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by Kristen Kyle

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Kristen Kyle
Fanfare; First Edition edition (May 4, 1999)
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The Last Warrior book. I hope Ms Kyle writes more stories just like this one, with the melding of East and West.

The Last Warrior book. Thank you Random House Publishing Group for the ARC.

Kristen Kyle has always been a die-hard romantic

Часто встречающиеся слова и выражения. Kristen Kyle has always been a die-hard romantic. Although roses and dinner by candlelight are nice, what really ignites her imagination are stories packed with action, conflict, a headstrong heroine, a dark and dangerous hero, and, most of all, passion and love. Her goal is to provide the reader with a page-turner of a story.

бесплатно, без регистрации и без смс. East and west collideand two lives will never be the same. A new love is rising in this thrilling novel of romance and revenge from Kristen Kyle. Captain Jake Talbert has come to San Francisco on an all-consuming quest for the precious samurai swords he once wore as a warrior in his adopted homeland of Japan. Jake will go to any lengths to retrieve the heirloomsand the honor he lost along with them.

East and west collide-and two lives will never be the same. A new love is rising in this thrilling novel of romance and.

For my first grandbaby, Rylan Jace, who already holds my heart in his sweet little hands. Most of us don’t like the Tribal Council’s decision to bring in a belagana to write this book on Navajo culture, but is it really worth being at odds with Charley over? You have different opinions.

A Loveswept Classic Romance. About The Last Warrior. East and west collide-and two lives will never be the same. A new love is rising in this thrilling novel of romance and revenge from Kristen Kyle

A Loveswept Classic Romance. Category: Historical Romance Women’s Fiction. Jake will go to any lengths to retrieve the heirlooms-and the honor he lost along with them.

Jake will go to any lengths to regain them-and the honor he lost along with them. He is prepared to fight if he must, but he does not foresee the battle he is about to face-or the spirited opponent determined to get in his way.

The Last Warrior: A Loveswept Classic Romance. The Last Warrior - Kristen Kyle.

Books by Kristen Kyle. Touched by Gold: A Novel (eBook). The Last Warrior: A Loveswept Classic Romance (eBook). by Kristen Kyle (Author). Category: Romance, Fiction & Literature.

A couple nights’ sleep had done wonders for reestablishing the emotional distance that had served her well the last two years. And the fact that she hadn’t seen or heard from Joe Youngblood since she’d given him those pictures hadn’t hurt, either. The knock sounded again, and something inside her eased.

Meghan McLowery offers to give the notorious Captain Talbert five exquisite swords if he saves her father from the deadly Chinese Tong, but she does not know that the captain will stop at nothing to get what he wants--honor, revenge, and a woman's heart. Original.
  • Isha
I just finished reading this fantastic story titled The Last Warrior. The characters are Captain Jake Talbert and Meghan McLowry who meet the first time in a Japanese bath house. It seems that Meg has need of the Captain's talent in the fighting ability he displays. She wants him to be a bodyguard for her father because he's been assaulted twice and almost killed. Meg using her only bargaining chip: five swords that she has and that Jake wants. You also see two lonely people who come together because of fate. You will laugh and cry over this book. I didn't want it to end.
  • Hasirri
San Francisco in the 1870s, Meghan McLowry fear for the life of her father, who she suspects is being targeted by the Tongs (Chinese criminal organization) for a business deal gone bad. She needs to find the best bodyguard that money can buy. Someone who isn't afraid to stand up to the Tong, and someone who knows their culture and can speak their language. When she hears rumors about Captain Jacob Talbert, a white man who fights like a Japanese warrior, she knows exactly who she wants to hire for the job, but finding him and getting him to take the job proves to be a difficult task.

Captain Jake Talbert was shipwrecked on the shores of Japan as a young boy. Adopted into a Japanese family, he learned the way of the Samurai, until a devastating attack left him shamed. With no family or home, he vowed to make things right and restore honor to his family's name by retrieving five swords that once belonged to his family. After searching for sixteen years, the trail finally leads him to San Francisco and to a fiery woman, who pushes all of his buttons to a most surprising outcome. When she offers him the very treasure he's spent half his life searching for in return for his services, he's livid, but he can't say no.

I LOVED this story! So much so, that I didn't want it to end. I don't read many historical romances, but The Last Warrior will forever have a special place in my heart. I have never read a historical romance that melds both East and West. The rich, colorful world of the Orient with its rigid yet graceful influences spill over into a growing, bustling and untamed city that is San Francisco.

