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by Stacey Joy Netzel

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Stacey Joy Netzel
The Wild Rose Press, Inc. (Yellow Rose) (November 29, 2011)
348 pages
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Love finds a way during the four seasons in the Romancing Wisconsin Series.

AUTUMN BLISS, book 5. After a string of bad luck, Mallory Parker is convinced her future lies way beyond the streets of the small home town that stole her mother’s hopes and dreams. Love finds a way during the four seasons in the Romancing Wisconsin Series. Starting with the Christmas holiday/Winter, then moving on to Autumn, check out the first six books in this bestselling, heartwarming series set in small town Wisconsin. The mischievous matchmaker makes a cameo in each story-adding a touch of magic to the lives of everyone he loves, and even those he's just met.

If you are not a Stacey Joy Netzel fan yet, just pick up this book and you . Despite that, I enjoyed Trust in the Lawe. They’re both afraid to let go and fall in love and Stacey Jo Netzel did a great job in showing us that they belong together.

If you are not a Stacey Joy Netzel fan yet, just pick up this book and you will find you want to read all of her books. To sum it all up, Outstanding book, not to be missed. I HIGHLY recommend this book. Ms. Netzel has a way of making families come alive in a real and heartwarming way. She does kids really well. If you like feel-good, character driven books where good people and good families win out, you’ll enjoy Trust in the Lawe. One word for this book is wow and hope for more of this series to come.

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Colton Lawe has good reason to suspect Joel’s beautiful, long-lost sister isn’t what she seems-the little liar stole from him! He silently vows to expose her secrets, but long hours together on the ranch fosters a friendship and attraction neither of them expects. Can Kendra trust Colton with the full truth before Robert tracks them down?

Trust in the Lawe (Colorado Trus. tacey Joy Netzel. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Stacey Joy Netzel is an avid reader and loves all movies with a happily ever after.

Trust in the Lawe (Colorado Trus. 4. Shattered Trust (Colorado Trus. 5. Dare to Trust (Colorado Trus. She lives in Wisconsin with her family, a couple horses and some barn cats. In her limited free time she enjoys gardening, canning, and visiting her parents in Northeastern Wisconsin, Up North, at the family cabin on the lake.

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Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. 1. Queen of the Dead.

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Stacey Joy Netzel - the complete book list . Book 3 in the award-winning, bestselling romantic suspense Italy Intrigue Series "Stacey Joy Netzel meets Indiana Jones. The story has it all, intrigue, suspense, danger and a incredible ending  . Evidence of Trust, book 1 Trust by Design, book 2 Trust in the Lawe, book 3 Shattered Trust, book 4 Dare to Trust, book 5~EVIDENCE OF TRUST.

Download books for free. Trust in the Law. Download (rar, . 4 Mb).

Kendra Zelner has three brothers: Eight-year old Noah she's determined to protect, Joel who has no clue she exists, and Robert who wants her dead. With reason to be distrustful of cops, she takes Noah and flees their Manhattan home for Joel's ranch in Colorado. Under the pretense of needing a job, she plans to hide out until her twenty-fifth birthday, when she'll inherit her trust fund and legally gain custody of Noah away from Robert's greedy hands. Unfortunately, her brother's sexy, infuriating ranch manager insists on demolishing her defenses and digging into her past. Colton Lawe has good reason to suspect Joel's beautiful, long-lost sister isn't what she seems'the little liar stole from him! He silently vows to expose her secrets, but long hours together on the ranch fosters a closeness and fiery attraction neither of them expects. Can Kendra trust Colton with the full truth before Robert finds them'
  • Oso
Loved this book. I really enjoyed the various relationship building that took place in this book. The main one is between Colton and Kendra and is full of chemistry. Kendra has a younger brother, Noah and knows that she is a half sister to Joel. Due to the connection with Joel there are also relationships developed with Brittany and her/Joel's kids. The fast bond between Noah and the kids was touching. This book has more humor than the previous book just due to the family interactions.

This book has suspense weaved in but focuses more on the relationships and building of trust. I really enjoyed this series addition. This book closes out questions I had from book 1, Evidence of Trust. The only items that I felt needed clarification are Gina and the timeline around Joel's mom's departure. I read the previous books so I know who Gina is but she was never described in this book. if I read this as a standalone I would wonder who she was. Maybe I misread in the first book but I estimated their ages differently from book 1 than I did this book.
  • Duktilar
Complications for Kendra Zelner and her little brother find her on the run from New York City to a small town in Colorado, where she is now penniless and trying to make her way to the ranch of her step-brother, whom she has never seen. A bit of intrigue, a little romance, some real danger, and characters interesting enough to make you want to turn the page to see what happens next; those are just some of the hallmarks of "Trust In The Lawe" by Stacey Joy Netzel. Colton Lawe seems like the perfect cowboy, and Kendra's adventures involving this man are sometimes humorous, sometimes steamy, but always interesting. You will enjoy it start to finish.
  • INvait
Cowboys, horses, kids, romance and suspense--this book has it all. I've loved everything I've ever read by Stacey Joy Netzel, and Trust in the Lawe is no exception--I'll volunteer to be president of the Stacey Joy Netzel Fan Club any day. Stacey has a flare for creating very real characters that come to life on the page. Colton Lawe and Kendra Zellner are real people with secrets, and the two sizzle everytime they come in contact with one another. The supporting cast of characters added a lot of depth to the story. Added to all of the above, Stacey's way of putting words on the page keeps you engrossed and keeps you turning those pages. Turst in the Lawe has everything you could want in an entertaining read. I highly recommend this book.
  • Akinonris
I enjoyed this book immensely. Colton's is another great addition to this series. Love, humor, a touch of suspense and yet another great read from this author. She is one of my favorites.
  • Thoginn
I'm just starting this book! But all of her books are good books!
  • terostr
This book pulled me in from the first page, and didn't let go. The characters weren't just pretty faces. They had depth and were in deep trouble. I kept reading to find out what was going to happen next. The author didn't disappoint. A great mix of romance and suspense, and the extras were the Colorado setting, the horses, and a small, vulnerable boy in danger.
  • Nilabor
Love it
I am already for the next book in this series. I think that this author is one of my favorite authors. The characters are awesome and so real. Wonderful. KATHY