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by Marie Ferrarella

Download A Dad at Last (Maitland Maternity, Book 12) eBook
Marie Ferrarella
Silhouette (July 1, 2001)
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There’s never a dull moment at Maitland Maternity! This unique and now world-renowned clinic was founded twenty-five years ago .

There’s never a dull moment at Maitland Maternity! This unique and now world-renowned clinic was founded twenty-five years ago by Megan Maitland, widow of William Maitland, of the prominent Austin, Texas, Maitlands. Megan is also matriarch of an impressive family of seven children, many of whom are active participants in the everyday miracles that bring children into the world. Prolific romance author Marie Ferrarella claims, I was born writing, which must have made the delivery especially difficult for my mother!

Her body heated as she felt his hands glide, every so lightly, along her arms.

Her body heated as she felt his hands glide, every so lightly, along her arms. as if to keep from being swallowed up whole, leaving slight impressions in the muscles. Her head swam with hope, with excitement. Each kiss flowered into a cluster that robbed her of her senses

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Dr. Abby Maitland was used to existing in a goldfish bowl, but life at her family's renowned maternity clinic had never been tinged by scanda. ill now!

A mystery baby, an expectant uncle and a pregnant teenager! Dr. ill now! Kyle McDermott knew that raising his sister would be challenging, but he never figured he'd be challenging Marcie's decision not to marry her baby's father! Abby had her hands full. Ethically, she had to support the administration of Maitland Maternity Hospital when rumors began to fly.

Connor O'Hara had a family now. At least, he had a son. And a mother. And a whole mess of relatives he hadn't even known were his close kin.

A Dad at Last (Maitland Maternity). The thing that amazes me is that the continuity is maintained well despite different authors writing for the series. The McCallum Quintuplets: Great ExpectationsDelivered with a KissAnd Babies Make Seven (Maitland Maternity). The Inheritance (Maitland Maternity).

by. Ferrarella, Marie. Women's hospitals, Illegitimate children, Illegitimate children, Women's hospitals. New York : Silhouette Books. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by Lotu Tii on November 28, 2012. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata).

Read unlimited books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. The Missing Maitland. A Dad At Last - Marie Ferrarella.

Learning that he has a son and a wealth of relatives he has never met before, sexy Connor O'Hara, who is accustomed to being a loner, must choose between his lifestyle and Lacy Clark - the mother of his child who wants more than he can give at this time. Original.
  • Painwind
I tried this because it was part of the Maitland Maternity series, I have to say I was a little lost. I'm not sure where or when this story started to bother me but by the end I was so annoyed with Connor.
We start at the Maitland men rescuing a kidnapped Chase (Conner O'Hara's 15mnth old son). Janelle and her husband Pete have him and after a quick shootout Chase is returned to Connor and family go to the Maitland home where Lacy (Chase's mother) is waiting with the Maitland women.
Lacy agrees to move in with Connor and work as a housekeeper and cook, after refusing his offer of a "marriage of convenience" really when is this story taking place the 21st century or 19th ? Connor is obsessed with the age difference between himself and Lacy of almost 20 yrs.
At a family dinner the next day Megan reveals the truth about Connor, at 17 she was unwed and pregnant her father lies and tells her the baby died at birth but in truth he SELLS the baby to Harland Maitland, who gives the baby to his daughter and her husband Jack and Clairise Maitland O'Hara. Connor is her SON.
Connor and Lacy are at a standstill she loves him he doesn't believe in love. REALLY, page, after page goes on about how he can't and he says "couldn't" love her. Lacy and Connor make love and the next day, Connor states that it was a mistake and she has nothing to fear that he will not take advantage of her again. Please ?? I want to yell GROW UP already, but immaturity is not the problem, finding out your adopted is hard enough, finding out you were SOLD to your adopted parents is worse.
After weeks with Connor and after their night together Lacy is pregnant and decides enough is enough and prepares to leave. Connor finds out and prevents her from leaving telling her that he does love her, she tells him about the baby and he is happy. She believes it is because of the baby and Chase; he thinks she doesn't want to marry him because again HE'S TO OLD. Stop beating the horse its dead...we get it he's old. Lacy loves Connor he now expresses his love for her, they get married.
At the end I just didn't feel a connection to the story, as it was only the second in the series I read it put me off the series, DISAPOINTING.

Try Melody Anne's Billionaire Bachelors or Lauren Dane Chase Brothers Taking Chase
  • Jonide
This book did too much rambling, and I didn't get a good background for Connor and Lacy. I had seen mentions of them in other books, but this one did not establish enough background for me to feel like I knew the characters. I normally like Marie Ferrarella's books better.
  • Maximilianishe
Another great light summer book from maitland maternity series
  • The Sphinx of Driz
Great story if you like older men stories
  • Skilkancar
Last book in one of our favorite series. Still leaves some questions but not ready to start another series right now.
  • Gavikelv
Connor O'Hara had no idea he was a father until very recently, but he is feeling all the paternal instincts in one rush. Janelle Davis and her spouse Petey have kidnapped Connor's child Chase demanding $5 million for the safe return of the baby. During the exchange, Connor gives the money to Petey, grabs Chase, and dives into the safety of the nearby vacant sugarhouse. Gunfire is exchanged leaving Petey dead and an acrimonious Janelle in custody.
Though Chase is safe, Connor wants to be part of his life. He needs to persuade Chase's mother Lacy Clark that he wants to nurture and raise the child even as he wants her in his life too. However, everyone has much to contend with beyond the dangerous abduction as secrets have been revealed with more to follow and Janelle still proves quite a threat to the well being of those touched by the expanding Maitland brood.
The twelfth Maitland Maternity tale is a strong romantic suspense novel that starts in first gear and never slows down until the end. The story line is entertaining though readers might need a score card to keep track of all the revelations since the series began. Lacy and Connor are warm lead characters and the support cast adds the usual depth expected from this touching series. Marie Ferranella augments what is turning into one of the better long running romantic series authored by different writers in quite a few years.

Harriet Klausner
  • Moonshaper
We finally find get the story of the real Conner O'Hara. Conner was the first born son of the Maitland Matriah Megan. He is not use to having a family or people to be so concerned about him.
When this book opens, Conner finds out that the little baby found on the Maitland Maternity Clinic steps is actually his baby boy. Born to him and Lacy Clark. Lacy used to work for Conner's adoptive parents. When Conner's mother (or the woman he thought was his mother) died, Lacy tried to console him and that is when the baby was conceived. Conner didn't want to be interested in Lacy and didn't want her to be interested in him. Conner was so much older than her, he felt she should have someone her own age. Lacy wasn't trying to hear it. She wanted Conner.
I think this is a good installment to the series. It was very emotional though. Megan trying to communicate with her son and vice versa.
Be sure to read the book before this one. Toddler's Tale another great one.