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by Charlotte Hughes

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Charlotte Hughes
Loveswept (March 1, 1995)
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Charlotte Hughes is the author of over forty bestselling romance and comedy novels. Born in Williamston, South Carolina, Hughes grew up there and in Texas.

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. From NY Times bestselling author Charlotte Hughes: Frannie Brisbane knew it was an impossible scheme. NY Times bestselling author Charlotte Hughes published her first category romance in 1987, a Bantam Books Loveswept, titled Too Many Husbands, which immediately shot to on the Waldenbooks Bestseller list. She went on to write almost thirty books before the line closed in 1998.

By. Charlotte Hughes. NY Times bestselling author. Husband Wanted was originally published as a Loveswept paperback in 1995 by Bantam Books, a division of Bantam, Doubleday, Dell Publishing Group, Inc. It has since been updated and revised. Frannie opened the medicine cabinet, hesitating a second before reaching for a bottle of aftershave. The Content that follows is a work of fiction. Characters, incidents and dialogue are drawn from the author’s imagination, and any resemblance to actual persons and events is coincidental.

She smelled gardenia. Clay nudged her in the direction of a concrete bench, and she sat down. I’m sorry, she sputtered. I can’t believe I fell apart. I guess I’m under a lot of stress, what with my daughter coming and al. .He sat there for a moment, quietly, waiting for the tears to subside. Finally, she seemed more in control. Like I said, Frannie, I never made fun of yo.He remembered the rumors he’d heard about her and wondered about them

When Charlotte Hughes contacted me about a read request for Husband Wanted, I was excited to get started reading.

When Charlotte Hughes contacted me about a read request for Husband Wanted, I was excited to get started reading. I thought that the whole idea behind the book was interesting and something I had never read before and I was interested in a new experience. Husband Wanted is a simple story about a woman (Frannie) who had given up her infant when she was a teenager and the novel follows Frannie through that first meeting when the child (Mandy) is 13 years old. The only problem is that Frannie has.

Frannie Brisbane knew it was an impossible scheme, but unless she went through with it, the daughter she had given up thirteen years ago and who now wanted to visit, would discover that Frannie had painted a very different picture of her life in the letters they’d exchanged. Frannie’s close friends rally around her, and next thing she knows, she is living in a mansion and wearing designer clothes. The only thing missing is a husband.

ooks Bestseller list. Although Charlotte is widely known for her laugh-out-loud romantic comedies, she went on to pen three Maggie-Award winning thrillers for Avon Books in the late nineties, before resuming her first love, funny stories about people falling in love.

Hughes (Loveswept paperback) Bantam Books 1989. Loveswept Novel 365. Blue Mitchum had grown up the bad boy of Peculia .

Scoundrel by Charlotte Hughes (Loveswept paperback) Bantam Books 1989. except in the pages of her diary, where she'd confessed how much she wanted the dark-haired rebel with Indian blood and stark blue eyes to kiss her breathless! Now she was back in town, but as Cassandra D'Clair, world-famous model and divorced mother of twins-and living under the same roof with the man she'd never forgotten, or stopped yearning for.

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Items related to TOO MANY HUSBANDS (Loveswept Classics Charlotte Hughes TOO MANY HUSBANDS (Loveswept Classics ISBN 13: 9780553550092. TOO MANY HUSBANDS (Loveswept Classics Charlotte Hughes. Publisher: Bantam Books, 1994.

With the help of customers and friends, Fannie Brisbane prepares to meet, as a rich and married woman, the daughter she gave up for adoption, but then Clay Bodine offers to play her husband. Original.
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Juggling her time between work and studies, Frannie receives a letter from the child she abandoned thirteen years ago. This leads to lies, deceit, and... a newfound love perhaps?

As Frannie sugarcoats her life to her daughter Mandy, she founds herself in a situation that was to expose her insecurities. The Colemans, the well-known, well-off family in town, offers her a solution she couldn't refuse - even if it meant having to pretend to be Clay's wife. As the three play pretend to be a family, the whole charade seems to be taking a toll on Frannie and Clay's hearts that they couldn't help but grow fond of each other despite the circumstances.

Husband Wanted is another masterpiece from Charlotte Hughes. It's a quick read, but it's nothing short of amazing. Like most of her previous works, the dialogues are humorous and I couldn't help but giggle.

I can relate to the heroine so much. She's realistic and thinks things through. It's understandable that she has reservations, but when she knows what she wants, then she'll go head-on. What I like most about Clay is his sincerity. In a plot full of lies, he has been honest with her and it's really charming.

All in all, it's sweet, surprising, and satisfying! I will surely read it over and over.
  • Malara
This book was a short light read. Perfect for vacation (beach read), that is quick and easy.
The plot is unrealistic, but it is fiction so that is okay. The ending is the happy ever after most of us like.
  • Stan
I always enjoy Charlotte's characters. This one even had me laughing out loud at certain points. On to another Charlotte Hughes book.
  • Siralune
Sweet story. I knew someone who went through something similar. Unfortunately, it didn't have a happy ending! My daughter liked it too.
  • Velellan
I thought it was a good book. It's your typical romance/love story. I liked the characters from the beginning and loved the ending.
  • Dddasuk
Fun lighthearted romantic comedy. Easy afternoon read! Charlotte Hughes writes engaging and entertaining stories every time!!!
  • Tygrafym
It's a tad out there but it's very cute and sweet with a side of frustration for most of the characters.
Typically romance stories are a bit wild in order to bring the protagonists together and this one is no exception. A few naughty older people, a young girl hunting for her birth mother and a wealthy bachelor who is at loggerheads with his father - one of the naughty old people - and you have the cast for this novel.

It was a light, pleasant read, nothing outstanding about it but easy to follow. The characters were good people if a little mad and the advent of the adopted daughter hardly caused a ripply. There was none of the interaction between Frannie and Mandy which I would have expected, but they both managed to overcome each other's deceit fairly well.