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by Gayle Buck

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Gayle Buck
Signet (June 4, 1986)
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Love's Masquerade book. Regency Romance by Gayle Buck; originally published by Signet.

Love's Masquerade book. Hetta Stanton’s guardian transformed her into a beautiful butterfly for. Regency Ro Hetta Stanton’s guardian transformed her into a beautiful butterfly for her London season. But beauty brought it’s challenges: three men vying for her affections. Jonathan Markham, who wanted her to go back home, with him. Sir Rupert Sikes, who lived up to his reputation by being irresistibly charming. And the Earl of Davenchester, who was only proper in publi. egency Romance by Gayle Buck; originally published by Signet.

Series: Signet Regency Romance. Mass Market Paperback: 224 pages. 8 people found this helpful. Publisher: Signet (March 2, 2004). This really made me believe that Artemis's and Brian's love was true and was one that would last forever. Brian was a wonderfully charming hero; while even though Artemis was molded along the lines of a more feisty minded heroine, she was NOT (thank goodness) one of those annoyingly silly, idiotic ones, and was actually intelligent and courageous.

Five Star Romance - Love For Lucinda (Five Star Romance). This is one of the better regency romances that I've read. Though I felt that the story dragged some first. Righteous Rakehell (Signet Regency Romance). I think more emphasis should have been placed on the "Ton's" reaction after Sinjin and Mary got the last laugh.

Signet Books was an imprint of the New American Library (NAL), which was established as an autonomous American publishing house after branching off from its British-based parent company, Penguin Books. Signet had the longest running Regency series, beginning in the late 1970s and ending in February 2006. It generally published three books each month, though this varied over the years. Signet also produced reissues, both of their own previous releases as well as those of other publishers.

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If you love to read and you love the monarchy, step inside a world you never knew existed and get the steamy details about what life and love were all about all those years ago when people like this seemed to have it all. These stories will excite you, amuse you, interest you, and even make you a little envious. Here are the best historical & regency romance novels that you’ll fall in love with again and again. Author: Sandra Heath. Author: Georgette Heyer This book offers 11 extraordinary stories that tells of orphans and rascals, rakes and heirs, not to mention numerous beauties and their beaus.

Transformed into a dazzling beauty with the aid of her guardian, Lady Hetta Stanton is pursued by three determined gentlemen--the Earl of Davenchester, Sir Rupert Sikes, and Jonathan Markham
  • LadyShlak
Overall "Love's Masquerade" was an enjoyable read for me. It is really well written with well drawn characters. Furthermore, the plot, while not original, is still interesting and kept me engaged from start to finish. However, I did have a few issues with the book.

The heroine, Miss Hetta Stanton, is the 21 year old, orphaned daughter of a Viscount...there are apparently no other Stanton men to inherit the title, thus Hetta has inherited her father's property. Enter her maternal cousin, Jonathan, who, for reasons unknown, is determined to marry Hetta. He is so determined, as a matter of fact, that nothing Hetta says to the contrary, will sway him from his purpose. Hetta is rescued from the uncomfortable presence of Jonathan, when her godmother, who is also her legal guardian, invites her to London for a season. Hetta happily departs her beloved country estate for the delights of London.

On the way to London, she encounters some difficulties and the hero, Michael Anthony, comes to her rescue. The rest of the story that follows is a relatively typical Regency set romance.

Hetta is quite the naive young miss, in so many ways. It is never made known exactly when her mother died, but one gets the impression that it was when Hetta was fairly young, because she has no idea about the rules and restrictions of society. As a result, Hetta does make a few social blunders, and it's only due to her godmother's influence, as well as Lord Anthony's, that Hetta survives her first season without totally ruining her reputation (silly things like dancing four times with the same Almacks no less! The shock of it all! LOL)

In any event, Lord Anthony (really he should be Lord Davenchester because that is his title! Why, why, why, do authors keep getting forms of address incorrect????!) is a bit of a tease; he is constantly tormenting Hetta with his somewhat sharp tongue. Add to that, the fact that the reader gets very little insight from Michael, and it left one wondering at times what he was really thinking. He didn't act very lover-like, for the most part...though he was protective.

