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by Marianne Warren

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Marianne Warren
Sterling Pub Private Ltd; 4th edition (April 1999)
439 pages
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Unravelling the Enigma book.

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While the book is well organized as a linear guide to the time of the works of Shakespeare, I viewed the book in two parts

While the book is well organized as a linear guide to the time of the works of Shakespeare, I viewed the book in two parts. 4 people found this helpful.

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In foreword to the book Dr.

Warren has translated the Saibaba manuscript in which Sai Baba gave discourses on Islamic history and thought to his pupil, Abdul, his personal attendant, whose tomb rests near Sai Baba's shrine". For Devotees who want to advance spiritually, and are looking for gems to collect as Baba used to say, these sayings are invaluable and should be taken as word personally spoken to each one of us without any prejudice, argument, discussion or controversy. In foreword to the book Dr. . Wagle of University of Toronto says: "Dr. Marianne Warren's work is the first scholarly attempt to provide a historical context to Sai Baba's teachings.

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Marianne F Warren ~75 Mechanicsville, VA. Background Check & Contact Info. Unravelling The Enigma: Shirdi Sai Baba In The Light Of Sufism - ISBNdb (books and publications). Known as: Marianne A Warren Marline Warren M Warren Unravelling The Enigma: Shirdi Sai Baba In The Light Of Sufism - ISBNdb (books and publications). author: Marianne Warren. Marianne Warren Videos & Images.

This book examines Sai Baba of Shirdi from the standpoint of Islamic mysticism - the Deccani Sufism of 19th century Maharashtra - in order to resolve the mystery surrounding the saint. Two new pieces of work are used in this book. First, Dr. Warren elucidates the English translation of part of the works of some 17th and 18th century Maharashtrian Sufi poet-saints. Secondly, she includes the English translation of the previously untranslated Urdu notebook, jotted down by Abdul - Sai Baba's faqiri pupil - from teachings based on the Qur'an given to him by his pir Sai Baba. Both of these contributions allow us to look into a world hitherto closed, and expand our awareness of the famous miracle-worker of Shirdi.
  • Rageseeker
I downloaded a sample of this book on Kindle and tried to read it. When I read about Marianne Warren's criticism of Gunaji and Shree Narasimha Swamiji in the preface, that settled the matter for me. Probably the author is blind to the enlightened state of Shree Narasimha Swamiji. The trails and travails which Narasimha Swamiji underwent before discovering Baba is probably unknown to Marianne. Probably no one can know Baba until they understand Baba completely. And I feel Narasimha Swamiji had reached that level. Hence I feel, this book is just a thesis work. On a spiritual level, it probably does not make useful reading. Sai was beyond Hindu or Sufi. That is something Marianne has failed to understand before undertaking this work!
  • interactive man
This is an excellent work which sheds light on the Sufi side of Shirdi Saibaba.
A must-read especially for all the hindu devotees of the saint. I am quite surprised that this book isnt that popular in devotee circles. It is probably because of ignorance and also a reluctance in accepting Shirdi Sai as a saint with muslim background.

The author make some compelling arguements in her favor - drawing the right parallels and bringing in the appropriate historical context forward. It is quite amazing that the rest of the works are all quite hindu biased - but probably because they all finally source themselves from either Gunaji's work or Narasimhaswami's (both of which are excellent in themselves but this offers a fresh perspective).

But there is also some fair criticism to offer about this work - in many instances the author tries hard to pick everything that Shirdi Sai said and link it to a Sufi theme. I think many of those instances could very easily be linked to Hindu origins as well. The work at times comes across as a project thesis- desperate to prove a point.

Nevertheless a great piece of work - a true devotee of Shirdi Sai should consider to revere Him even after knowing about His muslim background.Salutations to the Lord of Shirdi.
  • ladushka
This work is a definitive work trying to prove that Shirdi Sai Baba belonged to a Sufi tradition and was indeed a Sufi master.The present widely held belief among millions of His [predominantly] Hindu devotees is that Sai Baba was a Hindu, born to Hindu parents, but brought up by a muslim fakir in boyhood years..this book gives compelling accounts of Sai's sufi connection, based on Abdul Baba 's notes/diary.....A must reading for Baba devotees and for those who study religious history of 20th century.....