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by Crymsyn Hart

Download Fur and Feathers: A Raven Saga Book 2 eBook
Crymsyn Hart
Amira Press (November 28, 2009)
190 pages
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This is a work of fiction. All characters and events portrayed in this novel are fictitious or used fictitiously.

This is a work of fiction. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book, or portions thereof, in any form. ISBN: 978-1-934475-67-6.

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Raven (Legends Saga book 2). Authors: Stacey Rourke. Black feathers broke free as the raven thrashed for freedom, only to have the fight leave its body in a gush of crimson. Scooping up the lifeless bird with her arthritic claw, the woman squeezed it over her cast iron skillet to drain its fluids. MoreLess Show More Show Less.

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Gods and Mummies, Oh My! by Crymsyn Hart. ISBN 9781600545146 (978-1-60054-514-6) Softcover, loveyoudivine, 2010. Coauthors & Alternates.

Поиск книг BookFi BookSee - Download books for free. A Conspiracy of Ravens. Hart Crymsyn R. Категория: fiction. 245 Kb.

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Andrew is such a gifted storyteller; this book will be a treasure to both children and adults. James Bryan Smith, author of Room of Marvels; Rich Mullins: An Arrow Pointing to Heaven, and Embracing the Love of God; co-author of Devotional Classics with Richard J. Foster. And gray fur. Not to mention two pointed ears and long, dangerous fangs. To the suspicious folk of the Green Hollows he looks like a monster.

An ancient and dark predator stalks the pack. Alena has been hiding from her heritage for years. She left behind her past after the death of her uncle. Now her estranged family has found her and begs her to come home. Darius has been assigned to investigate the death of two werewolf children and granted a semi-reprieve from his Raven Warrior curse. Not happy with his new mission, Darius discovers the pack's killer is not the hunter he thinks it is. Will Alena face her past before the hunter kills again? Can Darius face the ancient evil and live?
  • Xtintisha
Entertainingly Suspenseful!

I am smiling thinking about how creative the author's imagination is - totally Brilliant! The smooth writing is addicting and thrilling. I loved how the author took an ancient dark predator from our own world and put it in her fiction world. The story completely captivated me from the beginning with the story line of wolf pups being savagely cut up and killed but as the story went on it got so intense that the suspense about killed me - I couldn't put the book down or turn the pages fast enough - Totally entertaining and suspenseful. Now I know why our society never found Jack the Ripper - LOL

The characters warm up to you by the middle of the book. I didn't know what to think about Darius the Raven Warrior in the beginning. After I understood his hatred towards women and how he became cursed then I was able to identify with him. Alena on the other hand, I immediately identified with her right away and loved how she grew even stronger by the end of the story once she embraced her wolf.

I love how this series is truly mysterious and magical. I love how the Raven Warrior's curse is broken when they find their true mate and that they can shift at will back to human form when with their mate. If no mate then they spend eternity staying in Raven Form until the full moon when they have a few days in human form. Cruel Curse but bitter sweet when it is broken.

This was a 2011 Christmas Present from the author and I am so honored I got to read this and keep it on my shelf to read. I wish I would of picked it up sooner because it is a great read. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.
  • Monam
An ancient curse turned Darius into a Raven Warrior, assigned to watch over special charges. Darius spends his days in raven form, only allowed to take human form during the cycle of the full moon.

A werewolf father and a human psychic mother had given Alena the label of half-breed as a child by the pack. After a severe beating by the pack leader and the accidental death of her parents, Alena grows up among humans.

Content with owning and operating a restaurant, Alena is appalled when her cousin Jaime locates her and begs her to return to the pack and help figure out who is murdering their children. The death toll rises and a Raven Warrior is called in to help uncover the killer. Sparks fly between Darius and Alena even though they wish the chemistry wasn't there. The clock is ticking however, and Alena may be the next target no matter what Darius does to try and save her.

Fur and Feathers brings together two diverse groups with a werewolf clan and the Raven Warriors in one multi-character saga. The mystery and suspense is there but too much description sadly bogs down the excitement. Also, Darius is hard to love, his bitterness and attitude, while perhaps appropriate to his original time period, grates rather than endears readers. I wanted to like this unique paranormal but I just couldn't connect with this story, plus the ending is clear out of left field.

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