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by Barbara Gale

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Barbara Gale
Silhouette Special Edition; Original edition (February 22, 2005)
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And in Picking Up the Pieces by Barbara Gale, a world-famous journalist and a former top model risk scandal by following their hearts instead of their head. .

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Picking Up The Pieces by Barbara Gale released on Feb 22, 2005 is available now for purchase.
  • RED
This book was so boring. Is Barbara Gale and Eva Rutland the same person? If so, then I can understand why this book is soooooo boooooring! I threw it in the trash-where it definitely belongs!
  • Maman
Picking up the Pieces by Barbara Gale
Silhouette Special Edition # 1674 - March 2005

Upon entering the arrivals area of Kennedy Airport, Harry suddenly sees the woman who rejected him ten years before. Althea was very young and just making her name as a supermodel. Now ten years later, there she stands the ex-wife of an American Ambassador. Seems neither is leaving the airport anytime soon, there's a blizzard going on. Althea's not thrilled to have Harry's bitterness thrown at her, but she finds herself rescuing him when he suddenly collapses. She can't seem to leave him stranded on his own, and she rides with the ambulance. Seems Harry, the globe hopping photojournalist, has caught himself a very nasty bug from the Brazilian rain forest. This bug's got a huge hold on him, and it will be months for him to recover. Althea finds herself offering to take Harry home for his recovery. Harry's relieved and silently happy that he gets another chance with Althea. Only a relationship now won't work any more than it would have worked before. Althea's African American and Harry is most definitely blond and blue-eyed. Their relationship before nearly toppled Althea's career, a career she desperately needed to pull her mother up from poverty. Now, trying to get back into the modeling world after her divorce, Althea needs to figure out what all she's willing to give up.

This is my first book by Ms. Gale and I'm very glad I chose it. The interracial aspect was handled with great care and taste. Harry's a decent man who's caring heart wants only to be with Althea; he doesn't see the cold looks that are sent her way when they are in public. Althea learns to set aside the opinions of others and to follow her heart. A very touching story, one I'm very glad to have found its HEA
  • Jothris
This book was horrible.

The premise was that the two people (Harry and Althea) were lost loves who got back together after ten years and rekindled their relationship. Well, first off, in my opinion, the reason they broke up was that Althea was a selfish brat and ten years later Harry turns out to be a whiny brat. The book does not give any insight into their past relationship other than the fact that it ended badly. Also, we were not given any insight into the growth of either of these people. I did not know anything more about them at the end of the book than I did at the beginning.

According to the blurb on the back cover and in the book, the story was supposed to addres the sensitive issue of interracial dating and single motherhood. Well, it did a poor job on both of these. Althea and Harry are an interracial couple. Althea's friend, Benecia, had a child out of wedlock at age 17 and was put out of her mama's home. She was abandoned by the father and is raising her child alone. There. I have addressed it as much as the book did. That was it. No exaggeration.

One second Althea and Harry are adversaries snarling at each other over past issues and the next second, she is full of concern and love when he gets ill and then wham- they are in love again. There is no neat segue into the relationship.

The dialogue is poor and disjointed and the relationship makes no sense. Harry is crabby and clingy and whiny and unappealing as anyone's true love and the love scenes were vague and skimpy.

I did not ever get the sense that these 2 people knew each other as people let alone fell in love. There was not even the usual Harlequin "hate each other until the end of the book and then fall in love in the last chapter". There was nothing.

As for the interracial issues- there really were none. Other than a MINOR incident, I actually forgot these characters were interracial. Although the premise was that that was their problem, there real problem was that there was no chemistry between them as the story was written and they were both unappealing as people.

This book also had the obligatory secondary characters- the friends. These people were more annoying because they brought more confusion into an already messed up book. They did nothing to further the story and actually dragged it down even further with their own issues. There was no reason for the single motherhood thing to be a major issue in the book and the few times this was mentioned, it made as little sense as the rest of the story.

There are lots of great series romances and lots of great interracial romances. Harlequin and Silhouette are both starting to make strides in this area: black-white; white-asian or latina or arabian. This was not one of the good ones but props to Silhouette to trying to keep up with the changing colors in romance.
  • Fenrikasa
I don't know what to exactly say abou this particular book. Picking up the Pieces left me wanting more. Althea Almott was a model that got divorced from her rich husband and came back home to run straight into her ex-lover Harry Benson at the airport.

Harry Bensen had never stopped loving Althea and wanted to find a way to get her back into his life when he finds out about her divorce.

But what confused me about the book is I never knew why they exactly broke up. Was it a racial issue from her side or his side. Did Althea want her career more than him? How did they become lovers in the first place?

I could never really grasp the characters inside the story at all. They kept me wanting more, but I never get it. The concept of how the two got back together confused me too. Harry gets sick in the airport and Althea can't stand the sight of him and doesn't want him around her, but she tells the hospital she'll nurse him back to health? Why would she do that?

Harry loves her, but doesn't want to stay and fight for her after overhearing a small portion of a private converstion with her ex-husband. Instead he storms out and make Althea track him down and explain her feeling more?

I really never felt the love between the characters in the book and I wished I had.

Maybe I'm not use to reading Silhouette Romance books and that the reason the characters and plot didn't grab me, but I did't fall in love with the hero and heroine in this book.
  • Wenaiand
This book was extremely boring and made absolutely no sense. the characters were disjointed and unappealing. I gave it 1 star because I had to, it doesn't deserve any. If you can find it in your local library read it there, because this one is a definite DO NOT BUY
  • MisterMax
Barbara Gale wrote an excellent story of love lost and found. Harry & Althea fell in love but Althea had secrets. But they rediscover the love they once had! Excellent story and highly recommended by this IR reader!