I loved Akira. The older Japanese Samurai with a good old proverb at the ready was the soothing balm amidst the turmoil. His wisdom and sense of humor made the younger folks stop and think. Callie and Jake made a great pairing. Callie was a little annoying at first, pushing her agenda on Jake regardless of his feelings. When Jake shows up for the first time, it's obvious that Callie has no idea how much trouble she's going to be in. Good trouble. Some of my favorite scenes involve the iguanas, and later, the significance of the white kimono. Meghan is not the type of woman that Jake likes. While he's used to the exotic beauties of Japan - quiet, gentle, submissive, with ivory skin and raven black hair, Meghan is the exact opposite - blonde, blue-eyed, loud and independent. Jake learns quickly that he enjoys her sass, and her fiery retorts. She matches him wit for wit, and is verbally his equal on every level. Meg is not so quick so notice how much she enjoys the verbal sparring, but that made the pair very likeable and was the source of some very funny moments.

Jake is the perfect tortured hero. His past has defined his present, and as the story unfolds, he gradually learns that the future he's heading towards is very different from what he had imagined. The chemistry with Meg was full of sexual tension that was released in believable increments, and I absolutely believed that these two could fall in love despite their backgrounds. Meg also goes through her own evolution, realizing that her life is pretty meaningless in the scope of things. Where Jake fights for the weak and with great integrity, her friend Mary Lambert has risked being shunned by society to help Chinese orphans being forced into prostitution. Being in close contact with those two people makes Meg reevaluate her life and her purpose. I thought that was very noble. When tragedy strikes, Meg risks losing everything. Will she come to her senses fast enough to have a chance at the life she's always wanted?

I hope Ms Kyle writes more stories just like this one, with the melding of East and West. I'd buy every single one of them.

Thank you Random House Publishing Group for the ARC.

Disclaimer: A review in exchange for the ARC was not promised. The views and opinions expressed in this review are my own, and in no way represent the views or opinions of the publisher/distributor.
  • Hanelynai
THE LAST WARRIOR by Kristen Kyleis an exciting and intriguing historical romance set in 1870 San Francisco. It is an action packed,fast paced story of love,romance,and betrayal. Meet Captain Jake Talbert and Meghan McLowry on a journey of passion,healing and forgiveness. "The Last Warrior" has everything a historical,romance,Americana reader could possibly want in a wonderful story. It has Samurai swords,Samurai warrior,Chinese,Japanese,vengeance,Chinese prostitution, the Tong,justice,respect,redemption,finding a previous heirloom,and winning the love of a lifetime. I have found another historical author. I enjoyed this story. It is a keeper and a sit on the edge of your seat with engaging characters,and an intriguing plot. Jake is a true hero and every girls dream warrior. Meghan is a true heroine who is not only stubborn,determined,but who is also feisty. "The Last Warrior" crosses the boundaries between east and west,American and Japanese,love and revenge. Received for an honest review from the publisher and Net Galley. Details can be found at Loveswept,Random House Digital,Inc. and My Book Addiction and More.



REVIEWED BY: AprilR,My Book Addiction and More/My Book Addiction Reviews
  • Urtte
I have a new author on my favorites list: Kristin Kyle. THE LAST WARRIOR, an historical set in 1870 San Francisco, is filled with edge-of-your-seat action, page-turning suspense and lots of heart-pounding romance. Meghan McLowry is a Nob Hill socialite in search of a tough-as-nails fighter to protect her father from assassination attempts by a Chinese gang leader. She finds her man in Captain Jake Talbert, and American raised in Japan as a samurai warrior. Using heirloom swords as her bait, she coerces him into helping her. Though their relationship begins antagonistically and both their differences and his past seem insurmountable, they begin to discover their many shared passions. While Kristen Kyle definitely has her own unique voice and style, this story shares the exotic planes of a Laura Kinsdale and the sexy romance of a Susan Johnson. Do not pick up THE LAST WARRIOR to read before you go to bed unless it is not vitally important you get a full night's sleep. You won't put this one down.
  • Togar
Ms. Kyle successfully brought the Eastern and Western worlds together in her characters. I really enjoyed the story line and it was filled with humor, history, and emotion. The leading female character was strong as well as stubborn, which made for a very interesting storyline when she meets and tries to manipulate the hero. Ms. Kyle did her research and I enjoyed the book. I am looking forward to reading more of her books soon.
  • Quemal
The Last Warrior is a perfect blend of history, romance and adventure. I couldn't turn the pages of this unique novel fast enough. Jake Talbert and Meghan McLowry are rich, multi-faceted characters who captured my heart from page one. Intelligently written and interlaced with Japanese culture and beautiful poetry, The Last Warrior will keep you up until the wee hours