by Olivia Gates

Olivia Gates
Harlequin Mills & Boon (January 7, 2005)
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Airborne Emergency book. Ms. Gates has a truly unique and fresh voice. Another unique medical drama by Olivia Gates, this time onboard a flying hospital.

Airborne Emergency book. Fasten your seatbelt. urbulence ahead!Surgeon Cassandra S. . Vidal and Cassandra have such a complex past and so much to work through their relationship is a rollercoaster, even as the medical drama and the hostage situation their mission falls prey to escalates their passion. Amazing story and use of medical scenarios.

The sheikh surgeon’s proposal. Olivia Gates has followed many dreams in her life. But there has been only one she was able to pursue single-mindedly, even though it seemed the most impossible of them all: to write romance novels. The fairytale realisation of her dreams came-after years of constantly learning, writing and submitting her manuscripts-when Harlequin Mills & Boon bought her first Medical™ Romance. It was a dream come true, combining her her one magnificent whole.

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Emergency medical services in the United Kingdom - An ambulance of the South Western Ambulance Service .

airborne/auxiliary power unit - A unit designed to provide pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical power for main engine starting and aircraft services on the ground and as an emergency source during the flight. It consists of a small gas turbine engine, designed so that th. Aviation dictionary.

Cassandra, the youngest daughter of a prestigious family, ignores the disapproval of her parents and becomes a member of a team of surgeons providing medical care in Africa. Even though the project will take her into combat zones, she’s sure it’s worth the risk. But when she learns that an old acquaintance is also on the team, Cassandra suddenly wants to leave the mission behind.

The shrieks continued, rising to a manic pitch. Her first impulse was to rush to help. It must be all her medical training, and probably her genes as well. People were running, some away from the source of disturbance. She made out enough to know there’d been an accident.

  • Cordantrius
There aren't a lot of these that I can honestly describe as "unique," so I'm glad I took a chance on this one. The setting is largely a variation on the Mediciens sans Frontiers/Doctors Without Borders concept called the GAO. Both of the main characters are doctors, so there's no intellectual inequality. (Fair warning: the male MC is the female MC's foster brother. Some folks find that a little hinky, even though there's no blood relationship.)

Plot has a lot going on: foreign locales, action sequences, medical jargon (that's a little weak), relationship drama and family drama. Overall, a good read that delivered on the surprises.
  • I'm a Russian Occupant
This book was simply awesome. I love the instant fire between both characters. Arthur the father play such a strong and caring role in this book
  • Mash
I will be honest, I avoid romances between step siblings :/ I don't like them but I wanted to give this book a chance since was wrote by one of my favorite romance author ;) and after I read the first chapters I understood where Vidal came from, so it was more easy to continue reading the story.
Cassandra St. James adores Vidal since she was a child, and she still has feelings for him as woman. She realized that when they met again for a humanitarian work with GAO in which Vidal is the mission leader. They haven't seen each other in 14 years!
During their mission Vidal and Cassandra will confront many situations that will help to grow up their relationship. I loved how strong and smart were both characters, the chemistry between them was real, the medical dialogues during the surgery scenes were awesome.
Olivia Gates provide us another beautiful, strong and alfa male hero as usually (I love them especially their ages, Vidal is 42 :3 )

Great book! I missed an Epilogue with a cute little baby ;)

  • Nto
Airborne Emergency by Olivia Gates
Mills & Boon Medical Romance # 1249 - January 2005

From the time Cassandra St. James was three years old, she'd been thoroughly entranced by Vidal, demanding all of his attention; only the then 14 year old Vidal was determined not to stand out or disappoint Cassandra's parents who had taken him in as a foster son. By the time she turned 16, Vidal knew he had to break from the St. James family or risk taking what Cassandra was beginning to offer. And for 14 years, Cassandra has resented and despised the man she thought Vidal had become. Now she's a highly trained trauma surgeon and enlisted with the GAO (Global Aid Organization) as it's chief surgeon and second in command of the very first Jet Hospital mission. What Cassandra hadn't known when she signed on, was that Vidal was going to be the Mission Leader. Even before the plane leaves London, both realize the grueling three-month multi-nation mission they've embarked on is going to be pure hell.

There's just something about a man who has no inkling that he's a real hero. Vidal is sensitive of his childhood and in his opinion will never be good enough for any woman, esp. Cassandra. It takes awhile for Cassandra to recognize her prejudice and to realize Vidal is a true hero. This is a story of two souls that battle their own misconceptions of each other and of themselves and learn that their paths have been guided by destiny. This is an awesome love story, written by an awesome writer! Ms. Gates has a truly unique and fresh voice. When you read lines like this ... "Dios, Cassandra, was none of it real? Did you never give me one kiss, one touch, one hug, for me? I don't even have any of that of you? I can't keep my memories?" .... you can't help but feel that gut-wrenching tug. I can't wait for my eHarl order for October to arrive, so I can devour Ms. Gates latest release! :D
  • Beanisend
Like any other stories written by Olivia Gates, this one is that great, you don't want to put it down until the book ends. Love the twist of the story. Love the evolution of her way of writing now, it goes to doctors without border type which is very suspenseful and exciting. Being a die hard fan of Gates. I certainly bought all her books.