by pious writers and

  • Sat
This leather bound 'heirloom' edition is one that can be passed to subsequent generations in your family. It is unfortunately difficult to find so you can't imagine my joy when I located a copy recently for a friend. The binding came loose on my personal copy and I had to glue it but I suspect this is a consequence of storage conditions of an edition that has been out of print for quite some time. For devout Christians it is impossible not to be affected by Emmerich's vivid and graphic descriptions of the horrible events of Christ's passion. I feel closer to him each time I read these passages. This book is among my most treasured and the leather bound edition should last generations with proper care.
  • generation of new
"We Adore oh Christ and Praise You because by Your Holy Cross You have Redeemed the World." I received this book via Kindle at a bargain price of .99c....Sister Emmerich's detailed account of Our Lord's suffering is shocking and humbling. It is at times so hard to read because of the graphic details of the torture that Our Lord went through. This book should give the reader a complete grasp and understanding of the suffering that Our Lord endured for us so that death could be conquered. (It shows his total surrender and obedience to The Father) What also stood out for me was Jesus' constant prayer for his torturers as He endured the most shocking tortures. After reading Sister Emmerich's account, the phrase in the Aposstle's Creed "And He suffered under Pontius Pilate" has a deeper understanding for me.
  • Ximathewi
The Passion of our Lord in graphic detail as envisioned by Anne Emmerich who was allowed by Jesus to see in real time everything that happed during the Passion. Although a private revelation, it has been approved by the Catholic Church as true. This book is the basis of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. I simply could not put it down.
  • Mariwyn
Sr. Catherine Emmerich was a great and much under valued visionary. I was a great read especially for Lent. Much of her vision was used in The Passion Of The Christ. Although not substaniated by the Church this book adds depth to The meaning of Easter and the Ressurrection
  • Siratius
This is a most amazing book, Catherine sees everything like one sees a film, what happens with and around of Christ.
This is the real Christ. He is focused, business like, composed and compassionate. I visited the room several times where the last supper took place, and seeing it through the eyes of Catherine,makes it so real. She sees the table the decoration of the room, the clothes of the apostles. The food she explains and the way the whole evening was organized by Jezus, is very moving. I highly recommend to anybody regardless whether he is a believer or not.
The best lenten meditation book I've ever read. It reads like novel describing Christ's Passion. I even read some of the less brutal but more descriptive parts to my elementary aged children and they enjoy it.
  • WOGY
A meditation on the passion of Christ. It is very interesting and gives one alot to think about. It is not a book one just picks up and reads. Each page, every paragraph calls one to just stop, be still and think, pray, meditate before continuing. This book is not read with the mind but the heart.
I had always wondered about the details of the Passion of Our Lord. Have you ever wondered were the Apostles remained during the days before the Resurrection? where Mary was? Did you know that Mary Magadalene was Lazarus youngest sister?. Besides what is told in the Bible, very little else was known about this time. Anne Catherine Emmerich gives an insight into the Passion that I had never dreamt possible; all of the sudden, that far away time and the all-too-high-to-reach and understand characters of the Passion, come to us as people (without taking away the Divinity of Jesus) with the suffering and reactions of real persons.

This book gives all the detail that one could ever ask for. Of course, as they are personal revelations, one is not obliged to believe in them, but after reading the life of ACE and her other visions, is very hard not to believe in them..... they are incredibly rich in detail and knowledge.

I highly recommend this book. It's great reading and a big boost to our Faith.

Also very worth reading is the life of The Blessed Virgin Mary according to A.C. Emmerich's revelations.