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by Grant Lewi

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Grant Lewi
New Age & Spirituality
Connections Book Publishing Lt (2005)
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Now anyone can cast detailed, amazingly accurate horoscopes  . Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Astrology Kit. by. Grant Lewi

The book has been read, but is in excellent condition.

The book has been read, but is in excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting. The spine remains undamaged.

Astrology Books - Free download as PDF File . df), Text File . xt) or read online for free. The Astrology Kit : Everything You Need to Cast Horoscopes for Yourself, Your Family & Friends by Grant Lewi, Liz Greene. Astrology Made Easy by Astarte

Astrology Books - Free download as PDF File . A list of the best astrology books. Astrology Made Easy by Astarte. Astrology Mundane and Spiritual (1933) by .

Grant Lewi was the inspiration for a practical astrology. This book, along with Lewi's "Heaven Knows What," are examples of works by someone who has perfect mastery of his field-analogous to Euclid's writings on mathematics.

This book, along with Lewi's "Heaven Knows What," are examples of works by someone who has perfect mastery of his field-analogous to Euclid's writings on mathematics. You simply cannot get a better feel for chart interpretation from any other source than Grant Lewi. This book deals with planets in signs, while "Heaven Know What" covers planets in aspect, along with interpretations of every Sun-Moon combination.

View all The Astrology Kit pictures. Manufacturer: St. Martin's Press Release date: 1 January 1988 ISBN-10 : 0312013507 ISBN-13: 9780312013509. Tags: Astrology (1), Spirit (1), Oracles (1).

William Grant Lewi II was an American astrologer and author. Posts About Grant Lewi. lt;/p

Authors: Lewi Grant, Liz Greene. A dust jacket will be present (where applicable). Additional Product Features. Lewi Grant, Liz Greene. Place of Publication.

Astrology has fascinated me for many years; as a teenager, I pored over Linda Goodman’s book Sun Signs. Written in 1968 this was the first book on astrology to be included on the New York Times Best Seller list. Recommended by Jessica Garfield Kabbara.

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Astrology For The Millions. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item 2015. author: Lewi,grant d. ate. te: 2012-12-00 d. citation: 1940 d. dentifier. origpath: 002 d. copyno: 1 d.

Astrology kit read the stars, moon or what ever astrology interest you may have.
  • Akelevar
Easy to use and understand. All books and pieces were included. It was in perfect condition and came in a timely manner.
  • Umrdana
Very happy, bought this to replace one that was stolen.
  • Yozshubei
I didn’t receive the whole kit
  • Helldor
love this book! i had bought the first addition when i didn't have kids yet. this book has calucations from 2000 and onwards. Loved reading up on my kids and friend's kids chart. My book was delivered 2 weeks early and i was thrilled to recieve it. Fun,easy to do and interesting.
  • Kit
Regretfully, I bought this 'used', and only received the book. 3 parts missing, so it's going back. The new ones are 'pricey', so, I will most likely pass. Liz Greene *(author) is the reason I wanted the kit. I've heard she is outstanding in the astrology field. I'll keep watching for a good 'used' that is complete, 4 pcs.
  • Modimeena
Will change review once feedback is resolved - I only received the book - where's the rest? Thank you
  • RED
Judge for youself. Refer to page 10 of "Book one: How to Cast a Horoscope" in book one of the Astrology Kit. Your horoscope will be judged on the position of the sun and the moon at the time of your birth. From there, you fill in all the conjuctions and aspects of the other planets for additional readings. But the author states that you can not know the position of the moon unless you know the exact time of your birth! Such as 9:43 a.m. If you don't, you will have to guess among three sun-moon horoscopes as to which is yours! Good luck. Now if you do know the exact time of your birth, you won't have to guess ONLY if the time of birth was not early in the day (let's say between midnight and 3:00 a.m.) or late on that date (let's say between 9:00 p.m. and midnight). Then you are to choose between two horoscopes based on which one you are most alike. Since I know that I'm a highly intelligent and loving saint, this wasn't hard for me (JOKE!). But that still leaves the odds at 25% of missing. And many of the aspects and conjunctions will be based on a very possibly erroneous moon sign. So you will be just be having fun and be giving a bad name for astrology in the process. Simply put, if you can't obtain the exact time of birth, your chances of being right are 1 in 3. And if you do know the exact time, it's 75% in your favor. You can do better. Buy Suzanne's White "The New Astology". And if you want to go deeper, get one of those exact time charts. I did a woman's astrological chart whom I met on the internet. She turned out wonderful according to "The Astrology Kit" (we are to date soon). Using this kit, I now wonder if she will slice me up into little bity pieces and stuff me in her mailbox (joke, lol, hiccup). Good luck future astologers of America.
While you do need to know your time of birth to get the most out of this kit, if you plan to get the most out of any astrological reading you need your time and place of birth to determine the exact location of the planets. That said, this kit is wonderfully detailed, but also very simple to use. My friends and I had hours of fun casting our horoscope and then reading our personality traits out loud to see if they fit us. A great introduction to the complexities of astrology.