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Download Thomas' Calculus Part 1 (Single Variable, chs. 1-11) (11th Edition) (Chapters 1-11 Pt. 1) eBook

by George B. Thomas,Maurice D. Weir,Frank R. Giordano,Joel Hass

Download Thomas' Calculus Part 1 (Single Variable, chs. 1-11) (11th Edition) (Chapters 1-11 Pt. 1) eBook
George B. Thomas,Maurice D. Weir,Frank R. Giordano,Joel Hass
Addison Wesley; 11 edition (October 6, 2004)
984 pages
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Read instantly in your browser. by George B. Thomas (Author), Maurice D. Weir (Author), Joel Hass (Author).

Full Title:Thomas' Calculus (Single Variable, chs 1-11) paperback Version: Chapters 1-11. ISBN-13:978-0321443410. Format:Paperback/softback. Publisher:Addison-Wesley Longman (4/1/2006).

Subtitle Chapters 1-11. Subtitle Single Variable. Author Thomas, George . Thomas, George Brinton, Thomas J. George . Weir, Maurice . Weir, Maurice D, Hass, Joel, Giordano, Frank . Giordano, Frank R. ISBN 0321443411. ISBN13 9780321443410. J. Thomas, George . Thomas J. Hass, Joel, Hass, Joel . ISBN 0321637429. ISBN13 9780321637420.

This title is out of print. Maurice D. Weir, Naval Postgraduate School. George B. Thomas, J. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The enhanced MyMathLab™ course includes a rich and flexible set of course materials and features innovative Java™ Applets, Group Projects, and new MathXL® exercises.

Published April 6th 2006 by Addison Wesley Longman (first published October 6th 2004).

Start by marking Thomas' Calculus, Single Variable, Part I: Chapters 1-11 as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Published April 6th 2006 by Addison Wesley Longman (first published October 6th 2004). 0321443411 (ISBN13: 9780321443410).

This book offers a full range of exercises, a precise and conceptual presentation, and a new media package designed specifically to meet the needs of today's readers. Frank R. Giordano began his teaching career at the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York, where he served for 21 years, including seven years as professor and head of the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

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The book's theme is that Calculus is about thinking; one cannot memorize it all. The exercises develop this theme as a pivot point between the lecture in class, and the understanding that comes with applying the ideas of Calculus. In addition, the table of contents has been refined to match the standard syllabus

George Brinton Thomas, Maurice.

George Brinton Thomas, Maurice. Thomas' Calculus Part One (Single Variable, chs 1-11) Paperback Versio. 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Published April 6, 2006 by Addison Wesley.

Thomas' Calculus Part 1 (Single Variable, chs. 1-11) (11th Edition) (Chapters 1-11 Pt. 1)
  • Goll
This is my second copy of this text. My first was the 9th edition, which I really liked. It had gotten too worn over the years, though, and I needed to replace it with a new text, as I want to go over all chapters again. I was a little hesitant on purchasing a newer edition, since I liked the older edition so well, but am glad I purchased this 12th edition. It's just as thorough as the 9th edition,if not more, and the illustrations are better. It also seems to have a little more and better exercises.

I own quite a few other calculus textbooks, which are very high rated, but this Thomas text is still my most favorite.
  • JoJolar
This book served its purpose. It showed up on time and in perfect condition and had the answers to the problems that I needed. The solutions are laid out very nicely and this allows you to see not only the answer, but also the work for each problem. I found nothing wrong with this solution manual and would strongly recommend getting it for any student who is struggling to understand the textbook problems. Thanks to this book I understand Calculus so much more and homework has become so much easier now that I am able to see what I am doing wrong!
  • net rider
This calculus book is the BEST. For those who gave this book low scores, I would say that they should build up a better foundation of high school maths before using this book. However, the book itself also offers a nice review of the prerequisites. The Thomas' Calculus offers the most detailed explanation, proofs, and exercises. Sometimes it asks you to prove some of the theorems in the exercises (some without answers), yeah it could be a headache if you cannot figure it out, but you can still google it and read and learn to prove it. After all, I own a Chinese version of the book when I was in high school, but I still prefer the English one I bought in college. I bought 11th edition twice, because I left the first one in the U.S. when I left for Japan for grad study. Then I got another one shipped from U.S. to Japan. This book is the bible in the calculus world from my opinion.
  • Yla
Clearly written and Well formatted. Targeted for the more serious student. The $15 great e-book price is refreshing !

In contrast to the monopolistic pricing of some other books that students may be forced to buy due to (gracious) price gouging of some college bookstores. Hopefully you are (free) to choose a well written book. I also know there are many slightly less comprehensive free books on the web.

I had a few other physical Calculus books, including Thomas, bought at used text book stores for even less than $15. I needed a serious review.

Typical comments about e-books follow. I did not want to carry a 1000 page book with me because its heavy. The tablet and Kindle made me lazy. I have a tablet so thus the e-book purchase. I use the zoom feature like everyone else. It is easier for me to read technical books on a 27 inch screen rather than a portable tablet. Clearly there are free video sources of Calculus available on well known video sites. At one point Thomas was associated with MIT.

I did not take the time to compare this version of Thomas to other newer versions. I did not consider launch codes, access codes, or other additional materials that some students may need to consider.
  • Trex
Challenging. I wish someone would write this text in a friendlier user format. It has many excellent problems at the end of each chapter. However, within the chapter, clear examples are missing. If you go back and try to find exact examples, they are not there. You have to try to figure them out and that can take a lot of time and can become frustrating. If exact examples were included within the chapter (like the problems at the end of the chapter, then....Oh HAPPY DAY!). Frustration would be gone and students could enjoy this subject matter much better.
  • saafari
I know that I'm in college. I know that I am learning higher math. But seriously, why do authors of math books have to make the simplest concepts sound so complicated? I would love it if a math book author would write in simple, easy to understand words and phrases (for once). Holy cow, it's the slope of a line --- not rocket science!
  • Vudojar
So, I used the Stewart Calculus books for several years and after starting on the Thomas series, I am very impressed. It is far more tailored to teach me and my type of learning. I learn much quicker and easier with Thomas' Calculus. I would recommend this book for anyone learning calculus. Especially if you have the choice to choose what book your class uses.

I am more of the type of practical learning and this is more focused on that type. Stewart Calculus books seemed to be more on the theoretical side. Anyway, it's a good book, even if it costs a bit more than the other popular ones.
This is a helpful book, but occasionally the solution problem does not match the textbook problem numbers. I have the 13th edition of both the textbook and solution manual. Also, for those who are unaware...solution manuals (including this one) only give solutions to odd numbered problems.