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by Stephanie James

Download Second Wife (Silhouette Desire #307) eBook
Stephanie James
Silhouette; First Edition edition (September 1, 1986)
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Flynn Rammage knew Heather Devany shouldn't forgive him for the way he'd left her. But now he needed her more than ever

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. But now he needed her more than ever. The sexy single dad had just been given custody of his young son.

ISBN 10: 037305307X ISBN 13: 9780373053070. Publisher: Silhouette, 1986.

Second Wife (Silhouette desire) By Stephanie James.

Shipping to Russian Federation. Second Wife (Silhouette desire) By Stephanie James. To Meet Again (Silhouette desire) By Lass Small.

ISBN13:9780373471539. Release Date:January 1986. Publisher:Silhouette.

Select Format: Paperback. Mass Market Paperback. ISBN13:9780373471539. 25 lbs. Related Subjects. Contemporary Literature & Fiction Romance.

A second later she dismissed the man and his anger from her thoughts. She had enough things to worry about

A second later she dismissed the man and his anger from her thoughts. She had enough things to worry about.

Second Wife (Silhouette Desire). Stephanie J. Coopman, James Lull.

As in one? tempting. Too dangerous to her peace of mind, she immediately corrected herself. We’ll need two rooms.

The use of Stephanie James, an early pen name of Jayne Ann Krentz, indicates the characters will be dated. Granted, the stupid decisions made by her characters are realistic for real life romance. The plus side is the way Heather steps up in a crisis.

TO ERR IS HUMANFlynn Rammage had not behaved well. Eight months ago, hurting from the breakup of his marriage, he'd been angry at the world. That hadn't stopped his attraction to Heather Devany, but he'd loved, then left her.Now he was back on her doorstep, wanting a second chance. But Heather wasn't interested; she'd been hurt too badly before. Flynn had just gotten custody of his young son. Did he really want her, or was he just interested in a desirable baby-sitter? Flynn had some very compelling answers to that question, and Heather was convinced. She soon found that forgiveness - and Flynn - were both divine.
  • Winotterin
I enjoyed reading this book. I was glad she was weary of why he wanted her back so eagerly. But I was a little disappointed that she forgave him so quickly after what he said to her their first time around. Considering what his ex wife did to him doing the divorce, I guess he blamed all women. I forgave him myself when he admitted that after he left our heroine and went to another country, he tried to contact her again and apologize for his behavior but she had already disappeared.
  • Jox
Flynn Rammage hurt the innocent Heather Devany eight months ago when he told her their affair had been fun while it lasted, but it was now over and please don't make any scenes at work. Flynn was planning on taking a job overseas and he was finished w/ making Heather pay for what his ex-wife had done to him. Heather was hurt when Flynn broke it off w/ her as she had opened herself up to him and thought there was more there b/w them. Soon after he leaves for his overseas trip, Heather leaves the job as well. Over the next 8 months, Flynn had been trying to locate the absent Heather and beg for forgiveness. He now realizes that what he had kicked aside is what he had truly wanted; only he was still dealing w/ anger and resentment because his ex-wife had hurt him so much by taking his young son from him.

Flynn truly believed that he should have things his way and he continued to push for that throughout the story. He didn't like it if he felt that Heather was trying to find reasons to resist him either. Flynn thought he should explain himself once and that should be it. Heather should then accept the status quo and go from there. His constant bullying got tiring, but Heather's pull/push was just as annoying at some points. It would have been nice if there truly was OM on the scene to give Flynn something to truly go up against. There were some clichés about divorced men having baggage, looking for a caretaker for their children, or women dinging up the prized vehicle - seriously that didn't even sound like her fault, but he still blamed her. LOL! It was a quick engrossing read that kept you interested. The added character of a stalker/villain was unnecessary and I would have liked it better if Flynn hadn't been so overbearing in his my way and only my way stance and Heather had to her guns a bit more. BUT I have to say a guy who loves his child as much as Flynn did his and was willing to admit his flaws and explain himself as Flynn did seemed like a pretty decent H IMHO. Don't get me wrong, Flynn is not perfect and he does snap and snipe at Heather when pushed, but he realizes what he did immediately and apologizes. Heather doesn't seem to dwell on it much either and she is by no means perfect either.
  • Damdyagab
I liked this book more than most of Stephanie James' (AKA Jayne Ann Krentz) books; the hero wasn't quite so domineering, and he was more willing to accept a compromise on the heroine's part than many of her heros. The synopsis of the story: Flynn was a bastard and had an affair with Heather while he was recovering from his divorce, and then up and left, taking her love and giving back nothing. 8 months later, he's back-- and he claims that he loves her. Heather's difficulty is that now he has custody of his son, and she is concerned that Flynn wants her more as a mother to Jeremy than as a true wife and companion to him. Of course, it all ends satisfactorily, but with few twists and turns.
  • Brariel
I devoured these books in my teens. The are short reads with minimal love scenes, which was why I was allowed to read them. Stephanie James wrote a bunch of them. This one is pretty good, except the hero, Flynn, acts like a total douche a lot of the time, and his love interest, Heather takes it, somehow reasoning his doucheness is her fault. This book was published in 1986. Have women changed that much since then? I sincerely hope so!