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by Jane Beckenham

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Jane Beckenham
Treble Heart Books (April 1, 2003)
309 pages
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Be My Valentine book. Author Jane Beckenham found literature at a young age. In books she discovered dreams and hope, stories that inspired in her a love of romance, and travel

Be My Valentine book. In books she discovered dreams and hope, stories that inspired in her a love of romance, and travel. Years later, after a blind date, Jane found her own true love and married him eleven months later. Life has been a series of „dreams‟ for Jane. Dreaming of learning to walk again after spending years in hospital. Dreaming of raising a family and Author Jane Beckenham found literature at a young age.

Select Format: Perfect Paperback. Format: Perfect Paperback. ISBN13: 9781931742078. Release Date: February 2003.

Jane Beckenham-Author. Come and join me. I'm a romance author of contemporary and historical novels. my book has gone live this .

The only thing Ms. Fix-It can't fix is her traitorous heart Jane Beckenham. Scorching sex: definitely on the menu. Hold the love, please. Fix-It can't fix is her traitorous heart. Of the many thrills Lucas Palmera has pursued, marriage isn't one of them. Having witnessed how the death of his mother destroyed his father, Lucas considers love and matrimony too great an emotional risk. But Torrevna's crown prince must marry-and soon-if he is to ascend the throne. That doesn't mean he's not determined to put it off as long as possible. For that, he needs the cooperation of his indispensable personal assistant, Cassie Masters.

Author of He's the One, Hiring Cupid, Be My Valentine, Always a Bridesmaid, Romeo For Hire, Hes the On.

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Jane Porter is a small-town girl at heart My Cowboy Valentine.

Jane Porter is a small-town girl at heart. Growing up, she spent her vacations on her grandfather’s cattle ranch in California, loving the golden foothills, oak trees and miles of farmland. When not playing cowgirl or camping with her family, she’d curl up with a book and get lost in her imagination. In her mind, she was never the geeky bookworm with the thick Coke-bottle glasses, but a princess, a magical fairy, a Joan-of-Arc crusader. Her parents fed her imagination by taking the family to Europe for a year when Jane was thirteen.

Jane Beckenham scripts a beautiful tale woven with remarkable insight to the emotions of a new couple finding their way. He’s the One reminded me a lot of the emotions you feel when you find someone special you’re attracted to. I thought it believable and felt like I had stepped into the story. I thought it believable and felt like I had stepped into the story with Taylor and Cade. Curl up with a festive drink and spend the day enjoying this remarkable story. HE’S THE ONE by Jane Beckenham is a unique story.

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  • furious ox
by Vikky Bertling
Dave Barnett's life is in upheaval. He's been fired, gotten drunk and his house has been ransacked. Tyler Spencer's life isn't going to well either. A college student, she's been dumped the day before Valentine's Day and lost her apartment. Dave, in his drunkenness, gets Tyler fired from her job and she decides to follow him home until he pays her for the weeks lost wages. They find his treasures from a recent dive, a mysterious ring and some Spanish coins. Dave and Tyler decide to track the history of the ring. After a visit with his grandfather, Dave and Tyler decide to go back to the where he had found it in the ocean. It was a perfect day when they left, however; soon they are caught up in a bad storm and wake up in the wrong year. They have to give the ring to its rightful owner and find a way back to their time before a disaster strikes.
Ms. Beckenham does a wonderful job with the history in her story and she paints a realistic scene of Port Royal, Jamaica 1692. The reader can practically smell the salt of the ocean and see the crowded docks and ships in the harbor during the golden age of pirates. However, more time should have been spent in developing the initial relationship between Dave and Tyler and less time in the re-hashing of past happenings between all of the characters in this book.
The antagonistic way in which Dave and Tyler met does not lend itself to the ease of companionship these two seem to share. Tyler goes home with a strange man whose home seams to be a pigsty. Dave wakes up in the morning to a virtual stranger in his home. After one question about the mess in his house, Dave believes Tyler was innocent. I just didn't believe the easy relationship of the two people who never even knew each other's names until approximately 12 hours after meeting.
The flow of time was also a problem for me. At one point the reader is left feeling that Dave and Tyler were prisoners aboard a pirate ship for both a long time and yet only a few days. The same feeling happens during their stay on the island they are taken to and sold into slavery.
While the story is disjointed and certain actions were down right unbelievable, the history was vivid and interesting. The romance and the characters themselves, left a lot to be desired. These elements detract from the enjoyment of a potentially good story.
  • Bradeya
Lawyer Dave Barnett had had a day from hell. He had been sacked (too many staff, he was told) and he faced a bleak future - unemployed, with a hefty mortgage and a boat.
How would he manage? He finds himself drowning his sorrows in the sleazy bar where Tyler Spence works as a waitress, and inadvertently causes her to lose her job. She works nights to pay her way through university as a student of archaeology and history. The creepy bar owner refuses to pay her the money she's owed.
An angry Tyler follows Dave home. She figures he owes her big-time and she won't leave until he pays up. In the morning, Valentine's Day, Dave realises his house has been burgled, but nothing of value is missing. When Tyler sees some coins he had had in his briefcase, she realises they are gold, enough Spanish gold for a lifetime.
They visit the rest-home where Dave's 92-year-old grandfather lives. He's an old sailor, who also recognises the coins as gold. He picks up a ring from among the coins. "It's Rosa's ring," he says. He tells them of Rosa, a Spanish lady whose parents would not allow her to marry a poor sailor, so she eloped to Jamaica with Ricardo. The rose ring was a 21st wedding anniversary present that Ricardo had commissioned. He drowned during a storm on his way back to Rosa, and the ring was never seen again. Until Dave found it.
Dave's grandfather says Rosa's soul cannot rest without the ring. "Dave, go back. The rose ring needs returning. For me," he whispers.
Tyler and Dave are soon on his boat, on their way to where Dave had found the coins and ring. The day is bright and sunny, but suddenly a mysterious dark cloud looms over them, and a chilling mist comes from nowhere. Then a titanic wave swamps the boat and propels them back through time.
They awake to a couple of stinking pirates kicking them, and they are taken aboard the Lady Rosa, named after the most beautiful woman of Port Royal, the captain says. Could there be a link here to the ring Dave had found?
The ship docks at Port Royal, known as Sin City, which abounds with rum, pirates and prostitutes - and worst of all, slavery. Tyler and Dave are destined to suffer the ignominy of being sold as slaves.
We take a torturous route with Tyler and Dave as they try to get the ring to Lady Rosa. Their love grows as Tyler's history lessons come to life, and they battle time to achieve Dave's grandfather's wish. Can they return to their own century before disaster overtakes them?
Jane Beckenham has written a fascinating time travel and her description of life on a 17th century sailing ship is vivid and almost tangible - slimy horse stew, weevil-infested biscuits, rats, bugs in hair and Dave's whiskers. I felt myself scratching my head. This is a good insight into life in the Caribbean 300 years ago and I thoroughly recommend Be My Valentine.
  • Weetont
Be My Valentine is a fast, sassy time travel romance set in contemporary New Zealand and Port Royal, the "Sin City" of Jamaica, in the year 1692. I liked the characters and the setting, which includes a shipwreck - waking up surrounded by pirates on a deserted island; and the interesting plot made it a really good read.