Most of the scenes between Michael and Hetta encompass them arguing, usually because he would taunt her about something and make her angry. We did hear about moments when he was sweet to her, but for the most part we, the readers, hear about those moments, rather than reading them for ourselves. In that respect, the romance aspect of the story is a bit disappointing.

Additionally, at times, Hetta's naivety extends almost to the point of stupidity. For instance, she is warned about Sir Robert, Michael's cousin, by several people, including her godmother. But, through sheer stubbornness, Hetta decides that she is capable of making her own decisions about who she associates with. When Hetta is finally made privy to a few of the rumors about Sir Robert, she thinks that of course he can't be as bad as everyone makes him out to be...not such a distinguished and handsome gentleman. There were a few times when I wanted to shake Hetta until her teeth rattled, she irritated me that much.

Despite her sometimes idiotic conduct, I really liked Hetta. She is very spirited, stubborn, (sometimes overly so) and strong willed, but she is also kind, and thoughtful.

The other thing I didn't really like about the book is the fact that, in the beginning of the story we are given way too much detail, about everything; every minute movement of each character in a scene; detailed description of the surroundings; and so on and so forth. After a while it became redundant; I mean the first 40% of the book encompasses details relating to a 24 hour period...from the time Hetta receives her godmother's invitation through her first day in London. After a while I began to wonder if we'd ever get to the "meat" of the story.

In spite of these drawbacks, I did enjoy this book. Regency set romance novels is my favorite genre to read, so it takes a lot for me to categorize one as being "bad." I would have loved more insight from Michael, and more "sweet moments" between him and Hetta, but for the most part, this is a good read.
  • Abandoned Electrical
This book leaves a lot to be desired. The heroine is very immature and stupid. The hero was not particularly likeable. I couldn't make myself finish it.
  • Tejar
Yet another wonderful regency from Gayle Buck. This one literally moved me during the final confrontation between the hero and the villain. I do wish the irredeemable rake of the story would be redeemed one day because I liked him for a few moments but alas, the Hero prevails in this case and deservedly so. I wish there had been just a little bit more interaction between the Hero and heroine. Too much of their conversation was underhanded and ill-tempered especially on the Hero's part. I much prefer to actually read scenes in person than to have them talked about between characters or even thought about by a principle. Other than that no complaints. Unlike other regencies I had no problem with this subplot. It was very well done. All the characters were well-written as well although sometimes it was hard to fathom why certain characters behaved in certain ways before things are finally expressed to the heroine, which of course only underscores said behavior in the long run. A very satisfying read. Highly recommended for all Regency Romance lovers.
  • Vivaral
I've enjoyed many books from this author but this one is a real clunker. The heroine keeps making the same mistake over and over again, she is warned about a certain man by several different people yet she continues to see him, and even when she overhears terrible insults about herself from the guy he very easily gets her to see him alone yet again. There is a difference between being naive and just downright stupid, and this so called heroine was definitely stupid, she was also obstinate and she treated the hero pretty shabbily, I really don't know what he saw in her. There was nothing about her that made her stand out other than her incredible stupidity.

Sorry Buck but you dropped the ball on this one.
  • Quendant
Miss Hetta Stanton's recieves a letter from her godmother and guardian requesting for company during the London season. She has three suitors after her affections. One is her cousin, Jonathan Markham whom she destests, Sir Rupert Sikes and the Earl of Davenchester.

She gets herself in some scrapes since she is unknown to the ways of London society. She must learn who to trust and follow her heart. Clean romantic Regency book

If I could I would have given it 4.5 Stars because the author goes back and forth using miss and my lady but if I remember correctly her father doesn't hold a title.

Very glad her books are now available through kindle!!
  • Viashal
This was a very interesting read, not the usual boy meet girl fall in love or else hate each other with all the usual,misunderstandings, this had a plot lots of villains and a confused lined whose body was it I thought bought villains walk away