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by Barbara Cartland

Download Riding to the Moon eBook
Barbara Cartland
Bantam Books (October 1983)
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  • Zodama
Excellent story with great characters. I really love this book. The storyline keeps you guessing which way it will really turn. No poor and sad girl but one with a more interesting story. The Marquis, her two rescuers, and the bad guy keeps you reading.
  • Ximinon
The Marquis of Ardsley is admired, loved, and sometimes disliked. His cynical remarks in White's Club about women, and his insistence that a gentleman can marry only someone blueblooded, cause Lord Frodham and Sir James Overton to make a bet of a hundred guineas that they will introduce him to a tradesman's daughter so beautiful that he will not be aware of her origin. The two young men scour London for this woman, without success. Then, on the way to stay with the Marquis and take part in his Steeple-Chase, they save a girl from being dragged to London against her wil to marry a fortune-hunter. Indira proves to be not only beautiful and intelligent but also an exceptional rider, she interests and intrigues the Marquis, but when she is faced with treachery and blackmail she disappears. (hardcover edition) Read this book and find out what happens! Great book!